Definition of Senior:

  1. A person who is a specified number of years older than someone else.

  2. Travel industry: Passenger over 62 years of age.

  3. General: Higher ranking in action, authority, claim, repayment, or security.

  4. Of or for older or more experienced people.

  5. Holding a high and authoritative position.

Synonyms of Senior

Higher-ranking, Highest-ranking, High-ranking, Superior, Top, Chief, More important, Most important, High-status, Older, Elder, A per se, Absolute, Ace, Ancient, Antecedent, Anterior, Anticipatory, Ascendant, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Authorized, Autocratic, Better, Boss, Brass hat, Cadet, Champion, Chief, Ci-devant, Clothed with authority, Commander, Commanding, Competent, Consequential, Considerable, Controlling, Dean, Dominant, Doyen, Doyenne, Duly constituted, Earlier, Early, Elder, Eldest, Eminent, Empowered, Ex officio, Father, First, First-born, Firstling, Fore, Foregoing, Former, Freshman, Fugleman, Genius, Golden-ager, Governing, Great, Head, Hegemonic, Hegemonistic, High priest, Higher-up, Imperative, Important, Important person, Influential, Junior, Kingfish, Kingpin, Laureate, Leader, Leading, Major, Master, Midshipman, Mighty, Momentous, Monocratic, Nonpareil, Official, Old-timer, Older, Oldest, Paragon, Personage, Plebe, Potent, Powerful, Preceding, Precurrent, Preeminent, Preexistent, Prestigious, Previous, Prime, Primogenitary, Principal, Prior, Prodigy, Prominent, Puissant, Ranking, Ruler, Ruling, Senior citizen, Sire, Soph, Sophomore, Star, Substantial, Superior, Superman, Superstar, Supreme, The greatest, The most, Top dog, Totalitarian, Undergrad, Undergraduate, Upperclassman, Virtuoso, Weighty

How to use Senior in a sentence?

  1. He is a senior Finance Ministry official.
  2. She was only two years his senior.

Meaning of Senior & Senior Definition

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