Mcdonald's wifi wayport _access

Mcdonald’s wifi wayport _access, connect to the wireless network “Wayport Access.” Navigate to any web page. This will redirect you to the new McDonald’s welcome page. “Free Connection” should be selected. Please see the note below if you are using Internet Explorer.

Mcdonald's wifi wayport _access

McDonald’s Free Wi-Fi

Here is an unbiased and comprehensive guide to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. There is a screenshot of the new, no-cost sign-up page. The button beneath the McDonald’s logo says ‘Free Connection.’ McDonald’s New Wi-Fi Welcome Page open. Take a look at the new “Free Connection” button. It’s your entry point to free Wi-Fi. Screenshot of McDonald’s Wi-new Fi’s ‘accept our terms’ page. Not so quickly! First, agree to AT&T’s terms.

Check the box and then click Continue. There are no codes on the receipt. No muss, no fuss. Screenshot of McDonald’s Wi-new Fi’s ‘accept our terms’ page. You are now free to browse the internet. McDonald’s Wi-Fi greets you as you connect to the Internet. In theory, you are free to stay as long as you want.

McDonald’s has been charging customers to use the Wi-Fi for the past six years. Wi-Fi is now free at most US McDonald’s as of today, January 15, 2010. McDonald’s has the largest Wi-Fi network in the United States, with over 11,500 hotspots, outnumbering Starbucks by thousands of locations.

The power dynamic between free and paid Wi-Fi has shifted dramatically in favour of the former. Follow the steps below to connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. This significant change necessitates a major overhaul of this McDonald’s Wi-Fi guide. A large portion of it will be relegated to the annals of time. Please excuse the mess until the makeover is finished.

Steps of Connecting McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Here’s how to connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi. Follow along with the illustrations.

  • Connect to the wireless network “Wayport Access.”

  • Navigate to any web page. This will redirect you to the new McDonald’s welcome page.

  • “Free Connection” should be selected. Please see the note below if you are using Internet Explorer.

  • On the next page, check the box and click the “Continue” button to accept the terms of service.

  • Finally, on the next page, McDonald’s Wi-Fi greets you and welcomes you to the Internet.

The “Jumping Free Connection Button” Bug

If you use Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to browse the web, you may notice the following:

  • You select “Free Connection” from the drop-down menu.

  • It does not provide access to the Internet. Also, the Free Connection button is no longer visible when you have your mouse over it. The button slid down beneath it.

  • When you press the button again, you will be connected to the Internet.

  • This happened to me three times in a row while using Internet Explorer. At the fourth attempt, I connected with Firefox, and the button to connect to the Internet did not attempt to flee.

In Short

Navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings when you are within range of a McDonald’s restaurant free Wi-Fi network. To connect, you must accept the terms of the agreement.

Things to Know about McDonald’s Wi-Fi

Beginning of free Wi-Fi

According to the Wall Street Journal, free Wi-Fi will begin in “mid-January” of 2010. Most McDonald’s locations currently charge $2.95 for two hours.

No Purchase Required

According to the Dallas Morning News, but I haven’t seen an explicit quote from McDonald’s confirming that.

No time limit

You can stay online for as long as you want. “We don’t mind at all if people come in, use the Wi-Fi, and linger a little,” Dave Grooms, McDonald’s USA’s chief information officer, told the Associated Press.

Attempting to compete with Starbucks

McDonald’s has recently entered the premium coffee market with their “McCafe” coffee shop. Starbucks already provides free Wi-Fi with purchase, but you have to go through a lot of hoops to get it. According to Grooms, the new McDonald’s Wi-Fi is intended to be “open and convenient…Free is free.”


Most, but not all, of the following locations: The promotion is valid at over 11,000 McDonald’s restaurants that are powered by AT&T Wireless. Franchises that set up their own hotspots are not included, but they are usually free.

Pay vs. free Wi-Fi

A shift in the overall balance of free vs. paid Wi-Fi: With over 11,000 locations, McDonald’s Wi-Fi network is the largest of any fast food chain in the United States. Earlier this year, Starbucks made its 7,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots free of charge. If you compete with them, justifying a paywall in front of your Wi-Fi just got a lot more difficult.

Highlights of McDonald’s Wireless

McDonald’s Wireless Windows ‘Wireless Network Connections’ window highlights the user’s connection to the ‘Wayport Access’ network. Join the “Wayport Access” Network. “Wayport Access” is the name of McDonald’s Wi-Fi network. Connecting to it is the first step toward connecting to the Internet.

Wi-Fi is available in more than two-thirds of McDonald’s locations in the United States. Unless you’re in the middle of nowhere, inside a Wal-Mart, or visiting a lone franchise, you’re likely to find wireless Internet at your next McDonald’s visit.

Here’s a quick rundown of the McDonald’s Wi-Fi experience:

:small_blue_diamond: Pricing: Many DSL customers and Wi-Fi devices are free.

  • Inquire with the cashier about free Wi-Fi coupons!

  • $2.95 per hour for two hours

  • Monthly subscriptions range from $7.95 to $60.

  • Some franchises do not charge anything.

  • The Nintendo DS is no longer free.

:small_blue_diamond: Rapid: High-speed broadband Internet access.

:small_blue_diamond: Sign-In Options: There are numerous options. A few are available for free.

:small_blue_diamond: Wi-Fi is available in over 11,500 of the 14,000 US McDonald’s.

:small_blue_diamond: Parents, beware of the No Adult Filter. Teenagers should be good.

:small_blue_diamond: Consistent: The name of the wireless network is always “Wayport Access.”

:small_blue_diamond: The first fast food chain to offer Wi-Fi.

