Starbucks Sizes

What Is Starbucks?

Starbucks is the world’s leading specialty coffee roaster, marketer, and retailer, operating in 75 countries.

Starbucks Cofee Sizes

Starbucks coffee sizes can be confusing. Are cold Starbucks drinks greater than hot beverages? Is a plus size really the smallest size you can get? And does ordering a size larger mean consuming more caffeine? Here is all you need to know.



The smallest Starbucks drink, a short contains eight ounces. This small mug is only available for hot beverages, including brewed coffee and espresso.


Confusingly, the second littlest size at Starbucks is designated “tall.” It registers at 12 ounces, or half bigger than the short. You can order hot and cold drinks in a tall mug.


In Spanish, “grande” signifies huge, yet since more is better with regards to espresso, it’s really a medium choice at Starbucks. Large coffees hold 16 ounces for both hot and cold beverages.


The Venti option is tricky as they are actually two different sizes. A hot Venti drink contains 20 ounces of coffee - in fact, the word Venti means 20 in Italian. The chilly Venti is somewhat bigger at 24 ounces. Both mugs are noticeably large and a little unwieldy to carry, which you should keep in mind when you are out and about.


Starbucks’ newer size caused a stir when it came out in 2011. As Eater reported, the 31-ounce Trenta is actually bigger than most human stomachs. You can only order cold drinks in this gigantic size.

Starbucks Cup Sizes

First, here are the size options: large (12 oz), large (16), venti (24), and trenta (31).

Let’s briefly address large. This designation by the coffee company is seen by many as a classic example of the manipulation of corporate language. Big sounds like small, but it means something near the opposite. The outcome seemingly urges a shopper to think somewhat less about the size of their beverage and the size of the bill.

Starbucks Drink Sizes

  • Short (8 fluid ounces)
  • High (12 fluid ounces)
  • Large (16 fluid ounces)
  • Wind (20 fluid ounces)
  • Thirty ice creams (31 fluid ounces)

Largest Starbucks Size

Trenta: “Trenta” was introduced in May 2011 and is the largest beverage size at Starbucks. The name means “thirty” in Italian so you can assume the coffee is 30 ounces. Oddly enough, it’s 9 ounces (920 milliliters). It’s almost like 30 ounces isn’t enough to make it the “Big Gulp” of the coffee world. The Trenta size is only reserved for iced drinks (e.g. iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade, and other drinks that are served over ice).

Starbucks size names

Have you ever asked why you need to arrange a tall, enormous, or venti latte at Starbucks, rather than the standard little, medium, and huge? The Starbucks sizes actually have a bit of history behind them.

With regards to Starbucks cup sizes, you might be getting an unexpected end result when you request your beverage. With size names like tall, large, and venti, it can be difficult to know what size you are ordering and how much you are actually buying.

Starbucks sizes: short

This Starbucks size offers eight liquid ounces, the ideal size for cappuccinos. This secret menu size was previously offered on the regular menu, but as Starbucks sizes increased, the popularity of this order decreased until it was no longer on the regular menu. That being said, Starbucks establishments do have a supply of this cup size, and if you are looking for a smaller amount of your coffee each day.

Starbucks sizes: High

Alto is the smallest of all the Starbucks coffee sizes you’ll see displayed on the regular menu, at a whopping 12 fluid ounces. Tall espresso drinks at Starbucks, such as a latte, mocha, or macchiato, will come with a single espresso shot unless you specify you’d like more, the same amount of actual caffeine as the short one, but with more drink, for that, you can enjoy.

Starbucks sizes: Large

If you order a “large,” you will get 16 fluid ounces of any hot or cold beverage. The oversized espresso drink at Starbucks comes with two shots of espresso.

Starbucks sizes: Venti

A Starbucks Venti comes in two varieties: Venti Hot which is 20 liquid ounces and Venti Cold which is 24 liquid ounces. Keep this in mind when ordering iced coffee in the spring. The explanation Venti Cold is greater than Venti Hot is that chilly beverages as a rule contain ice except if you have determined that you need it without ice, and Starbucks needs to give you a similar measure of genuine beverage, simply cooler, as opposed to charging you for less beverages and frozen yogurt. A cold venti espresso drink comes with three shots of espresso, but a hot drink has only two, much like the big one unless you ask for a third.

