Top 10 React.JS Application Examples

React.JS is a front-end JavaScript library that is used for creating highly interactive and dynamic UI.

This efficient and flexible JavaScript library offers superior rendering performance.

React.JS is the view layer in the MVC (Model, View, and Controller) structure.

It gives the developer the flexibility and scalability to create websites and web apps.

To underscore our point about the popularity of this powerful and comprehensive JavaScript library we have put together a list of the top 10 amazing websites that are designed with the help of React.JS.

10 fantastic websites created through React.JS

The reason for the popularity of React.JS includes its scalability, simplicity, and faster rendering process.

Additionally, it gives the developer an option to integrate other JavaScript frameworks or libraries.

To prove our point, we have listed the top 10 websites that use React.JS.


Facebook hardly requires any introduction. This highly popular social media platform with more than 2.2 billion subscribers is very popular amongst both young and old.

The React library was created on Facebook, and this social media giant uses React.JS for some specific components of its main page.

The mobile application on Facebook is created through React Native.

React native is a version of React that can display the native components on Android and iOS.


Another hugely popular social media application called Instagram (which is a single page web application) is built with the help of React.

The users of Instagram are delighted by how responsive and amazingly fast, this app is, wherein requests are addressed in milliseconds.

Thanks to React, the developers have been able to integrate several amazing features with the Instagram web page that includes, Google Maps APIs, media storage optimization, image/video delivery, geolocation, progressive loading, and many more.


Airbnb, the extremely popular online company that focuses on the hospitality sector has chosen React.JS to build its website.

This online website is highly recommended for travelers who are looking for accommodation across the globe.

Airbnb has selected React.JS to build its website because it offers reusability, scalability, and portability.


This reputable work management platform enables its users to stay focused on their core projects and goals.

The management of this company insisted on creating a website that would be easily maintainable, readable, and testable.

After looking at various options, they found that React.JS is the perfect tool to rewrite the front-end of their website.

The Virtual DOM implementation feature of React.JS allows the company to find solutions to many of their UI issues that include animation.


Cloudflare is a highly reputable performance and security company that offers customized online services to its customers to protect as well as accelerate their websites.

This company has also used React.JS to build the front-end of its website.

They found the extensive library, highly scalable feature, and robustness of the program perfect for their needs.


In the field of online entertainment, Netflix occupies the pole position.

Netflix also used React.JS to build its website because it offers higher runtime performance, great start-up speed, and modularity.

Furthermore, React.JS allows them to improve their initial load time, and give an option to scale up their operations when required.


Another respectable online company that uses React.JS to build its website is Codecademy.

This company offers free coding classes to its users in various programming languages.

Codecademy was attracted to use React.JS for developing its website and web application because it offered great reliability and a fantastic performance.

As the React website’s structure is component-based, it allows you to test individual sections of the website in complete isolation so that the rest of the website is not affected.


It allows its users to keep their important file safe and encrypted in the cloud that could be easily synced and shared online.

Dropbox has chosen React.JS because it offers them greater testability, easy-to-use codes, improved SEO, faster rendering, and a one-way flow direction.

Using React.JS helped them to improve the user experience significantly and minimize any coding problem for the developers.


When the BBC, a reputed news network wanted to create a flexible product that can not only handle a huge amount of load but also allow its users to change the content according to their location, then they selected React.JS for developing the front-end of its app.

Using React.JS ensures that the modules of the app can regularly update with live data as per the preferences of the users.


Atlassian is a collaboration software that uses React.JS to build its website because React.JS allows easy deployment on mobile, desktop, and web as the same library can be reused.


The examples given above are just a small sample of websites created using React.JS.

A vast number of small, medium and enterprise businesses have built their website using React.js as it offers excellent performance on websites and applications.

Apart from React.js, Angular.js is another popular framework that businesses use to create top-notch websites. Therefore, if you want to create a website using a framework other than React.js, then give Angular.js a shot. To know more about Angular.js and React.js, you can refer to this quick guide on Angular.js vs. React.js.

The guide briefly differentiates both the frameworks based on essential factors and helps you choose the best one.

Therefore, if you are considering developing a website or a web application, then you can either consider Angular.js or React.js, based on the requirement and see how it can improve the overall user experience.

If you are a non-technical person, then you should hire the services of an expert JavaScript Development Company. They can give a concrete shape to your ideas and create a website or web application that would be perfect for your needs