Blue Acorn PPP Reviews

Blue Acorn PPP Reviews are that the firm is a well-known logistics provider that recently began integrating technology and financial knowledge to simplify the PPP application process for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and other small enterprises. Blue Acorn is an American firm that offers free assistance with PPP applications. However, many individuals believe that Blue Acorn PPP Loans is a fraud because of the many unfavorable reviews that can find online.

Blue Acorn PPP Reviews

What Is Blue Acorn?

In a nutshell, Blue Acorn is a service that facilitates obtaining PPP loans. Paycheck Protection Plan is what we use here. U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) suppliers guarantee PPP loans. Blue Acorn has a wide range of clients.

For Example

Organizations like the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the Arizona Commerce Authority, etc. The loan application processing and loan assistance services Blue Acorn provide are free.

Here are the main points about Blue Acorn.

About Blue Acorn Blue Acorn bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and seasoned financial professionals to serve the requirements of sole proprietors, contractors, freelancers, and gig workers.
Mission Small businesses get access to capital by coming up with simple, effective ways to handle money.
Vision Our task is to improve the world by facilitating the sensible financial management of small businesses, independent contractors, the self-employed, and gig workers.
Values We expect to see the proprietors’ children doing their schoolwork at the adjacent table after school and at the best shops at the greatest restaurants. We want to be remembered by name.

Instructions for Using Blue Acorn.

Blue Acorn is the only place to apply for a PPP loan. Learn more about Blue Acorn’s application process below.

Essential instructions about Blue Acorn are given in the table.

Numbers Instructions
1 Fire up your preferred web browser and go over to the Blue Acorn website.
2 Please log in using your user name and email address.
3 The next step is to respond to the organization’s inquiries.
4 Once you’ve done that, you’ll be prompted to submit any supporting paperwork.
5 Blue Acorn will apply to the bank for consideration.


The PPP application procedure may be daunting for small businesses, independent freelancers, and the self-employed. According to Blue Acorn PPP Reviews, the company combines technology and financial knowledge to make this process simpler. To apply for the PPP at Blue Acorn is free of charge. Due to its low trust ranking, many people believe that Blue Acorn PPP Loans is a scam.

Customer Reviews of Blue Acorn Ppp Loans

There is some praise and some criticism for Blue Acorn’s PPP loans. However, the larger quantity of negative reviews will drown out any favorable ones. But before we commit to working with Blue Acorn PPP Loans, let’s see what the client has to say.

Positive Reviews from Customers of Blue Acorn Ppp Loans

Says, John Treese

Despite widespread skepticism regarding PPP loan applications, one customer wrote, I gave blue acorn a shot and trusted them to help me, and I had a very good experience with anyone out there. It is not a scam. Have a great day hope this helped.

Says, Alesha

Although I had to wait a long for my loan to be authorized, I appreciate that it finally was. There was a problem with my application for forgiveness, but the Blue Acorn support staff was in continual contact with me and helped me figure it out. Blue Acorn, you are appreciated.

What Donald S. Says

Simplified as " as easy as 123," First, do what you’re told. Second, provide accurate information. Third, keep up with developments. Blue Acorn has quickly addressed the problem. Providing clear, straightforward explanations of complex issues while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism is running the Blue Acorn business.

As David Lyons Puts It

The process of collaboration with Blue Acorn was easy and fruitful. They were extremely prompt in answering my questions and following through on my loan application. Fantastic organization; I strongly suggest working with them.

Put, Tony Russell Claims

To paraphrase a customer review, Hi, I just wanted to say at first it was quite tough to collect my monies, but once I got out to you guys at Blue Acorn, you were very kind and understanding of my circumstance and aided me to the fullest your service was wonderful to me.

To Quote Darrell Lamb

After being given a plethora of lame explanations by Blue Acorn, The people at Blue Acorn are trying to cheat us out of money that is rightly ours. He seems to me like a tactic to delay sending the money, or even worse, to avoid sending it.

Tony Claims

Blue Acorn made it simple for me to get a forbearance loan for my company at a time of need. You’re welcome, Blue Acorn.

Says, Prince Rasheed

Thanks to the company’s streamlined application procedure and prompt funding, I could get my financial house in order quickly and easily. I hope to work with them again shortly for another loan.

As Pat Hayes Puts It

We’ve found that Blue Acorn’s customer service reps are the most responsive and attentive in the business. A reputable firm with which to conduct business.

Negative Reviews From Customer Of Blue Acorn PPP Loans

According to Emanuel Kirkland

I seek for a small business loan in April 2021 and was approved. We received SBA approval. I was assured they would deposit money into my account within a few days. I waited for months and then was turned down.

Says Blakberry La Rex

Gaiya, If there is a way for me to help with the case, please let me know. has had my money since April 8, and I still haven’t seen anything. They have all the evidence they need to verify that my little firm is authentic. How may I be of service?

According to Marcy Bruce

That’s a big fat zero on the star scale! Please include me in the lawsuit, Gaila. If I had gotten my loan from Blue Acorn as it claims I did according to the SBA, I might have avoided a tornado of troubles that have crippled my company and personal life.

Says the Sheik

It’s been at least three months since I last heard anything. I asked for a harmless letter to be written to my bank, but thus far, I’ve heard nothing. I keep checking back once a week, but there has been no new information. Extremely annoying and unjustifiable.

Observe Morgan Lamberth

What are the Small Business Administration and the Better Business Bureau saying about the scam perpetrated by a company called Blue Acorn, of which I am a victim? After this, what happens? What should I do?

