SO2 electron geometry

SO2 electron geometry is designed in the form of a trigonal designer. The three sets of affection electrons decided in the even at the bond angle of 120-degree. As the one couple continued only, two binary sets are attached and form a fixed figure.

so2 electron geometry

What is sulfur dioxide (SO2)?

Sulfur dioxide also identified as Sulphur dioxide is the object of a bond among sulfur and oxygen atoms. It is a neutral, noxious, and mineral gas with a spicy odor like nitric acid. It is obviously free from volcanic action. It offers a weak acid result when melted in water. Sulfur dioxide is obviously created in small quantities in the air and is the main ancestor of sulfuric acid.

O === S === O

SO2 Bond Angle

The SO2 has a word angle of 120-degree. One lone atom of Sulphur is attached with two atoms of Oxygen covalently. It sources a disgust of electron sets to form the 120-degree angle.

Manufacture of sulfur dioxide:

Sulfur or iron pyrites are seared in extra air to crop SO2.

S + O2 (gas) à SO2 (gas)

4FeS2 + 11O2 à 2Fe2O3 (solid) + 8SO2 (gas).

Molar figure of sulfur dioxide:

  • Molar figure of S = 32.066 g/mol.

  • O2 molar figure = 16.00 x 2 = 32.00 g/mol.

  • Molar figure of SO2 = 64.066 g/mol.

SO2 Lewis construction:

SO2 Lewis formation would contain two particles of oxygen (O) and one sulfur atom. The amount of valence electrons in both S and O atoms is six. The total amount of SO2 valence electrons is 12.

SO2 Lewis construction displays that there are two binary bonds among sulfur and oxygen particles and total valence electrons are 12. Sulfur has one Ione pair of electrons.

SO2 lewis structure

Step by step building of Lewis Structure:

The electron geometry of sulfur dioxide is in the figure of a trigonal planar. The three pairs of connecting electrons fib at an angle of 119o. Two binary pairs are attached to compose and there is one Ione pair as fine which more bounces it a fixed shape.

Step-1: count the valence electrons of atoms:

Main we want to digit out the number of valence electrons in separate atoms as exposed under in the table:

Atom Electronic configuration Valence electrons (VEs)
8O 1S2 2S2 2P4 6
16S 1S2 2S2 2p6 3S2 2p4 6

VEs = VEs in 1 sulfur particle + VEs in 2 Oxygen particles

Valence electrons in SO2 = 1(6) + 2(6) = 18

Sulfur dioxide has a full of 18 valence electrons, with six electrons donated by all of the atoms in the multiple.

Step-2: Control the vital atom:

For the sulfur dioxide particle, sulfur has minus electronegativity worth than oxygen. As per the law, the part with the smallest electronegativity is located at the center.

So, abode sulfur in the midpoint and then the oxygens on any side.

Step-3: place electron braces among the atoms:

Apply six marks around all atoms. In the digit, one electron couple among two atoms is equal to one line. Out of 18 electrons, 4 will be cast off in sets among atoms. Now we have 14 valence electrons to allocate.

Step- 4: place residual electrons around the extra atoms:

To broaden the octet of the particle, the sulfur atom will give its four electrons together with oxygen atoms to use a twice bond. There is one Ione pair lingering on sulfur. This Ione pair on the vital sulfur atom types a set molecular geometry.

Now contracts to analyze the proper charges.

1. For Oxygen:

  • Number of valence electrons = 6
  • Number of bonds = 2
  • Lone sets = 2
  • So, Proper Charge (FC) = number of valence electrons – Number of Bonds – 2 X (Number of lone pairs) = 6-2-(2×2) = 0

2. For Sulphur:

  • Number of valance electron = 6

  • Number of bonds = 2

  • Lone sets = 2

  • Hence, FC = 6-2-(2×2) = 0

  • Currently, we will use the ■■■■■■■■ by finishing the octet with the greatest electronegative element O. We will place a dual bond and a single lone pair with all-atom of Oxygen.

  • We will surface formation by hiring the continued valence electrons on the vital atom. Here we have four bond sets and four lone sets, so total electrons castoff are (4+4) x 2 = 16. So, the number of continued valence electrons is 18-16 = 2. We will place these electrons on the atom of the Sulphur.

