Definition of Training:

  1. The process of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or behavior.

  2. Organized activities to provide information and / or guidance to improve recipients' performance or to achieve the desired level of knowledge or skills.

Synonyms of Training

Hardening, Prep, Fixing, Manufacture, Breeding, Preliminary step, Preparatory study, Teaching, Grounding, Planning, Arrangement, Seasoning, Upbringing, Adjustment, Basic training, Nurturing, Equipment, Apprenticeship, Instruction, Discipline, Prepping, Preliminary, Nurture, Rearing, Schooling, On-the-job training, Practice, Case hardening, Rehearsal, Adaption, Sloyd, Naturalization, Readying, Pretreatment, Acclimation, Groundwork, Drill, Prearrangement, Mobilization, Prerequisite, Tryout, Vocational education, Treatment, Processing, Improvement, Andragogy, Accustoming, Tutelage, Preparing, Instruction, Taming, Cultivation, In-service training, Military training, Tuition, Grooming, Inculcation, Schooling, Preparation, Tutelage, Habituation, Makeready, Provision, Raising, Tuition, Exercise, Orientation, Warm-up, Familiarization, Tutoring, Breaking, Fostering, Coaching, Drilling, Indoctrination, Preliminaries, Priming, Domestication, Propaedeutic, Pedagogy, Spadework, Fetching-up, Guidance, Housebreaking, Briefing, Acclimatization, Education, Preparation, Preliminary act, Vocational training, Trial, Development, Manual training, Inurement, Breaking-in, Foundation, Making ready, Clearing the decks, Teaching, Drilling, Conditioning, Accommodation

How to use Training in a sentence?

  1. By providing their employees with the training they need, they can handle many situations that may arise.
  2. Permanent team training.
  3. After Joyce accepted her new job, she learned that she needed to go to Sacramento next Thursday to begin assignment training.
  4. If you train your employees extensively and thoroughly, they will be ready for anything that can happen to them.

Meaning of Training & Training Definition

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