PM Imran khan has some wise words for youth

Wise Words of PM

As 2020 comes to a close, Prime Minister Imran Khan has shared an uplifting message with his followers, especially the youth of Pakistan, to whom he has always referred as trendsetters and game-changers of the world.

Recommending some books and films

The premier is often seen recommending books and inspirational films to the youth on his social media accounts.
This time around, the prime minister has shared his words of wisdom for the young minds around the world to inculcate encouragement and ingenuity for the year ahead.
“Life goes in cycles, never in a straight line. Where one ends up depends upon how one copes with the high and low points,” the PM said in a short video posted on Instagram.
Those who are successful never get demoralized by bad times and instead, analyze and learn from their mistakes and emerge stronger, he added.

“When on a high, they never get carried away by the success, instead work harder to prolong that trajectory before the inevitable descent begins,” PM Khan advised the young generation.

Previously, the prime minister had recommended the youth to indulge in reading books like ‘Lost Islamic History’ and Elif Shafak’s ‘The Forty Rules of Love’ in his bid to bring them closer to religion.