How to keep health fit

How to Keep Fit

There are a lot of benefits to staying physically fit. You’ll have more energy, you’ll look great, and you’ll notice improvements in your overall health. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to stay in great shape. However, if you focus on nutrition and exercise, you can make a lot of healthy physical changes. Don’t forget that a positive attitude is also really important to staying fit and beautifully healthy.

Top 15 Ways to Keep Your Mind and Body Fit Onboard Ships

The saying “[Health is Wealth]” may sound a bit cliché in the first place, but the challenges that Seafarers face on board ship makes one realize the importance of good health while working in the rough environment on ships.

While the term “[wellness]” is gaining popularity these days, have you pondered, what is its significance to the life of the Seafarers onboard? For me, wellness simply means being physically, emotionally, and spiritually sane all the time. To stay at your best through healthy choices and to keep fit and trim while sailing starts with a lifestyle change. Nothing is impossible, even onboard ships. Here are the top 15 ways

to achieve a healthier lifestyle on board

  1. Exercising Effectively

Exercise is one of the most important aspects in staying (or becoming) fit and healthy. Experts recommend that you should aim to be active for at least 30 minutes per day. Try scheduling your exercise the same way that you schedule other appointments and commitments. You’ll be more likely to stick to it if it’s on the calendar.

  • If you are trying to tone up or lose weight, you might need to exercise more than thirty minutes per day. If you belong to a gym, ask to have a consultation with a personal trainer. They can help you plan a regimen for your specific goals.
  • Exercise in increments. If you are finding it difficult to block out 30 or 60 minutes of your day for exercise, try getting your movement in smaller chunks of time. For example, walk to work, take a walk at lunch, and walk home.

Eat Right

When eating bread choose wheat bread over white one because it has a low glycemic index. When brown rice is not available, reduce the amount of white rice intake for better glucose control. Never skip breakfast. That is the most important meal of the day. Choose “oatmeal” for those who are trying to manage their blood cholesterol levels. For those who are trying to maintain their blood pressure, as much as possible, avoid salty foods. Sodium can trigger fluctuations in blood pressure.

2. Drink Milk

Milk is not just for children. Try to drink milk at least two (2) glasses every day to supplement your calcium. As our body ages, the bones become weak and we might be at risk of Osteoporosis. Milk helps a lot in providing the necessary calcium.

3. Minimize Sweets as Dessert

For those who have sweet tooth or are chocolate lovers, opt for the dark chocolate when the craving takes over. However, instead of ice cream and cakes, it is best to eat fresh fruits. Just give yourself a break to indulge at least once a week.

4. Take a Walk or Jog

An early morning or evening brisk walk or jog for 30-40 minutes around the ship in good weather can create wonders. You will enjoy both the benefits of the fresh ocean breeze for your lungs and can walk to a healthier you.

5. Swim

Some commercial vessels are ■■■■■■ with swimming pools. Take a plunge. Swimming is still the best form of exercise.

6. Fitness Centre / Gymnasium

In cases where outdoor activity is not possible, have fun with the gym equipment available on your ship for at least thirty (30) to forty (40)minutes to tone your muscles, abs and trim your bulges. Sweat it out to burn extra calories and expel the toxins from the body through sweat.

7. Engage in some Sports

Rekindle the child in you; some vessels have extra spaces that can be used for outdoor sports. It is also a good way to bond with your colleagues, doing teamwork the fun way. Playing table tennis can also provide good exercise to your body.

8. Detoxify Daily

As a rule of thumb, drink at least eight ( 8) glasses of water daily. Chew your food very well while eating for easier digestion and to avoid constipation. Cleanse your body at least once a day. When our bodies have an overload of toxins, our liver weakens and can no longer function properly, and needs immediate cleaning. The toxins that cling to the intestinal walls can weaken our body cells and impair their proper functioning leading to the development of various body ailments and poor health.

9. Moderate Alcohol Intake

For those who work in a shipping company that has no alcohol policy on board, please take it in stride and occasionally. Know your limits. When drinking alcoholic beverages, it should settle in your stomach and not in your head.

10. Limit the Intake of Soft Drinks/Carbonated Drinks

Cola contains caffeine and all carbonated drinks use carbonic acid. Some contain a small percentage of Phosphoric and citric acid that might irritate the gastric glands when taken on an empty stomach. Moreover, there are loads of calories on them that increase your body weight. Cut carbonated drinks as much as possible.

11. Stay Connected

Keep your lines of communications open. With the advent of modern technology, keeping in touch with your families and networks of friends is as easy as ABC. Sharing and talking to your close ones acts as a stress buster.

12. Do Yoga as an exercise

As Wikipedia says – Yoga is a term for a range of traditional systems of physical exercise and meditation in Hinduism. For therapeutic purposes, modified versions of the physical exercises in Hatha Yoga have become popular as a kind of low-impact physical exercise. Yoga has been proved very beneficial for both physical and mental aspects of the body. Make sure you include it in your routine.

13. Have a Positive Attitude

Be adaptable. Keep an open mind to change and welcome innovations. Change is the only thing that is constant, so try to keep abreast with the latest developments in technology that fuels the brain. While working in a team, be open to ideas. Have a positive attitude on board ship, no matter what.

14. Don’t Forget to Pray

Being spiritual has its own benefits. Praying regularly has been scientifically proved to have positive effects on life, on both body and soul. Praying is definitely the best way to start and end your day.

15. Always Keep a Happy disposition

The roads to happiness depend on the choices you make. Regardless of what has transpired during the day, do not frown or fret. Never let unfavorable situations, thoughts, or things wear you down. Just try to put a smile on your face and the world will unknowingly smile back at you. This would work in your favor especially on ships where you have to deal with the same faces every day.