Leslie Knipfing

Leslie Knipfing was born and raised in Washington DC. She played Mary Bailey in Its A Wonderful Life. After playing this role, Leslie decided to become an actress full-time and moved to New York City to pursue her career.

Leslie Knipfing

Who is Leslie Knipfing?

Quick Facts

Name Leslie Kinpfing
Born Date 17 Nov 1974
Age 47 years
Horoscope Scorpio
Eye Color Pale
Net Worth $1.5 million
Marital Status Single
Hair Color Blonde
Nationality American
Father Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr
Mother Janet Knipfing
Siblings Kevin George Kinpfing, Gary Joseph Kinpfing
Lucky Number 4
Lucky Stone Garnet
Lucky Color Purple
Gender Female
Country America
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)

Leslie was born in the year 1967. Two of her brothers, Kevin James and Gary Valentine, are well-known actors and producers in the entertainment world. It is common for them to be comics and actors.

Joseph Knipfing, the proprietor of insurance business, and Janet Knipfing, a chiropractor, raised their daughter Leslie. On the other hand, Leslie has kept her education and schooling a secret from the public.

In his films, Leslie’s brother appears in various humorous, animated, and voice-over roles. Leslie Knipfing is the sister of two well-known actors and writers, Kevin James and Gary Valentine, both of whom have a long list of film and television credits. With her brothers, Leslie Knipfing is well noted for her charity endeavours.

Keep in mind: She is one of those persons who became renowned because of her connections to American artists, comedians, and a famous novelist. She has never appeared in a film, unlike her renowned brothers.

Personal Life

There has never been much of social life for Leslie. She hasn’t spoken anything about her personal life, including her relationships or family. Her public appearances don’t reveal anything about her personality. In addition, she is rarely seen on social media.

  • Leslie runs one of his brother’s businesses. She’s been seen with Kevin James, therefore she may be his helper.

  • Janet and Joseph Knipfing Jr.'s youngest child was Leslie.

  • Joseph, her dual-citizen father, is the source of her German and American roots. She’s American.

  • Leslie longed to work in cinema. Retinitis Pigmentosa stopped this. Because of her eye problem, she can’t work well.

  • Birthdate unknown. Sources say she was born in New York in 1967. (Mineola). 2020: She’ll be 53.

  • They were reared Catholic, and she and both of her brothers are. We can’t find any online information on her schooling.

  • However, we may assume she went to a catholic school because she was reared as a Catholic.

Note: In addition to her two elder brothers, Leslie has two younger siblings: Gary Valentine (born Gary Joseph Knipfing) and Kevin James (born Kevin James) (nee Kevin George Knipfing).

Leslie knipfing Movies

Knipfing has made several movies in her career and won awards for some of them. Her most recent movie was a 2012 hit called Darling Companion. It tells about an ageing couple who owns a dachshund that gets lost at a dog show.

The movie shows how they go to all lengths to get their dog back from where it was taken by two burglars who are having trouble with their lives and families.

In 2010, Knipfing played a witch named Beatrice Belladonna in the Halloween comedy Friends with Benefits. It stars Justin Timberlake and Millan Kunis as two people who meet online to have sex but fall in love. The movie also stars Patricia Clarkson and Jenna Elfman.

Knipfing’s first big hit was a 2005 romantic comedy Must Love Dogs that starred Diane Lane and John Cusack. She plays Sarah, an author of self-help books who is trying to get over her divorce from her husband of ten years by dating again.

Leslie knipfing TV Shows

Written by Amy Sherman-Palladino and starring Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson and Edward Herrmann as a single thirty-something woman in Seattle looking for love.

Two exes—boyfriend Luke (Patterson) and ex-girlfriend Lorelai (Graham)—and her meddlesome parents Emily (Bishop) and Richard (Herrmann) provide her with endless support. The series ended in May 2007 after seven seasons and 153 episodes.

The four main cast members each received a 2002 Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and nominations for two Screen Actors Guild Awards, with Sherman-Palladino being nominated for Outstanding Writing of a Comedy Series both in 2001 and 2006. Before the series premiered, it was featured on USA Today’s New TV Classics list.


In 2005, it placed #19 on the Top Cult Shows Ever TV Guides list. In 2007, it was listed as one of Time magazine’s 100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME. The show placed #46 on Entertainment Weekly’s New TV Classics list.

Leslie knipfing Official Site

Welcome to KNI.fm, the official website of talented and versatile VJ Leslie Knipp – The Hollywood Stunt Woman and Martial Arts Champion who can talk to fish! See videos, photos, news, and events and listen to internet radio here at KN.fm!

In response to recent inquiries about Leslie Knipfing’s TV shows, appearances, and live appearances, please check out our information page, which is being updated as frequently as possible with current information.

It will be continually updated with TV appearances or new news/projects as they are announced! Please read through it if you haven’t already.

The International All Martial Arts Association (IAMA) is proud to announce Leslie Knipp as their new spokesperson. A dynamic martial arts champion, VJ, producer and stuntwoman…


Leslie inspires all women who want a healthy lifestyle and an exciting career. She knows what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive world. Her positive attitude never gives up, no matter how difficult things may seem.

