Libertarian vs Liberty

Libertarian and liberty are words from the same family, which defines almost a similar meaning. But libertarian and liberty are different words, they own their own meanings and perspectives which are different from each other in many ways.

What is meant by libertarian?

Libertarian in literal meaning is defined as a person who is always open to support and advocate situations related to freedom of action and speech, of civilians or citizens in the country.

A libertarian person believes that lawful human rights should be given to each citizen and the government must not limit their legitimate rights. Rights that do not harm any other person should not be restricted. To support these prerogative rights and to avoid injustice, libertarian lawyers stand up in justice with fair citizen rights.

What is meant by Liberty?

Liberty in literal English means freedom or independence. From a political view, liberty is defined as having a free will to do any act you want without being restricted unnecessarily by government rules and limitations.

Liberty exercises the will to do whatever a person wants, to say whatever point of view he wants to communicate amongst all general public, and to differ the rules that will be against their will. In simple words, it is the power of being free from oppressive restrictions imposed by strict government on citizen way of life, legal rights and political views.

Libertarian vs Liberty:

A libertarian advocate possesses an authority and power to go against government rules that restrict legal civil rights at any cost. It believes in prioritizing liberty over all other values such as traditions, authority and equality. Whereas, liberty is the freedom to live as a liberal citizen in a country. Liberal people practicing liberty believe that government is necessary to protect individuals from being harmed, but they also recognize that government itself can pose a threat to liberty.


Libertarian advocates try to maximize individual freedom rights and minimize unjust authorities and unjust public rights. Whereas liberty exercisers get advantaged by the libertarians efforts of fighting for greater human rights by living as a liberal independent citizens, whose negotiations are valued and given importance to.

If the government of one’s country practices tyranny and totalitarian type of authority, libertarian advocates of that country stand up using their power and authority to fight against it and to fight for lawful human rights. Whereas, its citizens, fearing the restrictions of this type of government, keep their head down in fear of losing their lives through punishments and in jail. In other words, in this type of government the citizens totally depend upon libertarians to free them from the cruel and unjust behavior of the government.


Usually see the state as the main threat to liberty and fight for it legally in justice courts, while using their power. Whereas, citizens practicing liberty fight for their rights through protests, social media viral and newspapers.

Taking in notice the current situation of Pakistan in accordance to growing rape cases in the country, citizens who practice liberty as a republic state rules claims, used their power through NGOs, campaigning and social media to claim that all the accused rapists must be punished as the religion, Islam states. Whereas, libertarian advocates also set the same claim before the judiciary of the state by using their power and access to fight in court for legal human and women rights. As a result, prime minister Imran khan passed the law that chemical castration of manhood and public hanging rule will be practiced on accused child and women rapists.

In some areas of Pakistan, this law is also opposed by human rights campaigners by claiming that doing this will violate serious human rights and in many cases in Pakistan people are proved innocent after being ■■■■■■■■ due to feeble criminal justice system. This statement too was supported by many in Pakistan.

The example shows how libertarian advocates and the people practicing liberty works side by side but by practicing through different ways and powers.

What are the similar beliefs of libertarian and liberty practicing people?

Both parties possess almost similar beliefs in human rights and that it should not be violated due to any government restriction. Some of the common similar beliefs are:
1: choice of practicing one’s religion according to their own will should not be restricted because every individual has their own right to have belief in whatever religion he wants to believe and worship.

2: Marriages before the age of 18 must be restricted as it promotes child marriages and there are high chances of women abuse and death due to miscarriages or family pressure.

3: Property rights of each individual must be protected and secured under any law as property of an individual is the wealth he had created with hard work and passion, in his life. People should respect one’s rights of property and punishment should be given to people who had tried to violate someone else’s property.

4: Promotion, jobs and rewards must be shared amongst the most eligible candidates without unfairly promoting the jobs or promotions to the people who use their high sources and money to get on this stage.

5: laissez faire theory must be followed on all the workings of free market and private businesses. Government must not interfere in any of its aims and earnings except for what is government rights that is collecting taxes from them.

6: Freedom of action and speech must never be violated for a civilian under any law and the state must be subjected to laws practicing civil liberty which is, laws must be passed for the betterment of society and community.

7: A state government must not intervene in foreign policies or in internal affairs of the state too without the consent of the majority.

These all are the beliefs that are undertaken to be rightful, by the libertarians and the people who are liberal and work to promote liberty rights.

The right-wing politics in relation to libertarian and liberty?

Right-wing politics is capitalism practiced politics which means it includes conservative, Christian democrats and nationalist parties, which aims to work mainly by religion and historic traditions. They do not accept liberalism and change in the society, according to present time and consider liberty as harm to the society and community.

Right-wing politics is divided in a spectrum if five types:


1: The reactionary right type of politics looks towards elders and practices the historic way of authorization and strict, restricted way of ruling. They are the firm religious believers and act according to its principles, strictly and solemnly.

2: The moderate right type of political parties understands a moderate type of freedom and independence, to the community. Although it considers laissez-faire theory and having freedom to live as an independent individual, a harm to the society’s modest behaviors but it favors and often promotes nationalism and social-welfare in the society.

3: The radical right type of politics normally supports government and high authority parties and their laws against human rights, in the country. Moreover, they support strong controls on immigration especially in Islamic countries.

4: The extreme right political parties believe strongly in anti-democratic society with no freedom of actions and speech. They strongly prohibit any kind of speech that is against their set ideal principles. Moreover, it is the type of party that practices racism and promotes it. This type of party create discrimination for minorities in the country, on the basis of religion or their ratio.

