How to pronounce Charcuterie?

How to pronounce Charcuterie? Charcuterie is a French word. It is derived from two words flesh ( chair ) and cooked ( cuit ). It is exactly pronounced as (SHAHR-KEW-TREE). This word was used in the 15th century for the shops of meat. In France, it is used for products made from pork and made from the pig’s internal organs.

What is Charcuterie in actuality?

:small_blue_diamond:Charcuterie is a French word, a French word which processed meat products. It is synonymous with the Italian phrase salumi, the border taxonomy of which salami is only one category. Even though these terms are synonymous, they do not connote the same products and categories of meat.

:small_blue_diamond:It is the products meant from animal meat, including the pig intestine. As we know, the pig is popular in western countries. It is highly liked and commonly eaten. So the Charcuterie specifically includes the meat or products made from the pig’s internal organs or intestine.

:small_blue_diamond: Charcuterie refers to various meat products, including the shapes of the products such as fingers or hotdogs. Same as a cheese board, it includes meat products. This refers to an assortment of finger food arranged on a tray or a slate.

A charcuterie chef
:small_blue_diamond: It is a French term for the branch of cooking that is especially devoted to meat-based products, including ham, sausages, bacon, terrines, galantines, ballotines,pâtés, and confits, primarily from pork. Charcuterie is part of the garden manager chef’s repertoire.

Some facts about Charcuterie

  • Charcuterie is a French word. It is not an Italian word.

  • Its actual origin is France and Canada.

  • It is a pre-dinner time product that is served as an appetizer.

  • It is derived from chair and cut, which means cooked meat.

  • The job of Charcuterie simply translates to a pork butcher.

  • It is also located in Europe and especially in the United States.

Exact pronunciation of Charcuterie

:small_blue_diamond: It is derived from the French words chair or cuit means cooked or meat. That means they include meat. The products are just made from beef and the meat from different animals and their internal organs. It is exactly pronounced as (SHAHR-KEW-TREE).

:small_blue_diamond: The correct pronunciation of Charcuterie in French can be phonetically transcribed as (Shahr Kew tree). The “a” in Shahr should be pronounced openly and be followed openly.
It is typically followed by a French gargle “r” sound. The “e” sounds silent, making the end resemble the word tree. However, the reason the “e” says silently is that the word contains a gargled “r” that makes the “e” indistinguishable from the “r.”

Small description of Charcuterie

:small_blue_diamond: Charcuterie is a French word that indicates a branch of cooking that prepares precooked and cured meats (known as cold cuts) mainly from pork and other products, such as pâtés, confits, and ballotines.

:small_blue_diamond: The word Charcuterie gets from the French word chair, which means meat, and cuit, which means cooked, .so together it means cooked meat. However, it is not fully cooked. It is precooked.

:small_blue_diamond: Charcuterie also indicates the shop where these products are sold. However, the job of Charcuterie generally translates to pork butcher, which often leads to misconceptions that only pork is sold in these shops.

:small_blue_diamond: Other than the pork, other products are sold in the Charcuterie, made from the other animal’s meat and their interval organs.

What are cheese boards and charcuterie boards?

:small_blue_diamond: A board refers to an arrangement set on a plate, tray, or slate. Like charcuterie boards, cheese boards are also very well known. Which are described below :


:small_blue_diamond: Cheese boards refer to the combination of cheese in one tray or slate. It includes cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, sliced cheese, butter, nuts, and another type of cheese.

  • Cheeseboard refers to the collection of several cheese types served together.

  • Cheeseboard refers to an assortment of finger cheese arranged on a tray or a slate.

Charcuterie board

:small_blue_diamond: Charcuterie board refers to the combination of meats in one tray or a slate. It includes ham, bacon, sausage, creps, etc.

  • Charcuterie board refers to the collection of several meat types served together.

  • Charcuterie board refers to an assortment of finger meat arranged on a tray or a slate.


Charcuterie is a French word. It is derived from two words flesh (chair) and cooked (cuit). This word was used in the 15th century for the shops of meat. In France, it is used for products made from pork and made from pig’s internal organs.


