How many grams in a cup?


How many grams in a cup?

There are 150 grams(g) and 6 ounces(oz) in 1 US standard size cup . The measurement of the US is diverse than the rest of the world. The imperial measurement system is different from the US measurement system . 1 imperial cup contains 8.6 fluid ounces which are equal to 244.2 grams

Measurements for Dry Goods

For dry goods the measurement is slightly changed than liquids, reason is 1 cup of wheat is not equal in weight of 1 cup of sugar. Same as 1 cup of barley is not equal in weight to 1 cup of packed sugar.

so therefore 1 cup contains 128 grams of dry goods that is equal to 4.5 ounces(oz). now let’s see some different dry goods and their capacity in a cup according to grams

e.g. flour of bread has 136 grams in a US sized cup which contains 4.8 ounces(oz). it contains 277 grams in a single US cup. Now if we see white sugar, the 1 US size cup contains 201 grams of sugar which is equal to 7.1 ounces(oz) and if we packed brown sugar that it contains 220 grams in a single cup or 7.75 ounces(oz)

Measurement for liquids

For liquid items in the united states (US) there are 12 fluid ounces and 340 grams in a cup. This is a little higher than dry good because the wight of various dry goods differs from each other. So that is why we use a different scale for different dry goods but the scale for liquid goods remains the same.

Standard No. of grams in baking cup

For baking, there are two US measurement standard cups. 1 cup all-purpose flour (USDA) equals 125 grams and 1 cup all-purpose flour (Gold Medal) equals 130 grams.

Standard cups sizes in grams:

In the metric unit system, the standard size of cups and spoon are as following

Cups Grams
1 cup 250g
3/4 cup 190g
2/3 cup 170g
1/2 cup 125g

How many grams in a cup of flour?

How many grams in a cup of floor? The best answer is there are 120 grams in a cup of flour to be exact. All other ingredients vary with respect to the cup. Some ingredients will measure higher are some will weight less because various items cover different amount of area, have different volume and hence results in less weight.

In Australia the all-purpose flour is referred to as plain flour or white flour, weight of these is 125 grams per 1 cup. Same holds for that entire wheat bread, in Australian it has called whole meal flour, same products 120 grams per 1 cup. Anybody calls flours marginally differently(?). . Please let us know so that we can add it in here.


Ounces Grams Cups
4-ounces flour 125g 1 - Cup
8 ounces flour 250g 2 - Cups
4 ounces oatmeal 124g 1-Cup Scant
4 ounces unsalted butter 125g 1- Stick
8 ounces unsalted butter 250g 1 - Cup
7 ounces sugar / caster* 200g 1 - Cup
8 ounces sugar / caster 250g 1 1/4 - Cup
8 ounces meat** 250g 1 - Cup


1/2 oz 15 g
1 oz 30 g
2 oz 55 g
3 oz 85 g
4 oz 115 g
5 oz 140 g
6 oz 170 g
8 oz 225 g
12 oz 225 g
16 oz 455 g

Ingredients Measurements of Flour in a cup

When a bag of whole wheat or whole meal flour from the neighborhood shop lets you know that the weight of one quarter of your cup is 30 grams and making it 4.2 oz or 120 grams per one cup. But how do you know if the density/weight is correct once you’re filling your cup? And that is 5.66 or 5 2/3 cups a 1.5-pound or 680 g of flour, 2.2 pounds right into 1 kg (1000 g) or 22pounds into 10Kg for larger batch of bread.

If you push on it harder into the cup for instance, hence the weight becomes much higher, easy as that. This is well known in culinary arts clinic. Volume techniques for measuring number of breads produce various results.

Based on bread density instead of just on the level, a packed-up cup flour gets much higher weight as well as a burden of wheat germ. This is the reason why bakers relay on weight reduction measures for dry skin, they would like to produce all batches the same.

Liquid measurements

Cups Millilitres Fluid Ounces
1 tsp 6ml 0.2 fl oz
1 tbsp 15ml 0.5 fl oz
1/8 cup 30ml 1 fl oz
1/4 cup 60ml 2 fl oz
1/2 cup 120ml 4 fl oz
1 cup 240ml 8 fl oz

Those thinking about happy baking, most useful to look at these facts and, better to invest in buying kitchen scales for much better results. They cost just a couple bucks. In addition, if a chili is simply daunted by a cup it gets packaged with the cup flour and the quantity differs again instead of being a specific step as it will.

