Home Depot Rebate

Home Depot Rebate Home Depot often gives an 11% rebate on in-store purchases. This way, you can save hundreds of dollars on home and landscape projects with this promotion. Many customers, however, do not take advantage of these rebates owing to forgetting, lack of time, or ignorance. DoNotPay has created a rebate product that can help you quickly claim your Home Depot rebate.

What is Home Depot’s rebate?

:small_blue_diamond:The online retail sector, dominated by companies like Amazon, seems to have overtaken the traditional concept of big box stores. However, The Home Depot has become the largest home improvement retailer globally, with over 2,300 locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico, despite fierce online competition.

:small_blue_diamond:In fact, Home Depot has been thriving. Its shares have risen over 40% in the last year, which indicates that American families spending on home improvement continues to grow despite the pandemic. You may already be a Home Depot customer, and you’re looking for discounts and offers for your next purchase.

Which States Is the Home Depot Rebate Valid?

:small_blue_diamond:Only regions and states with Menards outlets are eligible for the 11% Home Depot rebate. The following are the states:

  • Arkansas

  • Michigan

  • Iowa

  • Wisconsin

  • Illinois

  • Missouri

  • Indiana

  • South Dakota

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky

  • Ohio

  • Minnesota

  • North Dakota

  • Nebraska

:small_blue_diamond:Because not all stores in a state participate in the 11% rebate program, ensure you always double-check that your local store is one of them. Your local Home Depot is probably participating if your community has a Menards location.
:small_blue_diamond:Typically, Home Depot offers its rebate promotion concurrently with Menards’ 11% rebate program, giving it a competitive edge. For reference, because Lexington does not have a Menards store, the rebate is not applicable in Lexington stores but is valid in Louisville stores.

:small_blue_diamond:While claiming the rebate, you’ll input your mailing and email address. Following that, Home Depot will send you a gift card for 11% of your purchase within 3-6 weeks. Bear in mind that special order products are not eligible for the rebate. If your gift card does not come in over 12 weeks, call 1-866-451-1357.

How Does the Home Depot Rebate Work?

:small_blue_diamond:There are more than 1100 products, including John Deere and Weber brands, excluded from Home Depot’s 11 percent rebate deal. Furthermore, the Home Depot refund cannot be coupled with other offers or promotions and can only be applied to full-priced items.

:small_blue_diamond:Because Home Depot does not publish its 11 percent rebate dates ahead of time, buyers must keep an eye on the Home Depot website for updates.

:small_blue_diamond:There are also rigorous deadlines and in-person mail-in procedures designed to keep individuals from getting their money back, which is utterly unreasonable.

Below are the steps to follow when claiming the Home Depot rebate:

  1. Complete your application. The current offer dates are available on the Home Depot website. Start your submission by inputting your date of purchase. Please double-check that you made your purchase at a participating Home Depot store. The 11 % rebate does not apply to purchases made online. You may access the list of participating stores online.

  2. Submit your receipt for the purchase. You have the option of mailing your rebate or conveniently submitting it online, which is the preferable method to avoid lost mail or any delays. If you have numerous receipts, submit each one separately.

  3. Type in the purchase date and click continue. You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for Home Depot rebates:

  4. Have a legitimate receipt

  5. Mail the receipt within 30 days

  6. Keep track of your Home Depot rebate. Track your Home Depot

Rebate easily using your tracking number or by providing:

  • Your full name

  • Zip Code

  • Email address

  • Phone number

:small_blue_diamond:While applying and tracking your Home Depot rebate is simple, the process takes a long time, which is inconvenient for most customers. Rebates frequently have stringent deadlines for submitting claim forms to make this situation worse for the customer.

:small_blue_diamond:The rigorous deadlines and in-person mail-in procedures are designed to keep individuals from getting their money back, which is utterly unreasonable. On the other hand, enlisting the help of a third party may help reduce some of the strain. That’s why DoNotPay wants to make it easier for you by allowing you to submit refunds online or by mail with just a few clicks.

How to File For Home Depot Rebate Claim With DoNotPay?

:small_blue_diamond:If you want to claim your Home Depot rebate but don’t know where to start, DoNotPay can help you in three steps:

  1. Search rebates on DoNotPay and select the type of rebates offer you want to claim (is it for a car, electronic gadget, household appliance, etc.).

