How To Create An Electronic Signature?

The handling of documents has been revolutionized by putting free electronic signatures in word files. Digital tools have replaced pen and paper to make the task of signing documents easier. However, the electronic signature in the word is not a new invention. In the last few decades, it has developed in parallel with numerous technological advances.

This article discusses the process of adding a signature to a document electronically. You will also learn about the pros and cons of this process.

So, let’s explore “how to electronically sign a Word document”?

What does an electronic signature in a word document mean?

There is a legal definition for the definition of a digital signature online in word documents. By law, an electronic signature is an electronically used process, symbol, or word that is used by a person to sign a logically related record or to be linked to a record.

It is a vague definition as it covers a wide range of possibilities. This definition is very logical in relation to Word documents.

When you digitally sign a Word document, it means that you put an encoded stamp of verification on the document, along with a visual representation of your signature. The digital signature confirms the integrity, authenticity, and certification of the signature.

Why use a free electronic signature in word documents?

Signing a lot of documents is a time-consuming task. While the signature is simpler compared to the traditional signature. Also, the process of physically signing a document is tedious. When you physically sign a document, you’ll need to take the printout, sign it, and return it to the sender. But when using eSignature, there is no need to print out and use a pen. The process is also so simple that anyone can easily do it.

A properly used digital signature is just as legally binding as a physical signature. Encryption is also possible with them; You can use them in sensitive documents without tension. This means that the E-signature will help you save valuable time and money and protect the environment by reducing the use of paper.

The e-signature is indispensable for anyone who frequently has to send signed Word documents. Sales teams, business owners, administrative departments can take advantage of the e-Signature.

What is the process of adding the signature in a word file?

Every company, every office, every individual uses Microsoft Office for different purposes. Adding an electronic Signature enables a person to speed up the documentation process.

There are many benefits to using a Word file to add the electronic Signature. Most people are using e-signatures nowadays, and most of them are using Microsoft Word. That way, it has become a user-friendly process.

However, this can be the most obvious benefit; Before proceeding with the free electronic Signature option with Word file, ensure that each business center supports the use of the best online signature app

  • First, open the file that you want to add your signature to.

  • Word signature

  • Move the mouse pointer to the desired location for your signature.

  • Go to the Paste option located on the top line of the tabs.

  • At the top right, above the Date & Time option, you will find the Microsoft Office Signature Line option. Click on this.

  • Microsoft Office signature line

  • The Signature Setup window will appear and you will need to fill in the fields with the required information.

  • Signature Setup window

  • The signature line must be clicked with the right mouse button to complete the process.

  • How to electronically sign a Word document.

  • Finally, select “Sign”.

Isn’t the process that simple? Anyone using a Word file, whether an experienced or a novice, can easily follow these simple steps.

A Word file can be used to add free e signature to a document, but the setup process can be synthesized. To do this, whoever wants to add a signature to a document must open the file with Microsoft Word and follow the steps above to add a signature.

Any limitations in using eSignature in Word files?

The truth is that Word files are not designed to be used by electronic signature software. Because of this, when used for free electronic signature in the word it has no limitations.

Electronic signature free

Add electronic signature to any document for free. Sign your contracts and contracts in minutes using your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

It’s easy

:writing_hand: Upload documents to sign with electronic signature.

:writing_hand: Add your electronic signature and date.

:writing_hand: Send an email link to the person asking for your signature.

:writing_hand: Store and search signed documents in your DocuSign account.

Electronic signature in word

  1. To add a digital signature, open a Microsoft Word document and click where you want to add your signature.

  2. Select the Insert tab from the Word ribbon, then click Signature Line in the Text group.

  3. The Signature Settings drop-down box will appear. Enter your information in the text fields and click OK.

  4. Double click on the signature line.

  5. A registration drop-down box will appear where X says your name. Then look at the Signing field: choose a signing certificate. Click the Change button to make sure this is the correct certificate.

  6. Click here to see the qualification of the certificate.

  7. The certificate details box will appear. Go to the Details tab and scroll down to Key usage. Single click on it. The text box below should now show the digital signature, not the denial. So this is a valid certificate, click OK.

  8. If it’s an invalid certificate, click OK. Then click More options to view other certificates, select a different certificate and repeat these steps until you find a valid certificate.

Electronic signature pdf

:writing_hand: Follow these easy steps to fill in online forms and add your e-signature:

:writing_hand: Click the select file button above or drag and drop files to the drop zone.

:writing_hand: Select the PDF document you want to fill and sign.

:writing_hand: After Acrobat uploads the file, sign in to fill in a fillable form.

:writing_hand: Use the toolbar to fill in form fields and add your signature.

:writing_hand: Click next

:writing_hand: Download your completed form or get a link to share your PDF online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How do I digitally sign free PDFs?

How to sign PDF documents online:

  1. Upload your PDF to our eSign PDF tool.

  2. Create a new electronic signature to embed in your document.

  3. Add text and dates as needed.

  4. Click ‘Finish’ and download the signed document.

Q: How do I add an electronic signature to my photos?

6 steps to create a scanned digital signature

Sign the document The first step is to sign the paper with your handwritten signature.

:o: Scan documents

:o: Crop the image

:o: Place the picture in a new document

:o: Save the file as PNG

:o: Apply signature to contracts and documents.

Q: How can I extract a JPG signature?

We will take you through few steps:

Step 1: Insert picture, open Microsoft Word, click Insert Tab.

Step 2: Format the Picture menu Click on Correction at the top left, click on Picture Correction Options at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Remove the signature background. Adjust the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the image.

Q: Is the scanned signature an electronic signature?

If a traditional wet ink signature is scanned onto an electronic device on paper, the scanned version is considered an electronic signature … some habits don’t die, that’s okay. Scribble if you like written signatures.


Electronic signatures are used for organizations. They create a sign at the end of the document so that it becomes legal. As the world is progressing and everything has become automated, so is the signature. Instead of signing by hand, one can create a digital signature in a word document, create a printout and give it to the person who needs it.

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