Ingredient Volume Ounces Grams
‘00’ Pizza Flour 1 cup 4 116
All-Purpose Flour 1 cup 4 1/4 120
Almond Flour 1 cup 3 3/8 96
Almond meal 1 cup 3 84
Almond paste (packed) 1 cup 9 1/8 259
Almonds (sliced) 1/2 cup 1 1/2 43
Almonds (slivered) 1/2 cup 2 57
Almonds, whole (unblanched) 1 cup 5 142
Amaranth flour 1 cup 3 5/8 103
Apples (dried, diced) 1 cup 3 85
Apples (peeled, sliced) 1 cup 4 113
Applesauce 1 cup 9 255
Apricots (dried, diced) 1/2 cup 2 1/4 64
Artisan Bread Flour 1 cup 4 1/4 120
Artisan Bread Topping 1/4 cup 1 1/2 43

Cocoa Powder, Corn Starch, Ground Almonds

1 cup 120 g

½ cup 60 g

1⁄3 cup 40 g

¼ cup 30 g

Rolled Oats, Whole Pecans, Whole Walnuts

1 cup 100 g

½ cup 50 g

1⁄3 cup 35 g

¼ cup 25 g

How many cups is 250 grams of flour?

How many is 250 grams of flour? The answer is 1.8 cup of flour is equal to 250 grams

How many cups is 100 grams of flour?

How many cups is 100 grams of flour? The answer is 0.8 cups of flour is equal to 100 grams.

How many grams in a cup of sugar?

How many grams of sugar in a cup? The answer is 200 grams of white sugar is in 1 cup. below in detail conversion with 1 cup, 2 cups, half cup, 1 third cup and quarter cup

White Granulated Sugar and Caster Sugar

It depends on the type of sugar. 1 cup of icing sugar is 128 grams. 1 cup of granulated white sugar is 200 grams. 1 cup of soft brown sugar is 220g. Other types of sugar are likely to be different. To be sure you should probably weigh the sugar that you want to use.

1 cup sugar white Granulated Sugar and Caster Sugar in grams = 200g

2 cups sugar white Granulated Sugar and Caster Sugar in grams = 400g

½ cups sugar white Granulated Sugar and Caster Sugar in grams = 100g

⅓ (third) of a cup sugar white Granulated Sugar and Caster Sugar in grams = 70g

¼ (quarter) of a cup sugar white Granulated Sugar and Caster Sugar in grams = 50g

Brown Sugar

US Cups Grams Ounces
1 Cup 220g 7.75oz.
¾ Cup 170g 6oz.
2/3 Cup 150g 5oz.
½ Cup 110g 4oz.
1/3 Cup 75g 2.5oz.
¼ Cup 55g 2oz.
1/8 Cup 25g 1oz.

How many grams of sugar in an ounce?

1 ounce (oz) of sugar in grams = 32g

1 pound (lb) of sugar in grams = 500g

How many grams of sugar in a teaspoon?

1 teaspoon (tsp) of sugar in grams = 4.2g

1 tablespoon (tbsp) of sugar in grams = 12.5g

Is a US cup the same as an Australian cup?

Assessing and switching when you are attempting to bake and cook may receive confusing, especially if you are employing a classic recipe. We are around. To make life easier, here is a handy sugar conversion guide – oz, g, cups, tablespoons and teaspoons contained.

The dimensions listed here are calculated with white sugar, nevertheless they are sometimes applied as an overall guide for a variety: caster sugar, sugar, brown sugar, blood sugar, raw sugar and also what .

Cup Gram Ounce Pound Kilogram
1/4 50g 1.76 oz 0.11 lb 0.05kg
1/3 66.7g 2.4 oz 0.147 lb 0.07kg
1/2 100g 3.53 oz 0.22 lb 0.1kg
5/8 125g 4.41 oz 0.28 lb 0.125kg
2/3 133g 4.70 oz 0.29 lb 0.13kg
3/4 150g 5.29 oz 0.3 lb 0.15kg
1 200g 7.1 oz 0.4 lb 0.2kg

brown sugar weight volume Table

Cup Gram Ounce Pound Kilogram
1/4 50g 1.75 oz 0.11 lb 0.05kg
1/3 67g 2.35 oz 0.15 lb 0.067kg
1/2 100g 3.5 oz 0.22 lb 0.1kg
5/8 125g 4.4 oz 0.27 lb 0.125kg
2/3 133g 4.7 oz 0.29 lb 0.133kg
3/4 150g 5.3 oz 0.33 lb 0.15kg
1 200g 7.05 oz 0.44 lb 0.2kg

What is the weight of 1 cup of sugar?

What is the weight of 1 cup of sugar? The answer is 200 grams


The number of grams in a cup depends upon the ingredients in a cup.

  • 1 cup butter = 227 g
  • 1 cup of “dry goods” = 128 g
  • 1 cup of flour = 136 g
  • 1 cup of rolled oats = of 85 g
  • 1 cup sugar = 201 g
  • 1 cup of molasses = 340 g etc.

