Undue Familiarity

Undue Familiarity,

What is Undue Familiarity?

  • The definition of Undue Familiarity is: A legal theory that states that physicians have a responsibility not to have sexual relations with their patients. For example, given the unique relationship that exists between physician and patient in treatment, getting to know a psychiatrist can cause significant emotional damage. As a result, physicians who violate their responsibility to treat their patients inappropriately are often liable for damages. Similarly, almost all types of medical liability insurance do not cover sexual harm, although most policies cover defense costs against claims that physicians are responsible for maintaining confidentiality. They have violated the law which they cannot justify.

Literal Meanings of Undue Familiarity


Meanings of Undue:
  1. It is not permissible or illegal to be excessive or uncontroversial.

Sentences of Undue
  1. This number is not a cause for concern.

Synonyms of Undue

inordinate, disproportionate, excessive, immoderate, extreme, intemperate


Meanings of Familiarity:
  1. Knowledge or familiarity with something.

Sentences of Familiarity
  1. Increase consumer awareness of a product

Synonyms of Familiarity

awareness of, acquaintanceship with, experience of, acquaintance with, conversancy with, conversance with, insight into