Our New Year's Aim is to Lift people out of Poverty: PM Imran Khan

During his address in Islamabad, Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked and congratulated Javaid and Faisal Afridi. He appreciated both of them for realizing us that China is the best ally for industrializing Pakistan.

China is the best example to learn

He gave an example of China while talking about the development and methods of lifting people out of poverty. He also added that the country from which we can learn the most is China. As China’s developmental model is suitable for us. PM Imran Khan said that China has made a remarkable development in past 30-35 years. We can learn from China’s industrialization, investments and exports.

China’s developmental rate

PM mentioned that China managed to become a stable and developed country in only 30-35 years. The major thing that China did in the history is to lift people out of poverty. China lifted 70 crore people out of poverty in recent thirty years and that is matchless.


1. It is important for us because we have to make Pakistan a developed country and also we have to lift our people out of poverty.

2. We believe in their theory that when you lift up the poor people then actual development takes place.

3. Our aim is to attract and relocate Chinese industry and make sure that they also do exports from there.

Imran Khan mentioned some problems that Pakistan had to face in the past years:

  • Our previous Governments did not try to increase exports.
  • We have to go to IMF because our imports become greater than exports.

Future Plans

PM Imran Khan said that there is very potential in Pakistan and with the help of China, our exports will definitely increase in short time.

We are also planning with China, how can we increase our productivity and seed development. As Pakistan is an agricultural country so first of all we have to focus on our agricultural products and developments.