Manual Signature Authority

Manual Signature Authority,

Manual Signature Authority Definition:

  1. Manual Signature Authority can be defined as, The authority to sign or approve manual accounting records was provided at the budget group level.

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Meanings of Manual:
  1. Bound or handmade

  2. A manual, especially for operating a machine or reading an article.

  3. Manual transmission vehicles

  4. Organ keyboard is played manually.

Sentences of Manual
  1. Manual skills

  2. Computer manual

  3. Strict suspension and more accurate steering made me feel like a part of the car, which I usually attach to the manual.

  4. The same shape is often mapped to the limbs, lifting the pedal bass and lifting the manual treble.

Synonyms of Manual

handbook, set of instructions, guide, guidebook, instruction book, instructions, labouring, companion, reference book, blue-collar, ABC, physical, done with one's hands


Meanings of Signature:
  1. A person's name is clearly written as a form of identification used to approve checks or documents, or to complete letters.

  2. Meaning key signature or time signature

  3. Letter or number printed at the end of one or more pages of each paper in the book as a binding guide.

  4. This is the part of the prescription that tells you how to use the prescribed medicine or medicines.

Sentences of Signature
  1. Signature of an Executive Director

  2. Signatures were not common until the seventeenth century.

Synonyms of Signature

dedication, initials, message, squiggle, X, imprint, scribble, autograph, address, signature, cross


Meanings of Authority:
  1. The authority or right to order, make decisions and enforce the law.

  2. An individual or organization that has power or control over a particular area, usually political or administrative.

  3. The power to influence others, especially through your command or knowledge of something.

Sentences of Authority
  1. It has complete control over its subordinates

  2. Health officials

  3. It is the natural instinct of the person who is accustomed to obedience

Synonyms of Authority

command, charge, the government, jurisdiction, the establishment, ascendancy, the bureaucracy, officials, control, mastery, dominance, sovereignty, supremacy, the administration, the system, officialdom, domination, power, rule, the people in charge, dominion