Definition of Density:

  1. The degree of compression of a substance.

  2. Weight (mass) per unit volume, used as a measure of the compression of a substance. It is usually expressed in kilograms per cubic meter (kg / m3) or pounds per cubic foot (lb / ft3), although kilograms per liter (kg / l) and pounds per gallon (lb / gallon) ) Is also used. is used. Water density is one gram per cubic centimeter (g / cm), steel 7.9 g / cm, lead 11 g / cm, gold 19 g / cm, ice 0.92 g / cm, petrol 0.8 g. / Cm3, ordinary wood 0.65 g / cm3, cork 0.24 g / cm3 and wind (sea level) 0.0013 g / cm3. The average density (D) is estimated using the formula D = m ÷ V, where m is the volume of a substance and V is its volume. Relative density (also called density) is the relationship between the density of a substance at 20 ° C or 68 ° F and the density of water at 4 ° C or 39.2 F. See also density.

Synonyms of Density

Dimness, Firmness, Stoniness, Oafdom, Thickness, Crudeness, Doltishness, Crassness, Toughness, Obduracy, Body, Tangibility, Substantialness, Impenetrability, Sottishness, Hardness of heart, Concreteness, Lethargy, Yokelism, Blockishness, Mass, Ponderability, Denseness, Dumbness, Substance, Hebetude, Boorishness, Duncery, Asininity, Thick-headedness, Solidness, Opacity, Stability, Steadiness, Stupidity, Loutishness, Lumpishness, Denseness, Callosity, Substantiality, Bovinity, Stoutness, Weight, Dullardism, Dullness, Durability, Wrongheadedness, Callousness, Oafishness, Palpability, Ninnyism, Sluggishness, Induration, Mass, Solidity, Grossness, Obtuseness, Bulk, Durity, Materiality, Dim-wittedness, Thick-wittedness, Restiveness, Substance, Unteachability, Hardness, Strength, Dull-wittedness, Sturdiness, Soundness, Slowness, Cloddishness, Simpletonianism, Flintiness, Resistance, Boobishness, Solidity, Steeliness, Stolidity

How to use Density in a sentence?

  1. Bone density decreased.
  2. The high density of the swimming fish forces it to sink like a rock, while a red balloon floats on top of it in the water.
  3. If you've ever wondered why wood floats and why it doesn't have rocks, the reason is that wood is less dense than water, but rock is much thicker than water.
  4. The rock is so thick that it is heavy. It hurts if you shoot people, and people make stone tools.

Meaning of Density & Density Definition

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