Definition of Unconscionable:

  1. Not right or reasonable.

  2. Having no conscious; not within reason or seemingly excessive.

Synonyms of Unconscionable

A bit much, Abandoned, Absolute, Acute, Amoral, Arrant, Barbarous, Boundless, Classical, Complete, Conscienceless, Consummate, Corrupt, Corrupted, Crass, Criminal, Crooked, Cutthroat, Cutting, Dark, Decided, Definitive, Devious, Dishonest, Dishonorable, Dizzy, Doubtful, Downright, Drastic, Dubious, Egregious, Enormous, Evasive, Evil, Exacting, Exaggerated, Excessive, Exorbitant, Extortionate, Extravagant, Extreme, Fabulous, Fancy, Felonious, Fierce, Fishy, Flagrant, Fraudulent, Furious, Gigantic, Glaring, Gluttonous, Gouging, Great, Gross, Grossly overpriced, High, Hyperbolic, Hypertrophied, Ill-got, Ill-gotten, Immoderate, Immoral, Incontinent, Indefensible, Indirect, Inexcusable, Inexpiable, Inflationary, Inordinate, Insidious, Intemperate, Intense, Intolerable, Irremissible, Keen, Monstrous, Not kosher, Out of bounds, Out of sight, Out-and-out, Outrageous, Outright, Overbig, Overdeveloped, Overgreat, Overgrown, Overlarge, Overmuch, Overpriced, Overweening, Perfect, Piercing, Positive, Precious, Preposterous, Profound, Prohibitive, Pronounced, Proper, Questionable, Rank, Regular, Rigorous, Rotten, Rough, Severe, Shady, Shameless, Sharp, Shattering, Shifty, Shocking, Sinister, Skyrocketing, Slippery, Spiraling, Splitting, Stark, Stark-staring, Steep, Stick-at-nothing, Stiff, Superlative, Surpassing, Suspicious, The veriest, Thorough, Thoroughgoing, Too much, Total, Tough, Towering, Tricky, Unallowable, Unbearable, Unbridled, Unchristian, Uncivilized, Unconscienced, Unconscientious, Undeniable, Underhand, Underhanded, Undue, Unequivocal, Unethical, Unforgivable, Ungodly, Unholy, Unjust, Unjustifiable, Unmeasurable, Unmitigated, Unpardonable, Unprincipled, Unqualified, Unreasonable, Unrelieved, Unrestrained, Unsavory, Unscrupulous, Unspoiled, Unstraightforward, Unwarrantable, Unwarranted, Usurious, Utter, Vehement, Venomous, Violent, Virulent, Wicked, Without remorse, Without shame, Unethical, Amoral, Immoral, Unprincipled, Indefensible, Wrong

How to use Unconscionable in a sentence?

  1. The unconscionable conduct of his son.

Meaning of Unconscionable & Unconscionable Definition


Unconscionable Definition:

  • A contract or agreement term that is so unfair or oppressive to any party that no reasonable or experienced person will accept it. Incompetent agreements or arrangements leave one party without real and meaningful choices and usually benefit the other unfairly due to over-bargaining. There is an additional defense against the performance of the contract or the terms of the contract. Courts examine a number of factors to determine whether an agreement is binding, including differences in the parties' negotiating powers, whether one party is superior to the other and whether the agreement is a binding agreement. ۔ The court also reviews the terms of the agreement to see if it is oppressive, unfair or too harsh. The court may refuse to conclude an unfair agreement, or it may terminate the unfair term and enforce the rest of the agreement, or enforce this agreement, but apply unfair terms to avoid unacceptable consequences. Limits.

Meanings of Unconscionable

  1. This is unfair and doesn't make sense.

Sentences of Unconscionable

  1. Unacceptable treatment of your child