Where Can I Watch Her Online?

If you’re interested in seeing Leslie Knope on your television, you’ll want to know where you can watch her. Here are three of her major appearances:

Parks and Recreation (Seasons 1-5): These were some of Knope’s earlier appearances when she was not quite as fully formed as she is now. But if you love her as much as I do, it’s still worth watching these early episodes to appreciate how far she has come.

Trailer Park Boys (Seasons 1-8): While Leslie may be unfamiliar to many of you, if you’re a fan of indie movies, you may recognize her from one of her earliest appearances: in Trailer Park Boys.

Parks and Recreation (Seasons 6-7): These are Leslie’s most recent appearances, so if you want to see her in action, these are great places to start. If you’re not familiar with Trailer Park Boys, don’t worry—you don’t need to know anything about it to enjoy Leslie Knope.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQS

People asked many questions about Leslie Knipfing. We discussed a few of them below:

1 - Is Leslie Knipfing, an actress?

Leslie Knipfing is an American public determined well-known as the sister of Kevin James, an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and producer. She was born and brought up in Mineola, Long Island, New York, United States of America.

2 - Is Leslie knifing related to Kevin James?

Leslie Knipfing is a sister of famous actor, comic, producer and screenwriter Kevin James. Leslie Knipfing normally works for the charity activities of his movie star brother, King James.

3 - Are Danny and Doug associated with actual lifestyles?

Gary Valentine, Kevin James’s real lifestyle brother, plays the part of Danny Heffernan, Doug’s cousin, on The King of Queens. Gary Valentine (born Gary Joseph Knipfing November 22, 1961) is the older brother of Kevin James and performs Doug Heffernan’s cousin, Danny.

4 - Why did Gary Valentine go away, Blondie?

In 1977, he left the organization to form his band and changed using Nigel Harrison, simply as Blondie have been beginning to benefit reputation. His music “(I’m Always Touched using Your) Presence, Dear” became a UK pinnacle ten hits in 1978 and was later recorded by Tracey Ullman and Annie Lennox.

5 - How a great deal is Kevin James?

As of 2022, Kevin James’ net worth is $one hundred million. Kevin James is an American actor and comic from Mineola. James is recognized for his roles as Doug Heffernan in the CBS sitcom ‘The King of Queens’.

6 - How is Gary Valentine associated with Kevin James?

Gary Valentine turned into born Gary Joseph Knipfing in Mineola, New York, to Janet, an office employee, and Joseph Valentine Knipfing, Jr., a coverage corporation proprietor. His brother is actor Kevin James. He has German ancestry.

7 - Are Ray Romano and Kevin James friends?

After deciding to move to LA. To in addition his comedy profession, James met Romano, and the two became instantaneous friends.

8 - How does a lot become Kevin James’ salary on King of Queens?

James reportedly took home a cool $300,000 per episode within the early seasons of King of Queens, with a boost to $400,000 within the display’s later seasons and a said $500,000 in line with episode earnings for the 2005-2006 season.

9 - How did Leslie Bibb and Sam Rockwell meet?

It was while Rockwell was filming Frost/Nixon at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood in October 2007 that he and Bibb first met. It was then that Bibb and the mind actor went on an afternoon-long trip to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.

10 - Why did Richie go away from King of Queens?

He changed into written out of the display when Larry Romano, the actor who performs the part of Richie, asked to be let loose of his agreement, so he ought to go away the series as he changed into supplied a function in every other sitcom.

11 - Is Leslie trying to get the zookeeper’s attention?

Along with his serious parts, he’s well-known for his appearances in comedies like Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009, Paul Blart: I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry), Here Comes the end (2012) and Pixels (2015). On November 17th, 1974, Leslie was born.

12 - What is the ethnicity of Kevin James?

Janet Knipfing, who works in an office, and her husband, Joseph Valentine Knipfing Jr., run an insurance firm. This man’s father was a German-American. Gary Valentine, a comedian and actor, is James’ older brother, while Leslie is his younger sister. Catholicism was an important part of their upbringing.

13 - Is Ray Romano’s cousin Gerard related?

Marie hires Gerard, Ray’s unpleasant cousin, to assist him in writing his book. Everyone in Ray’s family notices that Ray has many of Gerard’s irritating characteristics.

14 - Are Larry and Ray Romano related?

Romano performed the part of Joe Zeppi, a supporting character. “Oh Father” music video featured Romano as Madonna’s lover. Larry is not related to Ray Romano, the actor best known for his role as Raymond in the television series Everybody Loves Raymond.

15 - Do Ray Romano and Kevin James get along?

During our sit-down with Romano and James, who have been friends for over two decades, James demonstrated that he had Romano’s voice and mannerisms down to a tee. While demonstrating how he works, James said, “Your vocal cords are a little broken.” Romano nodded.


Leslie Knope is one of my favourite characters in all of television. Her optimism and enthusiasm are infectious, as well as her love for municipal government and people. If you’re looking for a comedy that’s about more than just relationships, workplace comedies like The Office or Parks and Recreation may be more your speed. Whether you watch Parks and Rec get inspired by Leslie or because you share her passion for small-town government, I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did.

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