  2. Tell us more about the purchase, including the product name, brand, serial number (if relevant), and whether you bought it online or in person.

  3. Select whether the rebate is online or mail-in. Upload your evidence documents, including receipts and any necessary forms, and confirm your contact information.

:small_blue_diamond:With The Home Depot Pro Xtra Rebate program, you’ll receive all the great benefits of The Home Depot PRO program, plus an extra 2% back on all purchases. It’s literally free money on investments you’re already making.

:small_blue_diamond:We know you buy a lot of materials. To earn your 2%, you need to spend a minimum of $12,500 during 6-months (Jan-June and July-Dec). Once you pass the spending threshold, you automatically receive a check for 2% of all tracked purchases.

  • 2% Rebate on all purchases after minimum spend requirement

  • Easy online enrollment

  • Rebate paid directly to you twice per year by The Home Depot

  • You can register any form of payment accepted at The Home Depot – including checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, and The Home Depot accounts

  • Home Depot regularly runs an 11% rebate promotion for in-store purchases to compete with Menards’ 11% rebate deal.

  • This promotion can save you a ton of money on your home and lawn projects.

  • You can find the dates of the current promotion on the Home Depot website.

  • This post will cover what states are eligible, how to submit your claim, and other fine print you should know about.

  • Home Depot 11% Rebate

  • States Where the 11% Rebate is Valid


:small_blue_diamond:Home Depot offers the 11 rebate multiple times a year, which is great for those planning to make big purchases at the store. All you need to do is make your purchase at participating store location and submit your claim within 30 days.

Important points

:small_blue_diamond:Home Depot only runs the 11% rebate promotion in cities and states where Menards stores are located. These states are:

  • Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indian, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

  • It would be best to double-check that your local store is participating because not all stores in a state participate.

  • If your city has a Menards store, your Home Depot store is likely participating.

  • For example, the rebate is not valid in the Lexington, Kentucky stores, but it is valid in the Louisville, Kentucky stores because there are no Menards stores in Lexington.

Excluded Products

:small_blue_diamond:Home Depot excludes Weber, John Deere, gift cards, and over 1,100 pages of products from the 11% rebate.

:small_blue_diamond:If you are considering a large purchase, I suggest you (1) visit HomeDepot. com, (2) search for your product, (3) find the Store SKU #, and (4) use Ctrl + F and then the number to see if it is included in the excluded products.

  1. Submitting Your Claim

  2. You can mail in your rebate or easily submit it online.

  3. Submitting it online is the best option to avoid any lost mail or delays.

  4. Home Depot 11 enter the purchase date

  5. Just enter in your purchase date and click continue.

  6. You will then be asked for your receipt number, your purchase date, and your total receipt amount paid.

Home Depot 11 Online Portal

:small_blue_diamond:In the final screen, you will enter your mailing address and email address. Home Depot will then send you a gift card for 11% of your purchase in 3-6 weeks.

Promotion Fine Print:

  • Requires valid receipt

  • Rebate form must be postmarked/submitted within 30 days of purchase.

  • Only in-store purchases are eligible for a rebate

Home Depot Rebate Tracker

There are several great credit cards to maximize your rewards at Home Depot, including:

  1. US Bank Altitude Reserve (3x points or 4.5% cashback towards travel when using your mobile wallet at Home Depot).

  2. American Express Blue Business Plus (2x points).

  3. Bank of America Cash Rewards (3% cashback on the category of your choice, including home improvement stores)

  4. Citi Double Cash (2% cashback or 2x points).

  5. Chase Ink Business Cash (5% cash back at office supply stores that carry Home Depot gift cards).

The Home Depot partners with ENERGY STAR

:small_blue_diamond:The Home Depot® is the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer, with more than 2,266 retail stores in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The Home Depot is receiving ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year—Sustained Excellence recognition for driving consumer awareness and adoption of ENERGY STAR throughout every aspect of its retail business—from product assortment to marketing and promotions. Key 2014 accomplishments include:

:small_blue_diamond:Being a national leader in partnerships with the energy efficiency community, including full participation in the ENERGY STAR Retail Action Council, with the goal of increasing partnerships with energy efficiency program sponsors.

:small_blue_diamond:Featuring ENERGY STAR in three national TV and eight national radio ads for lighting and appliances. Integrating ENERGY STAR into its print circular advertising, including 99 national print advertisements and 290 regional print advertisements. Combined, these efforts resulted in billions of consumer impressions.

