Albanian Women

Albanian Women are the women which live in Albania, which is a country in Southeast Europe. There are 51% women in the population of Albania.

Albanian women

Albanian women are more employed than men in the country because they serve as family workers. Albanian women face struggle in enjoying many rights. They are considered as special women because of their strict environment. The patriarchal family was dominant in Albania. Women of Albania are beautiful naturally. They have struggled in their domestic life.

Who are Albanian women?

Albanian women are the females living in the region of Albania. There are more women in Albania than men because of their more ratio. Albanian women are those which are special in their works and they are recognized because of their working ability. Women in Albania face many issues but they effort for their rights.

Is Albanian white?

Albanian women are mostly white. Albanian women are white when they are compared to American women. Albanian women are white in complexion. On the other side, in every society we see many people of black or dark complexion. Similarly, we will see many dark colored or deep colored women and men in the Albania. But Yes, Albanians are white.

What nationality is Albanian?

Albanian nationality of people is known by their history, ancestors, culture and language. Albanians are the people of ethnic group which is native to Balkan Peninsula. The people living in Albania got the nationality of Albania. Nationality of Albania is similar to the other nationalities of World.

What is the Albanian culture?

Albanian culture is made by the history and geography of the country Albania. The origin of Albanian culture is Illyrians. They have pagan beliefs and they live in the wooded areas of Southern Europe. Albanian culture is also influenced by many other nations and their cultures like; Ancient Greeks, Ottomans, Romans and Byzantines. There culture is a mixture of all these.

How old is Albania?

Albanian state is very old. It is formed between 13th and 14th century. It is formed as Kingdom of Albania and Principality of Albania. In the 15th century, prior to the Ottoman conquest, Albanian’s expand into Europe by Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg, which claims over most of the Europe. Albania is very old and has old geography and cultural traits of ancient times.

Are Albanian girls loyal?

Yes, Albanian women are loyal than any other women in the world. As we know, loyalty is a strong bond of marriage between men and women and Albanian women know perfectly how to make this bond stronger. They are also popular because they stay loyal even after years of marriage. They are loyal to their husbands till ages and even in old age.

Who is the most beautiful girl in Albania?

There are many girls which have the title of beauty in Albania. Here are some of them;

Here are Top most beautiful Albanian women.

  1. Amanda Lajcaj. This 23-year-old actress and model is stunningly beautiful and also is a professional dancer who is popular for her great dance moves.
  2. Emina Cunmulaj
  3. Aferdita Dreshaj
  4. Agnesa Vuthaj
  5. Dajana Kllogjri
  6. Ruensa Haxhia
  7. Cindorella Toli
  8. Luana Vjollca

Can Albanian women marry a non Albanian?

Actually, there are restrictions imposed by parents and relatives on Albanian girls in the matter to marry a Non-Albanian. Because every society and country has its own traditions and customs. In the same way, every family has its own rules. So, they feel hesitation in allowing their children to marry outsider. Because ,many relatives and other people sneak their noses in personal matters.

What is Albania most known for?

Albania is most known for its Hero lady. Albania is known to the world because of lady Mother Teresa. The heroine Mother Teresa of Albania is Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu. She was born in Skopje. She was one of the most beloved figure of the 20th century because of her religious services. She worked for religion and is the only lady in Albania to win a Nobel prize.

What are the problems of Albanian women?

Albanian are those which are living in Southeast Europe. There are 51% women in Albania and from years, women has faced many issues of gender inequality and ignorance of rights. However, this is an increasing issue in developing European countries and specially in Albania. Beyond their loyalty and good character and their efforts, Albanian women have faced many social problems which are serious matters. Some of the problems are;

Albanian Women in the workforce

There is a majority of women working in the agricultural workforce in the Albania. Women work more than men in this sector. Whoever, they are paid less than men because of gender inequality. They are paid 18% less in wages than men. For this concern, U.N Economic Empowerment Program has introduced training and encouraging female entrepreneurship programs in the Albania to promote females and to give them proper rights.

Sexual Violence

According to study of U.N women council, over 50% of Albanian women have faced sexual violence in their life. Over half of the women became victim of physical, sexual and psychological violence. Women are violated in domestic spheres and also in homes. Recently due to Covid-19, there are orders in Albania to stay at home, there is an increase in domestic violence of women. Although U.N women council has initiated social media campaigns to give awareness to people of Albania and to promote women right and inequality of gender and to protect victim of sexual violence.

Owning Property

Traditional customs and traits prevent women from owning property in the Albania. In the laws of Albania, women have the right to own and buy property, but this right of women is ignored in real life. Women in Albania are traditionally unable to sign as head of household, that’s their main issue in owning property. According to an estimate made in 2018, 8% of women in Albania have owned land. The Center for civil and Legal activities in Albania is working on this figure to give women their rights and to promote them.

Participation in Politics

In order to promote women and to improve the issue of gender inequality, more women are participating in politics and running offices in Albania. As in 2017 elections in Albania, As of 2017, women make up 23% of members of parliament, 35% of local counselors, 61 mayors and 20 cabinet ministers. Albanian parliament and law is promoting women to run politics and to promote them in future.

Strong Albanian women

What is the Albanian religion?

The dominant religion in Albania is Islam because there are many Muslims in Albania. There are almost 58.79% Muslims in the Albania. The second most dominant religion in Albania is Christianity. There are 16.99% Christians in Albania. As we know, Albania is a state which offers freedom of religion. So, there are almost people of every religion. there are many people who don’t have any religion in Albania. They are religion less.

What kind of language is Albanian?

It is considered that Albanian language is evolved from Paleo-Balkan languages of antiquity. It is also considered as a group of Indo-European language group. Albanian language is old and is also an ancient one. But the ancestors of this language are not clear that in which area of Europe they lived.


We summarized that Albanian women are special in society because of their efforts in every sector of life. Albanian women are more in population than men. Albanian women work to earn economy and to run their affairs. Albanian women are beautiful in nature and white in complexion. Albanian women are promoted in giving rights.

Frequently Asked questions

Albanian women are the women living in Albania and they are employed more than men in their country. People are confused that why Albanian women are special in society and why they are being promoted. So, people ask many questions and some of them are;

Does Albania women have arranged marriages?

As we know, Albanians belong to the Patriarchal family and their society depends upon old traditions. So, that’s why there marriages are often arranged because of their strict customs. In rural areas of Albania, they do arranged marriages and urbanization of Albania is low as compared to other countries. In this situation, they do arrange marriages.

What countries speak Albanian?

Albanian language is spoken is many countries and regions. The numbers of ethnic Albanians in other parts of the southern Balkans, along the east coast of Italy and in Sicily, in southern Greece, and in Germany, Sweden, the United States, Ukraine, and Belgium. Albanian is also an ancient language.

What does Albania mean?

The word Albania means that ‘alb’ means type of mountainous topography which means hills and mountains. Albania is a place which is situated on mountains and hills. Albania is a hilly country which is very beautiful in nature because of mountains. Albania is a natural place of mountains.


Albanian women are the special in the society because they have faced many difficulties in their lives. So, now they are given the proper rights. In the past and today in some rural areas, women are considered cheap on the basis of gender inequality. Women are more in population in Albania than men. They work and earn money. They also have the right to own property but sometime, this right is ignored. They are also participating in politics and in agricultural works.

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