Electronic Signature

Electronic Signature,

What is The Definition of Electronic Signature?

Any electronic sound, symbol, or action is linked to or logically linked to an agreement or record, created or adopted by a person for the purpose of signing a document.

The electronic identifier that claims it has the same power and influence as the manuscript.

Literal Meanings of Electronic Signature


Meanings of Electronic:
  1. (Devices) that contain or use many small components, including microchips and transistors that conduct and conduct electricity.

  2. About electrons.

  3. Developed or accessed by a computer or other electronic device, especially on a network.

Sentences of Electronic
  1. Electronic calculator

  2. Nuclear physics, in particular, involves the study of the electronic components of atoms.

  3. Electronic banking system

Synonyms of Electronic

electronic, push-button, unmanned, mechanical, computerized, automated, robotic, mechanized, preprogrammed


Meanings of Signature:
  1. A person's name is clearly written as an identification for the approval of a check or document or to complete a letter.

  2. Meaning key signature or time signature

  3. Letter or number printed at the end of one or more pages of each paper in the book as a binding guide.

  4. This is part of a prescription that contains instructions or instructions on how to use the medicine.

Sentences of Signature
  1. Signature of an Executive Director

  2. Signatures were not common until the seventeenth century.

Synonyms of Signature

autograph, cross, X, message, initials, dedication, address, scribble, squiggle, signature, imprint