Due to this, no theory of equality for minorities is being practiced and they are always being rejected of many of their lawful rights. They believe that this is how a strong state is formed without any violations and harm to the society by prohibiting their freedom to fight against their rulers.

5: The New right political party stresses pressurizes people by interfering in the businesses, in free markets and small government and independent individuals taking up upon themselves to grow and earn wealth in the market and society.

To prohibit these human rights being violated and harmed in the name of religion, culture and historic traditions should be banned through the libertarian Lawyers, fighting against it.

How right-wing politics is being practiced inside the community?

1: They work according to government set morals and ethical values and firmly support it.

2: They support military adventurism which means supporting a war of aggression against their enemies.

3: They had supported the idea of the ‘war on drugs’ campaign held in the USA for the prohibition of drugs, allowing military aid and soldiers to intervene.

4: They do and support tax payer funding which means that funds are being held by businesses or an individual who is tax-payer. They believe in funding rightful people who are actually in need of money, for charity.

5: They supports and treats some selected corporations ethically and provide them with special treatments through funds and charity or by buying its shares.

6: The economy should only be held and handled by the authoritative owners of the business.

7: More power should be given to police during protests or large public gatherings to avoid any violence that can occur, in no time.

The left-wing politics in relation to libertarian and Liberty?


Left-wing politics also known as left libertarianism is defined as a liberal type of politics which prioritize equality and abolish unjustified inequalities by promoting freedom of speech and actions. It promotes democracy and democratic type of leadership in the country.

The left-wing politics spectrum ranges into different types:

1: The Center-left politics opposes the idea of racism in the country for minorities or discrimination between rich and poor. It promotes the idea of equality amongst the citizens of the country and believes in promoting fair opportunities and vacancies relating to jobs, eligible status or promotion. As a result, minorities are being considered as the important part of the country and they are provided with all legal rights without any protests and campaigns.

2: Ultra-left or far-left is the extreme left of the left-wing political spectrum. It strongly believes in the idea of economic democracy and that decision-making power in business corporations should be shifted to workers, employees, suppliers and many other stakeholders, must be considered before making any decision.

The ideology of left-wing politics practice liberal way of thinking and promotes it in many other ways.

How left-wing politics is practiced inside the community?

1: They promotes the banning of guns and banning of any type of violent military or criminal tools.

2: They pay taxes and funds to support government through charity, that is being distributed among poor people.

3: Provide special rights and treatments for minorities in helping them to reach on high positions and promotions.

4: More freedom must be granted to citizens during the protest for their rights and less power must be given to the police to create any disturbance during large public gatherings.

5: The legal system if the country should be less strict and offenders during protests or campaigns must be reintegrate.

6: The government must own the greater part of businesses and its resources to avoid any inequality and unjust, in business rights.

7: Government should play a larger role in benefiting and supporting people and providing them with economic and social aid.

Liberals vs conservative:

1: Focusing country’s economy, liberals promote social welfare and nationalization of the economy via central planning. Whereas, conservative people promote capitalism, economic freedom and decentralized economy.

2: Focusing country’s societies, liberals advocate new social reforms and ideologies while conservative people promote historic traditions and historic moral ethics.

3: In accordance to country’s crimes, liberals would be sympathetic and would like to reform a criminal into a good man through a short punishment and counselling. Whereas, conservative systems would follow the old rule of punishment on crime.

4: Liberals support change of law in the country easily to improve the welfare of poor and rich, equally. Whereas, for conservative people change is accepted with much caution because of their historic traditions and beliefs.

5: Liberals believe that law and order must be planned and set, while protecting rights of all citizens fairly and equally while keeping in focus the ■■■■■■■■ population of the country. Whereas, conservative parties believes that law and order must be followed and practiced like the old traditions and morals, violating any modern times laws.

6: Focusing the religious beliefs of the country, liberals beliefs that law and order of the country must not interlink religion and should be set according to it. Whereas, conservative people promote churches and religious values and that law and order must focus on the ethics of religion.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Here are some common questions related to liberty and libertarianism, which will surely enhance your knowledge regarding the topic.

What are the types of libertarianism?

There are almost 35 branches of libertarianism. The important and common used one’s are:

1: Civil libertarianism
2: Classical liberalism
3: Laissez-faire
4: Individualist anarchism
5: Market liberalism
6: Left-libertarianism
7: Libertarian socialism

What do civil libertarians believe?

Political parties working for civil liberties and for the legal rights and freedom of the civilians, are known as civil libertarians.

These parties do not depend on government welfare to help the people, instead they try to provide special treatment in business or in daily life, from their own welfare and trust.

Which type of libertarianism is based on natural law theory?

Natural rights libertarianism supports the theory of natural law that each individual owns some understood, basic rights that are well known by everyone. These rights can never get violated or changed by any ruler of the state. Violation in this law can be punished.

Does liberal people oppose the punishment of death penalty?

Many Liberals of the society and political parties oppose the punishment of death penalty. They believe that it is the act of violence and cruelty, which is against libertarians agenda.

They believe that if crimes can be handled with little punishment in jail along with psychological lesson sessions, will make a huge difference in the criminal record and peace of the country.

Who are the famous libertarians?

There are many famous well known libertarians. Some of them are in the list.

The famous libertarians are:

1: Drew Carey
2: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
3: Moby
4: Denis Leary
5: Greenday’s Billy Joe
6: Tom Selleck


In conclusion, I would like to state that libertarian vs liberty differs in their literal meaning but their work, goals and what it wants to promote in the society is same, and that is freedom and independence to every individual, in the country. In my opinion, in any other country liberty and freedom of speech and actions must be protected at any cost and if the country does not practices human rights, the libertarian advocates must stand up to fight for their people’s rights.