How Digital Marketing is Being Developed for Businesses During COVID-19?

The world has been hit in a very bad and devastating way by the Covid-19 pandemic. All areas of everyday life for people all around the world have been affected. Businesses and industries all over the world are struggling right now. But one area that has seen a bit of a boost is internet marketing and e-commerce. The web traffic has increased to an all-time high with people all over the world turning to the internet for various reasons, right from online education, working from home and also for governments to function and help its citizens in this time of distress.

Web development and digital solutions are experiencing a substantial increase after the pandemic struck as the people are mostly stuck at home. Many businesses are seeing this as the perfect time to develop their website, start their online business or redesign an existing website and optimize it for better results. Entrepreneurs with existing businesses are using this opportunity to launch their e-commerce platform and digital stores to increase revenue during these difficult times. If we go by stats, Covid-19 has bumped up internet usage by a massive 70%, and this huge surge offers new opportunities for business growth. Businesses have started adjusting and adapting to a new reality which is built around isolation and social distancing in the near, foreseeable future.

People are relying more and more on e-commerce platforms for many of their essential supplies and groceries while storefronts remain closed. These new circumstances have led to a higher demand for a good web designer and web development company, especially those who specialize in e-commerce integration. Let us look at the top developments in the field of web design during this pandemic.

E-commerce Web Design

Online shopping has become the new norm ever since the pandemic hit the world over. Ordering take outs and food were already popular but everyday essentials and groceries is becoming the way of life. People now are looking for online services and technologies for almost everything. Communication and connectivity services used by educational institutions and businesses such as Zoom have taken off since the lockdown have in place by governments all over the world. Such a transition to conduct classes or operate businesses has led to an increase in the demand for web developers and digital marketing services. Web developers with coding skills in a couple of languages and cyber security experience are in great demand all over the world.

UI/UX Web Development

This new boost in UI/UX development is not only limited to e-commerce platforms and online stores but for the entire digital business. UI/UX design has seen a significant rise in popularity and demand. Even before the pandemic struck, the economy was transitioning. The convenient add-to-cart online age has been changing the way people were shopping for a while now, and Covid-19 is just the exact catalyst needed to accelerate the process. Under the present circumstances, many heath care and hygiene supplies have become essential. And businesses all over the world as trying to give the best experience to their customers to help keep the revenue flowing. The newly evolving workplace which has been transitioning rapidly from offline storefront to working from home, the need for creative and innovative UI/UX solutions have increased rapidly. The definition of a pleasant and excellent user experience has gone drastic change overnight, and web development will be seen to be in high demand in the future to meet the requirements of this quickly changing digital landscape.

Content Marketing

Ever since the pandemic struck and the lockdowns began people have been confined to their homes. This has resulted in a massive shift in the way people were turning towards the internet for content. In the beginning, when quarantine measures were implemented, there was massive rise in content, digital media, and entertainment consumption online. For e.g. within the first weeks, while Covid-19 dominated discussion worldwide, it should be noted that perhaps the second most discussed thing on the planet was Netflix’s Tiger King. How people were consuming media was already changing before the pandemic, but this lockdown and quarantine measures has pushed things much further towards internet entertainment and user generated content supremacy.

Web design and digital marketing company plays a vital role in how online content is marketed and delivered. Not only big media corporations but bloggers and content creators are coming up with their own unique content, which is either user generated, and viewer driven. This is sudden increase in the demand for online content and also the audience has led to a tremendous increase in the demand for experienced web developers and digital marketing services company