Key points of SO2 Lewis structure:

  • The electron geometry of SO2 is shaped in the form of a trigonal organizer.

  • The three sets of bonding electrons decided in the flat at a direction of 120 degrees.

  • The valence electron of sulfur = 6

  • Valence electrons of oxygen are = 6 (there are 2 oxygen atoms in the complex).

Difference of Electron Geometry for SO2 and Molecular Geometry:

However there are so several resemblances among the electron geometry and molecular geometry, there are certain main changes. One of the most prominent changes is that the electron geometry can be related to one or more molecular figures. It rests on the vital atom’s formation of electrons of the molecule, while the molecular geometry rests on the other atoms else which are bonded to the dominant atom or the free sets of electrons.

Molecular Geometry System for SO2 Molecule:

Name of Molecule Sulfur dioxide
Chemical molecular principle SO2
Molecular geometry of SO2 V-shaped or bent
Electron geometry of SO2 V-shaped or bent
Hybridization of SO2 Sp2
Word angle (O-S-O) 119o degree
Total Valence electron for SO2 18
The proper control of SO2 on sulfur 0

SO2 is polar or nonpolar?

Sulfur dioxide is polar in wildlife. The variance in electronegativity among sulfur and oxygen atoms generates a division in the molecule. Oxygen has a better electronegative possible than sulfur. So, oxygen uses more jerks on the covalent bonds in sulfur dioxide.

SO2 electron pair geometry:

SO2 can be formed by numerous means. I am breach down each way to make it easy to digest!

Method 1 – The key manufacture of SO2 is in the production of sulfuric acid by the contact course. Between all other methods to making SO2, this way is broadly used in trades.

Method 2 – SO2 can be shaped by boiling sulfur or resources covering sulfur.

S + O2 ——-> SO2

2 H2S + 3O2 ——–> 2 water + 2SO2

Method 3 – SO2 making can also be done by the boiling of pyrite, sphalerite, and cinnabar (sulfide ores).

Method 4 – In the creation of calcium silicate paste, SO2 is shaped as a byproduct.

2 CaSO4 + 2SiO2 + C ———> 2CaSiO3 + 2 sulfur dioxide + CO2

Method 5 – In the workshop, the response among warm focused sulfuric acid and copper turns leads to SO2 creation.

Cu + 2H2SO4 ——–> CuSO4 + SO2 + 2 water

Method 6 – Usual disasters like volcanic waves can crop a large quantity of SO2.

SO2 Molecular Orbital Diagram:

The molecular detour figure of SO2 is close under:

A molecular detour figure gives us and clue near how the atomic detours of two dissimilar atoms can anger and give rise to a new orbital.

These additional reliefs us to discover the bond order, bond distance, and bond forte of any multiple.

SO2 Molecular Orbital Diagram

In this MO we can get that the AO of sulfur, which is on the left-hand cross trusts with the AO of oxygen on the right-hand side.

We can see 18 electrons are full in the orbitals with the good law.

There are sure non-bonding orbitals extant there as well. Also, the antibonding orbitals are unfilled in the event of SO2.

This sums up the description of the molecular orbital figure of SO2.

What is electron geometry of So2

The SO2 molecule is secret as a polar molecule since the inequity of charge crossways the atoms in the molecule.

The sulfur life was more electronegative than oxygen attractions the care to its side and advances an incomplete negative charge. So the division exists.

Sulfur dioxide Effects on Humans

  • Sulfur dioxide is a noxious gas well as is right dangerous for mortal fitness and wellness.

  • It can magnify the skin and slimy skin coats of the senses, muzzle, gullet, and lungs.

  • Its high attention can reason swelling and anger in the breathing system.

  • Improved releases of Sulphur dioxide airborne can main to the making of extra Sulfur oxides (SOx).

  • SOx can reply with numerous other materials in the air to grow little atoms.

  • These small atoms might infuse intensely right into the lungs, and their suitable quantity can donate to health evils.

Resemblances among sulfur and oxygen particles:

  • Together O and S have the similar outer electric shape of ns4 and np4.