Free Wi-Fi Coupons

If you get a free Wi-Fi coupon from McDonald’s, look for the “Use a Coupon” connection option. McDonald’s occasionally offers free Wi-Fi. When this occurs, McDonald’s distributes free Wi-Fi coupons redeemable for a free Internet session to its restaurants. These coupons are frequently left behind the counter months after the promotion has ended.

Until November 18, 2008, an instant win ticket in the McDonald’s Monopoly sweepstakes entitles you to one hour of free McDonald’s Wi-Fi. These tickets are valid until January 18, 2008. There’s no word on which Monopoly piece will win you Wi-Fi.

Furthermore, some restaurants are said to keep a coupon supply on hand in order to compete with their free Wi-Fi neighbors. Recent photographic evidence indicates that this practise is still alive and well.

Apple iPhone from AT&T Wireless

According to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Tech Chronicles blog, Blackberry Bold owners also get free Wi-Fi, but only with an unlimited data plan that costs $30 per month. Because iPhone users must subscribe to a similar $30 plan, they all get the free Wi-Fi benefit.

AT&T Wireless most likely made the connection process so difficult because a simpler log in process could be easily hacked by laptops and other Wi-Fi capable devices. AT&T provides instructions for connecting your iPhone to an AT&T Wi-Fi hotspot. These instructions, however, are slightly incorrect for McDonald’s Wi-Fi. Here’s how to sign in at McDonald’s correctly:

  • Check that your iPhone’s Wi-Fi is turned on (it is often turned off to save battery power).

  • Connect to the “Wayport Access” network (AT&T’s instructions direct you to the “attwifi” network, which is unlikely to be available at McDonald’s).

  • Enter your 10-digit mobile phone number and check “I agree” on the Welcome screen.

  • You’ll soon receive a text message (don’t worry, it’s free). Open the text message and click the link contained within it.

  • You are now authorised to use the Internet at this McDonald’s location for the next 24 hours. If you visit a different McDonald’s location or the same one more than a day later, you must repeat this process.

  • Keep your battery charged. The 3G radio broadcasts a signal that is roughly ten times.

Downsides to McDonald’s Wi-Fi

On McDonald’s Wi-Fi, there isn’t much dirt. McDonald’s has a mature and smooth-running Wi-Fi network after five years of offering its customers wireless Internet powered by hotspot heavyweight Wayport.

Nobody is, after all, perfect. Here are the flaws discovered by Knowzy. If you have any additional information, please send it in.

It isn’t free (usually)

McDonald’s began offering Wi-Fi at a time when wireless hotspots were scarce and free Wi-Fi was even rarer. Nowadays, free Wi-Fi is easy to come by. Jack in the Box is rushing to provide free Internet access in its restaurants. Even McDonald’s Wi-Fi in the United Kingdom has recently become free. While there are some instances where you can get free Wi-Fi at McDonald’s, in general, you must pay for it.

Many sign on options making it difficult to choose the best one

There are six options on the main “Connection Options” page. The roaming partner option opens up four more options. Which ones will help you save money? Are any of them available to you for free? While you think about it, your food is getting cold. Fortunately, you came across this guide!

A web browser is required

Your laptop, iPhone, PSP, or PDA should all function normally. Your Nintendo DS can also be used with some additional hardware (though not for free anymore). Some Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as VoIP phones and digital cameras, will not work. These devices do not have a web browser, so they cannot connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi.


Free public Wi-Fi helps to build a more connected society and more agile interactions between citizens and businesses. The ability of the hacker to position himself between you and the connection point poses the greatest threat to free Wi-Fi security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some frequently asked questions related to Mcdonald’s wifi wayport _access.

1. How Do I Connect McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Navigate to your device’s Wi-Fi settings when you are within range of a McDonald’s restaurant free Wi-Fi network. To connect, you must accept the terms of the agreement.

2. How Do I Connect My iPhone to Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

If your device’s settings are set to automatically connect to networks, you will see a McDonald’s Wi-Fi pop-up with terms of agreement. Accept the terms in order to proceed and connect.

3. Is a McDonald’s Login Required to Access McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

No, you will not require a separate login. To sign into McDonald’s Wi-Fi, simply accept the terms of the agreement.

4. How Do I Get My Android to Connect to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Connect to Wi-Fi networks using the standard Android procedure. To connect to McDonald’s free Wi-Fi, you must accept the terms of the agreement.

5. Is there free Wi-Fi at all McDonald’s?

The majority of restaurants provide free Wi-Fi. However, some owner-operators may choose to disable the service, and each location may have its own set of terms and conditions.

6. What is the speed of McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Depending on bandwidth availability, speed may vary from restaurant to restaurant. Free Wi-Fi is limited to the lowest network priority.

7. Who provides the Wi-Fi at McDonald’s?

AT&T is the preferred carrier, which provide tha Wi-Fi at McDonalds.

8. What should I have to do when I’m having difficulty connecting to McDonald’s Wi-Fi?

Make certain that you select the correct Wi-Fi network and that you agree to the terms of the agreement.

9. What is mcdonalds free Wi-Fi called?

The name of McDonald’s Wi-Fi network is “Wayport Access.” Connecting to it is the first step toward connecting to the Internet.

10. What is the Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless technology that allows computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices to connect to the internet. Wi-Fi is a radio signal transmitted from a wireless router to a nearby device, which converts the signal into data that you can see and use.


Use McDonald’s free Wi-Fi to catch up on work, check your email, or chat with friends. Access the Internet on laptops or mobile devices at over 11,500 participating restaurants with free Wi-Fi. So grab a McCafé® Latte and get started. McDonald’s will provide free Wi-Fi. Locate a McDonald’s near you to enjoy it free Wi-Fi Wayport.

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