Starbucks sizes: Trenta Cold

The biggest of all Starbucks espresso sizes, Trenta Cold is just accessible in select frosted refreshments like frosted espresso and cold brew and will hold 31 liquid ounces.

Expert’s Answers For Readers’ Questions

Q. What is the largest size at starbucks?

A. The Trenta will cost fifty pennies more than the Venti Iced, and will likewise just be accessible for frosted beverages. So we guess it’s hard to keep drinks that large warm? Or on the other hand, perhaps it’s a risk to serve that much hot fluid?

Q. What size is grande at starbucks?

A. “Grande” (articulated GRAWN-day ) is the Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French word for “huge.” At 16 liquid ounces (470 milliliters, or 2 1/2 cups), this is as yet not the biggest beverage you can arrange at Starbucks.

Q. What is the medium size at Starbucks?

A. The Grande cup is considered a medium size. Grande, an Italian word, means ‘large’ in English. Venti: This cup is 20 ounces. Venti, also of Italian origin, translates to the number ‘20’ in English.

Q. What is the smallest size of Starbucks?

A. The “short” cup was one of the two unique Starbucks sizes. It’s 8 liquid ounces (240 milliliters) and other than demi, it’s the littlest beverage size accessible at Starbucks. For some individuals who drink espresso at home, 6 to 8 ounces is a standard cup size.

You have been drinking Starbucks in all these years but have you any idea about Starbuck sizes? Okay, that is a confusing way to ask someone but it is my way to introduce you to the topic.

Starbucks size looks like solving a puzzle. Are hot Starbucks drinks bigger than cold drinks? Does the smallest one look like the tall one? And importantly you have been thinking if I order the biggest size does it mean that it contains more caffeine? So here is everything you need to know about Starbucks sizes.

So the sizes available to you are Trenta, venti cold, venti hot, grande, tall and short.


Starbucks released Trenta in 2011. Trenta comes from an Italian word that means thirsty. Many people think that Trenta is 30 ounces, but it is 31. Trenta is for iced drinks only before you are about to get your coffee hopes up.

Venti Hot

Hmm, the size for your large cold drink and hot drinks can be a little different. A hot drink of Venti contains 20 ounces.

Venti Cold

A cold drink of Venti is a little larger than hot Venti while cold Venti contains 24 ounces.


Okay, grande looks like a bigger word, and also in Spanish grande means large, but is not the same as with Starbucks. In Starbucks, it is a medium drink. Grande is both for hot and cold drinks. It holds 16 ounces.


Looks like tall was another OG Starbucks size option. The difference between tall and short drinks is just four ounces. Tall contains 12 ounces. You can have both cold iced and hot drinks in this size.


Short contains 8 ounces and yes it is the smallest drink at Starbucks. You can get this mini cup for hot drinks only, including espresso drinks and brewed coffee.

Shots of Espresso in Each Size

Here is another confusion you might have and that is surely the espresso shots used in each size. Both hot and cold drinks contain different amounts of espresso. Here’s a quick guide for you:


Short drinks are made with cappuccinos, milk, lattes, and involve one shot of espresso. The famous short Americano which is made with water also holds 1 shot of espresso.


Tall contains 1 shot of espresso and is made with milk but the tall drink of Americano contains 2 shots there.


Grande contains 2 shots of espresso. Americano has an extra shot of espresso, as usual giving you a good boost with 3 shots.

Venti Hot

Amazingly, a venti hot has the exact shot of espresso as a grande, it consists of two shots of espresso. The extra volume is mostly syrup and milk. Surprisingly, Americano contains four shots of espresso.

Venti Cold

The bigger drink of Starbucks, Venti cold includes three shots of milk and an extra shot of espresso.

What is an Espresso Shot?

Most drinks at Starbucks are manufactured with espresso shots. Each shot is about seventy-five mg of caffeine.

They use automatic espresso bars. This means that the machine prepares and grinds our shots for us. Old cafes may do this by hand.

Milk Choices

Starbuck offers many varieties of milk options, along with nonfat, one to two percent soy milk and whole, vanilla soy milk, and heavy whipping cream are also available.

Most drinks at Starbucks are prepared with 2% low-fat milk, except you ask for something else. One big exception is the blended drink and delicious frappuccino, which is made with whole milk.