Basic difference between cheese and charcuterie slates?

:small_blue_diamond: The main difference between Charcuterie and cheese board or slate is their ingredients; Charcuterie refers to various meat products, while the cheese slate refers to different cheese products in selecting things served together. Both have finger arranged assortment.

Some another words or synonyms for charcuterie

  • Pates

  • Crepes

  • Antipasti

  • Cassoulet

  • Roquefort

  • Tiramisu

  • Chorizo

  • Tartare

  • Frites

  • Focaccia

Charcuterie refers to two things

:small_blue_diamond: Charcuterie consists of various cooked pork products, including sausages and hams, cured meat, and even a sausage made with the intestine. Most are destined for the charcuterie board, which is served cold and often with cheese and wine or beer.
A ‘charcuterie’ is a butcher shop or a part of a bigger supermarket dedicated to selling Charcuterie, and yes, it is the same word and pronunciation.

Example of charcuterie:

  • Rillettes

  • Andouillettes - are usually not on a cold charcuterie. They are served heated. They are sausages made from the intestine.

  • (Be careful before you eat, don’t say I didn’t alert you !)

  • Jambon- is ham; there are many variants

  • Porc- pork

Frequently asked questions?

:small_blue_diamond: Here are some frequently asked questions regarding How to pronounce Charcuterie?

Q1. From where and when did Charcuterie originate?

Charcuterie originated from France. It is a butcher shop. It started in the 15 century. In the 15 century, people began making charcuterie boards and eating them.

Q2. Is Charcuterie an Italian or Japanese word?

No, not at all. Charcuterie is not an Italian or Japanese word. It is a French word. It is derived from two words, ‘chair ’ and ’ cuit,’ Which means cooked meat.

Q3. How can we pronounce Charcuterie?

Charcuterie is simply pronounced as " SHAHR-KEW-TREE."On google, in most places, it is pronounced as (Shahr koo tree) or (shar Kou tou tree ). They both are the wrong pronunciation.

Q4. How the charcuterie board seems in English?

You can be fancy as fancy can be and make a professionally designed next-level charcuterie board. People like most About the charcuterie board - they are universal, easy, and anyone can make them for almost any occasion.

Q5. How do you define charcuterie plate?

Charcuterie is a display of cured meat. It has gained popularity in recent times. It now includes meat, cheeses, and accompaniments with meat and cheese, such as fruits, olives, nuts, spreads, etc. When people think of the charcuterie board, they essentially refer to a cheeseboard.

Q6. What this of meat goes on a charcuterie plate?

The numerous and number of preparations of charcuterie slate include cured meat, fresh and smoked sausages,pâtés, andouilles, black pudding ( blood sausages), boudins Blancs, sausagemeat, Hams, galantines, pâté en route, ready-cooked dishes, and fore meats.

Q7. What is the way to eat Charcuterie?

The great thing about Charcuterie is that there is no one way to eat Charcuterie. The most common way is to pick up each slice and eat it. You can piece it with any utensil which you have on the spot. Or simply, you can use your hands, especially your fingertips.

Q8. What does Charcuterie translate from ?

It is derived from a pork butcher shop, or you can say that the products of a fancy pork butcher shop.

Q9. When do people eat Charcuterie before or after dinner?

They are often served as an aperitif (apero) in France. Aperitif is the time before dinner when you get a drink or two and some snacks or a full charcuterie board.

Q10. With what things can I eat Charcuterie?

Even sausage is a good idea for a charcuterie board because it’s easy to slice and can stay at room temperature for a long time. You can add vegetables to your charcuterie board, especially if some of your guests are vegetarian or vegan.


:small_blue_diamond: A quick overview of charcuterie pronunciation is that the google pronunciation of Charcuterie is abominable and incorrect. I could ignore the rest every way, but stressing the middle syllable is shoddy. They have the resources, so there are no excuses. Put them in their place if anyone tries to correct you by showing it and referring to it. As I described above, the correct pronunciation of Charcuterie (Shahr Kew tree ) is the only correct pronunciation of Charcuterie.