First talk about the CUPS :

Cup is actually not a unit or you can say the size or the volume measurement. The cup of what? Is it salt, sugar, honey, water, milk or sand. If you know the volume of the cup. You may calculate the density or mass.

Relationship of mass and volume

Mass is the unit of grams and cup measures volume. To convert them you may know the mass-density.

mass-density formula

Worldwide standard cup measurements:

  • 1 US custom cup ( used for recipes)= 236.5 g
  • 1 US legal cup (referenced for nutrition) = 240 g
  • 1 UK / Australian / New Zealand / Canadian cup (metric) = 250g
  • 1 UK imperial cup = 284.131 g

Which cup should I Used?

When you are going to convert this volume into grams, there comes which type of cup and which ingredients you are converting.

And it also gives the more classification to which cup used into the recipe. For this purpose, clarify to use a US- Cup. But if you want to convert into other units like grams, pounds, quarts, tablespoons, teaspoons, litres or more than you can use any cooking converters.

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The number of grams in a cup varies from ingredients to ingredients. Cup is unit of volume but grams in a unit of weight so there is a big difference of Weight appear depending upon the ingredients is liquid or solid or powdered or other etc.

How many grams in 1 cup?

Suppose that my cooking channel where I used measurement in cups, Cups and TBS measurements mostly used in US. But a viewer from India, may use grams or millilitres in their area. May be he really get frustrated with measuring it in cups or TBS.

SO here I am writing a full mystery about cups to grams, comment me if you still have any confusion…

Some ingredients have more volume than others like butter. Because Butter and honey is heavier than flour so they are more in grams than flour or sugar etc.

You cannot think that everything is equal when convert cups to grams but if you are off with few grams than, its ok, it’s not a big deal means if you have 223 grams instead of 227 than it will be alright.

But the most important thing is to stick with the measurements otherwise things mess up because baking is going to be exact process as it is other than cooking.

Metric cups with ingrediants in grams:

Ingredients Name 1 Cup in grams Half Cup
Butter 227g 113.5g
Flour 125g 62.5g
Honey 336g 168g
Margarine 230g 115g
Milk 244g 122g
Oats 102g 551g
Sugar 201g 100.5
Brown Sugar 195g 97.5

Let me tell you some baking ingredients in grams and ounces.

Ingredient’s US cups Grams Ounce
Almond flaked 1 cup 85 g 3 Oz
Almonds (Ground) 1 cup 100 g 3.5Oz
Almonds (whole) 1 cup 150 g 5.3 Oz
Black Treacle 1 cup 325g 11.5 Oz
Blueberries 1 cup 100 g 3.5Oz
Brown sugar light 1 cup 200g 7.1 Oz
Butter & margarine 1 cup 225g 8 Oz
Buttermilk 1 cup 225g 8 Oz
Caster Sugar 1 cup 225g 8 Oz
Chocolate Chips 1 cup 150 g 6 Oz
Cocoa Powder 1 cup 100 g 3.5Oz
Coconut – Shredded 1 cup 100 g 3.5Oz
Corn Syrup 1 cup 340g 12 oz
Cream Cheese 1 cup 120g 4.25 oz
Flour 1 cup 140g 4.5 oz
Maple Syrup 1 cup 340g 12 oz
Oats 1 cup 140g 4.5 oz
Peanuts, Chopped 1 cup 120g 4.25 oz

To check of the half cup just divide grams by 2 and for quarter divide it by 4.

How Many Cups In A Gram Of Flour

Capacity 1/5 teaspoon 1 ml
1 teaspoon (tsp) 5 ml
1 tablespoon (tbsp) 15 ml
1 fluid oz. 30 ml
1/5 cup 50 ml
1/4 cup 60 ml
1/3 cup 80 ml
3.4 fluid oz. 100 ml
1/2 cup 120 ml
2/3 cup 160 ml
3/4 cup 180 ml
1 cup 240 ml
1 pint (2 cups) 480 ml
1 quart (4 cups) .95 liter
34 fluid oz. 1 liter
4.2 cups 1 liter
2.1 pints 1 liter
1.06 quarts 1 liter
.26 gallon 1 liter
4 quarts (1 gallon) 3.8 liters

How many cups is 100 grams of flour?

U.S. cups to Grams
1/8 cup 15 grams
1/4 cup 30 grams
1/3 cup 40 grams
3/8 cup 45 grams
1/2 cup 60 grams
5/8 cup 70 grams
2/3 cup 75 grams
3/4 cup 85 grams
7/8 cup 100 grams
1 cup 110 grams