Larry Romano

Larry Romano

Larry Romano from King of Queens is related to Ray Romano from every loving Raymond?

Larry Romano is not related to Ray Romano, but is said to be a cousin of actor Carmen Giuseppe. He seems to be a very busy young man (actor, playwright, musician) but there is no explanation as to why he left the king ...

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Is Larry Romano, the King of Queens, related to Raymond Ray Romano in every love affair?

I always wondered when the King of Kings came out and Larry Romano was there because he was his brother and Kevin James took him there because he was a friend of Ray. Did not live in the king. So long

Larry Roman

Larry Romano is not related to Ray Romano. It's just a coincidence that his last name is. This means that they have a special relationship with each other. Larry Romano did not spend much time on Kings of Queens because he was a busy man and his second business was in film and television. They offered him a job with a better salary than the kings of the Kings. Until I helped myself, I was late, but I had a good life and a good day. Goodbye! : Come back

جیدہ سی

Ray Romano has nothing to do with our family. I'm not saying it's good or bad, but it has nothing to do with it.

Frank Romano

Larry Romano

Larry Romano

Yes, Larry Romano is the younger sister of Ray Romano, she is also the inventor of Romano cheese.

I bet what I can do is somehow relevant. First, there is the relationship between Ray and Kevin, and then the resemblance is incredible.

Yes, they are Siamese twins. They clean a computer according to SW.

They are connected, all Romans are connected.

Larry Romano

Larry Romano

Oh maybe i don't know I know the King of Queens is one of Raymond's love. Now and then you will hear UT in KOQ or Doug in ELR.


Larry Romano