:small_blue_diamond:Being a leading participant in the ENERGY STAR LED Bulb Challenge and selling millions of certified light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs in 2014 alone. The Home Depot worked with its suppliers to offer low-cost ENERGY STAR certified bulbs to its customers. It worked to educate them on the value of ENERGY STAR lighting by displaying and distributing ENERGY STAR print materials in all stores.

:small_blue_diamond:Leveraging a three-phase strategy working with suppliers, advertising, and consumers to grow the company’s in-store ENERGY STAR assortment, adding 840 additional products and increasing ENERGY STAR sales by over 10 million units.

:small_blue_diamond:Working with local utilities in 44 states to coordinate rebate offerings for ENERGY STAR products, resulting in approximately $300 million in incentives for customers. This included offering instant rebates for ENERGY STAR LED lighting products in 900 stores and consumer rebates of over $45 million.

:small_blue_diamond:Educating all employees about the value of ENERGY STAR certified products through various training programs from eLearning to Rapid Web-Based Training, to Monthly Merchant Updates and Home Depot Television. Total impressions from these training vehicles were more than 197 million.

Why Should You Use DoNotPay to File Your Home Depot Rebate?

It would help if you used DoNotPay because:

  • The process is very straightforward. There are no formalities or lengthy procedures.

  • You get to handle everything online.

  • It saves you time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Home Depot Rebate

Q.1 How to Track Your Home Depot Rebate?

You can easily track your Home Depot rebate online by using the tracking number or entering your full name, phone number, email, and zip code.

Q.2 Are Home Depot’s online prices the same as in-store?

From the Home Depot site, “If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any retailer, we will match the price and beat it by 10%.” All you need to do is bring in the ad, printout, or even a photo (of either) with you to the register for validation

Q.3 Will Home Depot’s price match other Home Depot stores?

Typically, no. Whether your store will let you match a price from HomeDepot. com is completely at the discretion of your local store manager.

Q.4 Is the Home Depot 11% rebate real?

Home Depot’s 11 rebate is a partial refund of 11% for a valid purchase made at an eligible store. There are no price limits on Home Depot 11% rebate items, but you cannot combine the rebate with other offers

Q.5 Does Home Depot take competitor coupons?

They do not accept competitors’ coupons, including coupons from Lowe’s home mailers. They do, however, accept manufacturer coupons. You are allowed to use the home mailer and email coupons online only when stated on the voucher.

Q.6 What is the employee discount at Home Depot?

Home Depot associates don’t get an in-store employee discount. “Home Depot employees don’t receive discounts,” ahead cashier, Toni Rose, wrote on Quora. “Instead, all employees that work an average of 20 hours a week are eligible for benefits like dental insurance.”

Q.7 Is there a limit on returns at Home Depot?

Call us for assistance at 1-800-430-3376. Most new, unopened merchandise sold by The Home Depot can be returned within 90 days of purchase unless noted in our Return Policy Exceptions Return Policy Exceptions.

Q.8 Why would Home Depot deny my return?

One of the common reasons why Home Depot returns get declined is because the items’ designated return-by date is overdue. Are certain exceptions to this rule. Items that you can return within 30 days of purchase include Furniture.

Q.9 Does Home Depot take used returns?

Unofficially, “Yes.” If you still have the original packaging and receipt, and still within 90 days, you can return most opened or used items. With used items, it often comes down to the amount of “wear & tear” the product shows and is typically handled on a case-by-case basis.

Q.10 Can I return a tool to Home Depot without the box?

To claim a return without the box at Home Depot, it is essential to return the power tool with all of the components it came with and have a valid receipt. Other than that, you may also require a photo ID to return power tools at Home Depot.


:small_blue_diamond:Home Depot offers a rebate of 11% for full-price items purchased at participating stores during the time of the promotion. This can help customers save money on their purchases at Home Depot.

:small_blue_diamond:Customers can claim their 11% rebate from Home Depot by submitting a form using their online rebate portal or by mailing it to Home Depot customer service. However, some customers have reported that their rebate claims have been rejected, which may be due to missing information or submission after 30 days of purchase.

:small_blue_diamond:You should contact Home Depot customer service to rectify the issue or understand the reason for your rebate rejection.

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