They also offer eggnog seasonally. Usually, it is available from November or November until Feb or Jan. Eggnog is another substitute for milk. The eggnog latte is a mix of two by three eggnog and one by three milk.

The Syrups

For consistency, all of the syrups at Starbucks are measured with pumps. White mocha, mocha, and chai are about a half of an ounce. The syrup is a drink that can be changed to suit your taste buds.

Regular syrups flavors of Starbucks include Vanilla ( you can get also in sugar-free), Cinnamon Dolce ( also in Sugar-free), caramel ( also sugar-free), Hazelnut ( also in sugar-free), Raspberry, Toffee Nut, White Mocha, Mocha ( also in sugar-free), peppermint ( also in sugar-free), Classic ( simple syrup; a mixture of sugar and water), Teavana Oprah Chai, Tazo Chai ( classic chai and standard chai).

Seasonal syrups of Starbucks include Pumpkin Spice ( available October until Jan or Feb) caramel brulee ( it has become a Starbucks holiday staple. You can get it from Nov to Jan/Feb, as stocks run out. Sugar-free Peppermint ( this winter seasonal syrup is used in the version of the Peppermint Mocha, but you can request it on its own.) Gingerbread ( normally available from nov through Jan to Feb.) Peach ( a commonly used summertime seasonal syrup that is mostly featured with peach green tea and green tea lemonade.) Sugar-free peppermint ( this winter seasonal syrup is used in the skinny version of peppermint mocha), Blackberry ( a new try out for summer introduced in 2014, this was featured in the blackberry mojito tea lemonade and blackberry mojito tea).

Starbucks Secret Drinks
starbucks flavours

Here is what to order at Starbucks, because Starbucks contains many hidden drinks. Here’s what you can get!

Love Bug Frappuccino

This fruity and chocolaty thing was prepared by Starbucks genius Holy Waker over at totally the bomb. You can start by ordering a cream frappuccino and grenade strawberries. Then request one scoop of java chips and one pump of raspberry syrup. To finish this frappuccino, ask for cookie crumbles and mocha drizzle on top of the whipped cream.

Love On The Rock

This drink gives you some serious smoothie vibe and it is a fruity tea. To order, go with venti passion tea, with no water, unsweetened. Then ask for light strawberry puree, coconut milk, and four pumps of raspberry syrup. You are in love!

Orange Drink

Imagine peach gummies from your childhood in a drink. This is what you can have in this sweet. Incredibly delicious orange drink from Starbucks secret menu. To get this, request for venti iced half sweet tea lemonade mixed with a splash of soy milk and peach tea. The good thing is this healthy Starbucks drink is a-hundred-percent tasty and is vegan.

Baby Yoda Frappuccino

Finally, the baby Yoda craze has made it to Starbucks. Ask for a matcha green tea frappuccino mixed with caramel drizzle on the cup. Order it with caramel crunch topping, more caramel syrup, and whipped cream.

Chocolate- Covered Strawberry Drink

Ask for chocolate-covered strawberry drinks by ordering venti cold brew with two pumps of raspberry with cold foam, mocha drizzle, and strawberry puree.

Tiramisu Frappuccino

To get this drink order a coffee frappuccino with a single a half pump each of caramel and single pump mocha sauce, vanilla, hazelnut, and toffee nut syrup with espresso affogato.

Butterbeer frappuccino

To get this magical Starbuck classic, start with creme Frappuccino and count to add three pumps each of toffee and caramel nut syrup.

Three C’s latte

This triple threat packs a punch of caramel, chocolate, and cinnamon flavors! Order a cinnamon dolce latte with caramel syrup and mocha sauce.

Purple Drink

This drink is a summertime staple. Purple drink is mixed with a scoop of blackberries, vanilla syrup, soy sauce, and mixed passion iced tea. Try this with coconut milk, too.

The medicine ball

This drink is prepared with steamed lemonade, jade citrus hot water, mint green tea, peach tranquility honey, and tea may help itchy throat or a sore. Due to its popularity, this drink is added to the menu as honey citrus mint tea.

Nutella Frappuccino

This secret drink starts with a Coffee frap with whipped cream, hazelnut syrup, and mocha sauce.

if you Can’t get enough of the hazelnut plus chocolate flavor combination. You should try out this flavor.

Dirty Chai Latte

Give a super boost of love for afternoon syrup. Try it iced or hot. Request a shot of espresso with a chai latte.