CCIE Certification

Have you ever wondered why you should get a Cisco certificate? What is the value of a Cisco certificate for you? Let us tell you that the Cisco certificate is a well-known brand benchmark for specific skills set based on the Network. These days, there is a much-needed Cisco CCIE track, known as the CCIE Security V5 certificate.

Here are some top 5 advantages of Cisco CCIE Security certification:

This certificate demonstrates your dedication, inspiration, and professional knowledge of the Network Security domain. Once you have obtained a Cisco CCIE Security certificate, you will employ various IT Giants with the salary packages you want. Having a certificate demonstrates your knowledge of the technology and cares enough about your job to spend time and money to get a certificate. Remember, you are your best career manager!

1. The world’s highest-paid IT certificate

Cisco CCIE Security certification is the highest-paid IT certification in the world. For those who are doing CCIE security courses, it is guaranteed that you will get the right salary package as soon as they complete their training.

There is the fact that there are 55,000 CCIE certified forums worldwide. While the IT Industry needs more than 500,000 CCIEs in India. Cisco certifications are considered to be the most challenging IT certifications that ensure the basics to improve the quality of network training. Also, there are about 6000 CCIE Security engineers certified worldwide. At the same time, the IT industry requires more than 200000 certified CCIE security engineers right now!

2. Communication Networks

Once you have obtained a certificate from a salesperson or a specific manufacturer, you join a unique team of certified professionals with many career opportunities after graduation. Therefore, IT Giants like Cisco, TCS, Orange, HCL, HP, Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, Aricent, etc. Welcome by CCIEs with open arms with the salary packages you want.

3. Salary Packages

Cisco CCIE Security experts are the leading IT professionals in the world. This field offers exciting salary packages to CCIEs or other communications professionals compared to other technical fields.

4. Opportunities for Growth

There will be many opportunities for growth if you choose Cisco CCIE security v5 certification. Job opportunities are excellent. You will get more growth opportunities because the IT industry is in dire need of CCIEs. If the candidate has more than five years’ experience in the relevant field, then the salary package provided will be more than 20 LPA, which is a fair amount.

5. Great Welcome

Cisco is popular in the IT industry. It is world-renowned for the complete platform it offers and the excellent features that have made IT easier for businesses. Therefore, anyone trained and certified to use that platform, and features will surely enjoy the same attention. Cisco training helps baptismal candidates gain recognition.

Once you have received your certificate, you can present it in your resume and verify the technical skills you have to work with sophisticated communication models. It also improves your chances of success when you apply for job opportunities on the Cisco network. As the industry continues, certification lasts for only three years, which means you need to get the best opportunities and make the most of them at this time.

6. Reading

With CCNA certification under your belt, employees see you as an expert in the field, with a clear understanding of Cisco’s concepts and communication methods. Learning is essential in this field. IT is growing rapidly and remains relevant to the industry; it is crucial to improve your knowledge and skill set. Besides, it also contributes to helping you beat the competition. The certificate is the ‘extra’ you need and your experience to stay updated on technological advances and keep the learning going.

Activities after CCIE safety certificate-

  1. Network Engineer

  2. Sr. Network Engineer

  3. Network manager

  4. Network Security Engineer

  5. Network Security Manager

  6. Network Security Specialist

Scope of CCIE Security Certificate

The scope of CCIE security in India is getting more prominent and more significant due to the ever-expanding technology. Countries like the USA, China, India, etc. It is the global IT / Networking institutions that require Cisco-certified professionals to grow their organizations.

Final Thoughts

Therefore, IT giants are always in need of hiring CCIEs in their organizations to grow their business. If you want to live abroad, a CCIE Security V5 certificate can be your foreign visa.