Definition of Volume:

  1. The amount of space occupied by a substance or object or enclosed in a container, especially if the container is large.

  2. The amount or level of sound intensity.

  3. A book that is part of a work or series.

  4. Number of shares traded on a given exchange or on the same security or index. High volume is generally seen as an indication of investor enthusiasm and low volume is indicative of investor slowdown. Volume is one of the many technical analysis tools.

Synonyms of Volume

Magnitude, Superabundance, Supply, Notebook, Outer space, Cordage, Cubic measure, Paperback, Copiousness, Production, Oceans, Sketchbook, Bound book, Section, Amplification, Capful, Copy, Coloring book, Pocket book, Tome, Library edition, Infinite space, Surge, Numerousness, Peck, Armful, Radius, Swelling, Empty space, Amplitude, Reach, Work, Folio, Limp-cover book, Measurement, Phrase, Chapter, Bags, Multitude, Length, Burden, Diameter, Bagful, Kettleful, Installment, Room, Psalmbook, Dimension, Amount, Spread, Mountain, Acreage, Title, Column, Void, Publication, Set, Largeness, Soft-cover, Tons, Content, Back number, Bushel, Trade edition, Juvenile book, Field, Countlessness, Sonorousness, Definitive work, Measure, Acres, Size, Caseful, Songbook, Sonority, Superficial extension, Magnitude, School edition, Opus, Plenty, Bulk, Livraison, Caliber, Opusculum, Loudness, Interstellar space, Bottleful, Stowage, Best seller, Extent, Height, Great work, Galactic space, Loudishness, Sea, Nothingness, Depth, Superfluity, Abundance, Nonbook, Extent, Classic, Extension, Sum total, Library, Magnum opus, Handful, Surge of sound, Passage, Quantity, Largeness, Serial, Scale, Dimensions, Tonnage, Trade book, Intensity, Area, Girth, Sphere, Object, Capacity, Storybook, Clause, Collection, Scope, Proportions, Space, Extensiveness, Bulk, Mass, Aggregate, Impression, Swell, Binful, Crescendo, Bigness, Gauge, Article, Range, Spate, Body, Load, Poundage, Proportion, Ocean, Continuum, Coverage, Much, Size, Capacity, Expanse, Number, Lapful, Expansion, Bigness, Quantities, Opuscule, Mouthful, Emptiness, Part, Worlds, Psalter, Greatness, Edition, Fullness, Book, Limit, Accommodation, Novel, Barrelful, Printing, Breadth, Issue, Tract, Width, World, Flood, Barrels, Prayer book, Basketful, Spatial extension, Loudness, Surface, Series, Profusion, Playbook, Hardback, Picture book, Paragraph, Standard work, Juvenile, Sound, Mass, Verse, Fascicle, Writing, Plenitude, Bowlful

How to use Volume in a sentence?

  1. Biography of George Bernard Shaw in three volumes.
  2. The drain cannot adjust the amount of rainwater.
  3. The call center manager stated that I should be willing to make a large number of calls.
  4. Prior to the publication of the quarterly report, Intel's trading volume was very high.
  5. He turned up the volume on the radio.
  6. John panics and looks at his desk. When the business starts to decline due to this press release, let him continue to neutralize this scam.

Meaning of Volume & Volume Definition


How To Define Volume?

  1. Volume is the amount of an asset or security that is present. From time to time hands change in a day. For example, the volume of stock trading refers to the number of shares in a security traded between daily opening and closing. Takeovers and volume changes over time are important data for technical traders.

    • Volume security is the number of shares traded during a particular period.
    • Daily high volume stocks are usually more liquid than non-liquid ones, as they are more active.
    • Volume is an important indicator in technical analysis because it is used to measure the importance of the ratio of market movements.
    • The greater the volume during price movement, the greater the movement and volume decrease during price movement.

  2. Volume definition is: Number of transactions per day or per week.

  3. Number of shares bought and sold during the period.

Meanings of Volume

  1. A book that is part of a work or series.

  2. The amount of space that a substance or object occupies or closes in a container, especially if the container is large.

  3. The amount or level of sound intensity.

Sentences of Volume

  1. Three-volume biography of George Bernard Shaw

  2. The drain cannot adjust the amount of rainwater

  3. Increases radio volume


What is The Definition of Volume?

  • The definition of Volume is: Shares, bonds or commodity futures were traded as a whole during the period.

  • Volume means, How many shares were on the London Stock Exchange in one day?

  • You can define Volume as, Trading shares or options at the beginning of a given trading day. Volume is a stable volume, which means that it includes shares traded on all exchanges. For example, Apple Computer shares are traded on the Nasdaq Exchange (OTC) and the Pacific Exchange. If listed on Apple, the volume will include the starting shares of both exchanges.