  • O and S are typically divalent.

  • Both display allopatric forms.

  • O and S are non-metals.

  • In response with metals, together with respond with the corrosion public of -2.

  • While responding with nonmetals, both form covalent mixes, for example, H2O, CO2, and CS2.

Differences between oxygen and sulfur:

There are some differences between oxygen and sulfur.

Oxygen Sulfur
Two allotropic methods 3 allotropic methods
Gas at normal temperature Solid at the normal malaise
Frugally solvable in water Not solvable in liquid
Helps in burning Flammable itself
Paramagnetic in fauna Diamagnetic infauna
Does not respond with water When the mist is approved through hot sulfur. A little hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide are shaped.
Does not respond with acids It is freely rusty by focused sulfuric acid or nitric acid.


  • The molecular geometry of sulfur dioxide is a set form.

  • Sulfur to the oxygen part in sulfur dioxide is 1:2.

  • Sulfur dioxide particle has two dual bonds among the sulfur atom and oxygen atoms.

  • There are 5 Ione sets of electrons in the molecule of SO2.

  • Molar form of sulfur dioxide = 64.066 g/mol.

  • SO2 offers a weak acid solution when melted in water.

Frequently Asked Question:

There are some FAQs related to SO2 electron geometry:

Q 1. Is SO2 bent or trigonal planar?

Sulfur dioxide, SO2, electron-area geometry are trigonal planar. This is as it has 3 electron areas - the 6 valence electrons for sulfur method 2 single bonds with 2 oxygen particles and sulfur has one non-bonding single couple.

Q 2. Is SO2 linear or bent?

Sulfur dioxide is fixed (V-shaped). In Sulphur dioxide, as fine as the two binary bonds, there is also a lone pair on the Sulphur.

Q. 3. Is sO2 V-shaped?

SO2 molecular geometry is measured to V-shaped or fixed. Otherwise, the electron geometry of Sulphur dioxide is in the figure of a trigonal planar. The three sets of bonding electrons lie at an angle of 119o.

Q 4. How many Ione pairs of electrons are present in the SO2 Lewis structure?

In Sulfur dioxide molecular geometry, there are two binary links among the sulfur atom and oxygen atoms. The sulfur atom has one Ione brace and every oxygen atom has two Ione sets.

Q 5. what is the biggest source of SO2?

Fiery remnant oils are the major source of SO2 in the air.

Q 6. what is sulfur electronic configuration?

Sulfur electronic formation is 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4.

Q 7. what is the polarity of SO2?

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is glacial in wildlife. The electronegativity change among sulfur (2.58) and oxygen (3.44) atoms kinds it a polar particle.

Q 8. Does SO2 have a pyramidal shape?

Curved. The construction of sulfur dioxide is given under and it displays that the molecule has a bent shape.

Q 9. What is the structure of SO2?

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a curved or V-shaped particle with a bond command of 1.5. It has an S−O−S bond angle of 119 and bond separation enthalpy is 297kJ/mol. The ρ bonds among S and O are shaped by the sp2-p meeting. Sulfur in (SO2)is sp2 hybridized starting three hybrid detours.

Q 10. Is SO2 asymmetric or symmetrical?

Electron deflection revisions display that SO2 is a regular, nonlinear particle. For a nonlinear molecule covering N particles, there are 3N – 6 vibrational grades of liberty.

Q 11. Is SO2 ionic or covalent?

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a covalent particle. As an effect of the minor difference in electronegativity among the two particles, electron bonds are common, making covalent bonds.

Q 12. what is O so bond angle in SO2?

The O—S—O word direction is SO2 is 119.5o.


  • The molecular geometry of Sulphur dioxide is a bent form.

  • Sulfur to the Oxygen share in Sulfur dioxide is 1:2.

  • Sulfur dioxide molecule has two binary bonds among the Sulfur atom and also Oxygen atoms.

  • There are five only groups of electrons in the particle of Sulphur dioxide.

  • Molar form of SO2 = 64.066 g/mol.

  • SO2 offers a weak acid result when liquified in water.

  • This stake defines every little object you want to know around SO2.

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