Personal Story

Before I start to tell you how I was held up at gun point in a 3 world country, being one of the scariest experiences of my life, I first want to tell you the strange correlating between my dreams and this attack.

Now I totally understand people who say dreams are just a series of random images or cognitive junk being processes though the unconsciousness, but something really bizarre took place days before my attack.

Over the years one thing that makes me worried is when a snake bites me in my dream. 10 times out of 10 something really bad happens during the following week.

Though weeks before I was confronted by a gunman with a loaded gun in my face, I had this scary nightmare where I jumped out of my bed in a cold sweat telling my wife I am in big trouble. My dream seem to have come to me like a vision that can only be decoded in a metaphoric sense so to speak - i guess that is how my dreams communicate with me.

I had recently found out that snakes are one of the 8 dream symbols you should never ignore.

My Snake Dream:

Note: I previously wrote this online in reddit

In my dream I was walking alone as one appeared right under my feet, I tried to avoid but it was too late I was attacked. I was paralyzed in fear as the venom might have got in my blood stream. I ran by an old dam where I saw three dead fish heads, one had been eaten by the other fish.

That same night I went back to bed followed by another nightmare, this time being stuck as a storm paralyzed me close to my house. When I got up I knew it was only a matter of time before I was going to be attack.

When I moved from a safe 1st world country to a 3rd world you always have a sense of danger when you are moving, though nothing has yet happened to me. Fast forward two weeks after the dream I decided to head out randomly to pick up meats from shop not too far from my house, Thank God my wife didn’t come. I pulled into the busy small meat shop waiting for my order to be processed. As I was off in my little world the owner ran past me in a panic saying ‘robbery’ ‘robbery’, by the time it processed that what she said it was too late. She ran in the back and locked a door. I turned around and a masked gun man with bloody red eyes pointed a gun on me. He jumped on me and checked me for a gun because I may look like I carry.

He calmly told me to not move as the gun was on me, his voice alone I knew one move and my head would be in pieces. He turned me over taking my phone and money then proceeding to the next person. You could hear a pin drop in the shop, you heard the clocking ticking, as my lips where kissing the cold dirty ground. As a germaphobe this wasn’t a concern, just thinking not to move. Then we hear “they gone” a man got up as we all got up. The cries of an infant to an old lady as her months pay was to buy food.

As I got up I knew the constant worry I had in the past weeks where gone as the snake left. I was attacked by not bitten, I knew this experienced didn’t effect me mentally. The three fish where the three people who orchestrated the robbery as they where randomly caught as the police where heading on lunch break and noticed to see them running out with the loot and guns in their hand.

Final Thoughts

Once you learn about the forgotten language of dreams you might be presently surprised what will unfold in the future.