In a Nutshell, What Cliff Brown Has to Say

I have been waiting for almost eight weeks for financing. However, I did get a revised application portal for debt forgiveness. I’ll be joining the lawsuit against this disgusting corporation (they don’t even deserve to be called a business) since I can’t get assistance to respond to tickets.

Says, Bryce Reid

I will discover your hiding places and torture you just like you tortured me. I can’t believe you’re out on the streets and not behind bars. It’s safe to say that you’re all con artists.

Says Blake Kirby, to Summarize

I applied for the loaf, and it says I was accepted, but I have not seen any deposit, and I relied on it. When I contacted the company, they provided an unsatisfactory explanation.

Says Ashley Baker

If you guys never provided me with my money, why am I accountable for paying it when the SBA advises me to apply for the PPP forgiveness program?

C. J. Switzer Suggests

No thanks, I won’t be back. Alternative funding sources for PPP loans are available, and I would suggest looking into them.


PPP loans from Blue Acorn have received mixed reviews. Mixed reactions have been voiced. We predict that negative comments will far outweigh good ones. How satisfied are clients of Blue Acorn PPP Loans?

Questions That Are Often Asked - FAQs

The following are the most important questions related to this topic.

1 - What Is a Blue Acorn?

To help small companies and sole owners get government pandemic relief via the Small business management’s payment shield Program, Blue Acorn was established in 2020. We were able to save several small businesses from going out of business as a result of the COVID-19 shutdowns.

2 - Is Blueacorn Forgivable?

They may be eligible for a PPP Forgiveness Loan. Possible to get. Checks are safeguarded by a program called the Paycheck Protection Plan. Most required it to maintain employment for more people.

3 - Could Blueacorn Be a Financial Institution?

No. To put it simply, we provide services to lenders. That’s right. We’ll assist you in filling out all the necessary paperwork for a loan and will work with a financial institution to get you approved for financing. It processed PPP loans via a network of CDFIS.

4 - Why Would an Individual Need a Lender Service Provider?

As a consequence of the outbreak, several persons became eligible to apply for PPP loans. However, preparing the necessary papers for a loan might be difficult. For this reason, we, as seasoned experts in both technology and finance, decided to launch Blueacorn.

5 - Can I Trust Blue Acorn?

Yes. Blue Acorn employs 256-bit Secure Encryption technology to keep your money and personal information safe and secure. We collaborated with SBA-approved lenders to help PPPs get emergency funding from the Small Business Administration and the Federal Reserve Bank.

6 - How do I Get My Blueacorn PPP Loan Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is not automatic; you must apply for it. Prestamos CDFI direct loan applicants should submit their applications using their Sparks accounts. After the BlueAcorn site for forgiving PPP loans opens in late July, those who originally registered for their PPP via BlueAcorn will submit their forgiveness requests there.

7 - How Do I Contact Blue Acorns by Phone?

  • Address: Suite 1452, 7014 E Camelback Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 (USA).

  • You may reach us at (888) 687-2037.

  • There’s a blue acorn. Co.

8 - Could Ppp Finally Be Coming to an End?

Funding for the first PPP round began on April 3, 2020, and ended on April 16, 2020, because of a lack of available resources. August of 2020 saw the start and end of the second round. The consolidated appropriations Act, 2020 (CAA) was signed into law by President Xi Jinping on December 21, 2020, and it includes funding increases for the PPP.

9 - Does SBA approve Blueacorn?

Your payment information and personal data are kept safe and private by blue corn using 256-bit secure encryption technology, which ensures complete security. In order to enable PPP loans from the SBA and the federal reserve directly during the epidemic, we teamed up with approved SBA lenders. The table contains all the information you need to know about blue Acorn.

10 - What Does Blueacorn Require for Ppp?

If you own more than 20% of the company, you must provide a driver’s license for each owner. 2019 and 2020 Bank Statements. When did you officially establish your company with the government?

11 - Are Blueacorn and Ppp the Same Thing?

In April 2020, Blue Acorn was established to further the original mission of PPP by providing small businesses, independent contractors, and self-employed workers in the United States with easier access to loan relief. Our traditional banking system often overlooked these groups and could not seek relief without them.

12 - Is Blueacorn Accepting Forgiveness Applications?

If you got a PPP loan with Blueacorn, you might now ask for forgiveness using our online system. You’ll need your SBA Loan number and Social Security number Employer Identification Number to set up a new account. You may accomplish it in less than 5 minutes and use whatever device you choose.

13 - Is There Another Ppp Loan Coming in 2022?

It seems that by 2022, the COVID-19 alleviation SBA initiatives will have ended. The COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program will conclude on December 31, 2021, while the Payment Protection Program (PPP) will cease on May 31, 2021.

14 - How Do I Get a Second Draw Ppp Bluevine?

Application for debt forgiveness in the Second Draw is now closed on BlueVine. If your second draw loan is less than $150,000, you may apply for it directly with the SBA. Please submit your application through the SBA’s online portal as soon as possible.

15 - How Do I Pay Myself with Ppp?

An owner compensation share or proprietor expenses is essentially a way to compensate oneself. It is meant to make up for the money you lost in the company. Using a covered period of at least 11 weeks is required to get the total owner compensation share.


After reading the previous comments, you should have a good grasp that Blue Acorn is a legitimate business, but one whose actions or support for PPP loans have earned it a reputation for suspicion. Many customers are unhappy with Blue Acorn’s handling of their PPP loans. Many users who signed up for Blue Acorn didn’t notice any changes or updates to the application process after signing up.

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