Definition of Legitimate:

  1. Legitimate or legalize it.

  2. Obey the rules or regulations.

  3. They may be accepted or recognized in accordance with actual, correct or established rules, customs, rules or standards of conduct. See also Legal and Legal.

Synonyms of Legitimate

Unfeigned, Dramatical, Condonable, Rightful, Realistic, True, Operatic, Sane, Naturalistic, Upright, Literal, Film, Overacted, True to nature, Legitimized, Stellar, Legit, Unqualified, De jure, Underplayed, Pure, Movie, Unconcocted, Fair, Exemptible, Statutory, Going by the rules, Legal, Logical, Well-founded, Actionable, Unimagined, Sure-enough, Allowable, Dispensable, Warrantable, Statutory, Licensed, Thrown away, Sensible, Ham, Unimitated, Acceptable, Underacted, Lawmaking, Unpretending, Authoritative, Unflattering, Starstruck, Honest, Sound, Unromantic, Sterling, Lawful, Consistent, Weighty, Unadulterated, Cogent, Honest-to-God, Constitutional, Venial, Vaudevillian, Certify, Justiciable, Verbal, Permissible, Unassuming, Honest, Following the letter, Just, Solid, Spectacular, Legitimatize, Unsynthetic, Cinematic, Well-grounded, Uncounterfeited, Card-carrying, Natural, Proper, Recognized, Validate, Applicable, Simple, Valid, Real, Verisimilar, Warrant, Reasonable, Stageworthy, Filmic, Unfanciful, Dinkum, Word-for-word, Stagy, Lawful, Unvarnished, Cinematographic, Binding, Self-consistent, Stagelike, Verbatim, Theaterlike, Wholesome, Expiable, Undisguised, Sanctioned, Legitimize, Scenic, Approved, Right, Monodramatic, Credible, Allowable, Actor-proof, Thespian, Sanction, Uncopied, Allowed, Unobjectionable, Unsimulated, Overplayed, Sufficient, Unfictitious, Undistorted, Undisguising, Permissible, Defensible, Histrionic, Juridical, Veridical, Unfeigning, Uninvented, Valid, Correct, Unexaggerated, Original, Legalize, Melodramatic, Within the law, Plausible, Inoffensive, Authorize, Bona fide, Unassumed, Vindicable, Authentic, Legal, Lifelike, True to life, Constitutional, Genuine, Above board, Substantial, Unaffected, Well-argued, Kosher, Permitted, Sanctionable, Dramatic, Sincere, True to reality, Admissible, Competent, Inartificial, Admissible, Within the law, Sanctioned, Balletic, Legalized, Excusable, Authorized, Legislative, Hammy, Ballet, By law, Judicial, Unfabricated, Rational, Licit, Pardonable, Simon-pure, Dramaturgic, Candid, Unpretended, Milked, Authorized, Good, Unspecious, Theatrical, Forgivable, Licit, Uncolored, All-star, Justifiable, Remissible

How to use Legitimate in a sentence?

  1. There is only one valid candidate in the election and the rest of the candidates were disqualified due to eligibility issues or irregularities in the election.
  2. Population support does not legitimize the government.
  3. When I told the policeman that I had not stopped reporting a car accident at the intersection because I felt I had seen him before, he admitted that it was a valid reason and I was not given a ticket.
  4. Your claim from a legitimate authority.
  5. When the company stops buying safety equipment for the job and whoever complains, his complaint to the management is justified.

Meaning of Legitimate & Legitimate Definition