Definition of Dynamic:

  1. Characterized or distinguished by continuous change or vigorous activity, high effectiveness, energy, or force.

  2. Relating to the volume of sound produced by an instrument, voice, or recording.

  3. Capable of changing or being changed; in a state of flux, not static.

  4. A force that stimulates change or progress within a system or process.

  5. Another term for dynamics (sense 3).

  6. Causative or motivating agent or force, underlying an event or phenomenon. See also dynamics.

  7. (of a process or system) characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

  8. (of a memory device) needing to be refreshed by the periodic application of a voltage.

  9. (of a person) positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas.

Synonyms of Dynamic

Modern, Liberal, Advanced, Forward-looking, Forward-thinking, Go-ahead, Enlightened, Enterprising, Innovative, Up-and-coming, New, Dynamic, Avant-garde, Modernistic, Disruptive, Energetic, Spirited, Active, Lively, Zestful, Vital, Vigorous, Strong, Forceful, Powerful, Potent, Positive, Effective, Effectual, High-powered, Aggressive, Driving, Pushing, Bold, Enterprising, Activating, Active, Acute, Adventuresome, Adventurous, Aggressive, Alive, Ambitious, Animated, Armipotent, Authoritative, Brisk, Cogent, Driving, Dynamical, Eager, Effective, Electric, Electrodynamic, Emphatic, Energetic, Energizing, Enterprising, Enthusiastic, Forceful, Forcible, Full of pep, Functioning, Geodynamic, Go-ahead, Go-go, Hearty, High-potency, High-powered, High-pressure, High-tension, Hustling, Impetuous, In force, In power, Incisive, Intense, Irresistible, Keen, Kinematic, Kinetic, Live, Lively, Living, Lusty, Mettlesome, Mighty, Mighty in battle, Operative, Peppy, Potent, Powerful, Prepotent, Puissant, Pushful, Pushing, Pushy, Radiodynamic, Red-blooded, Robust, Ruling, Running, Smacking, Snappy, Spanking, Spirited, Spry, Strenuous, Striking, Strong, Take-charge, Take-over, Telling, Trenchant, Up-and-coming, Valid, Vehement, Venturesome, Venturous, Vibrant, Vigorous, Violent, Vital, Vitalizing, Vivacious, Vivid, Working, Zealous, Zestful, Zesty, Zippy

How to use Dynamic in a sentence?

  1. A dynamic economy.
  2. Many political leaders are not seen as dynamic since they typically adhere to their partys values and do not change their opinions regardless of the situation.
  3. Evaluation is part of the basic dynamic of the project.
  4. An astounding dynamic range.
  5. Shes dynamic and determined.
  6. Most computer networks give out IP addresses to new machines in a dynamic fashion so a new machine doesnt try and use the address of a machine currently existing on the network.
  7. It is important to keep up with the news not only in the U.S. but also in other countries, because global political and economic conditions are dynamic and ever-changing factors in the world of international business.
  8. The research produced an article and a patent for a novel type of dynamic computer memory.

Meaning of Dynamic & Dynamic Definition

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