Definition of Sabotage:

  1. The act of sabotaging something.

  2. Destruction, loss or intentional obstruction (of something) especially for political or military gain.

  3. Deliberately disrupting activity or intentionally damaging another person's property.

Synonyms of Sabotage

Downfall, Incapacitate, Checkmate, Fall, Impairment, Confound, Queer, Destruction, Spoil, Unfit, Foil, Detriment, Dash, Overthrow, Confront, Spike, Knock the chocks, Countermand, Encroachment, Vandalize, Treason, Queer the works, Wrecking, Block, Crippling, Discomfit, Contravene, Harm, Crippling, Dish, Counteract, Flummox, Upheaval, Stump, Hobbling, Breakage, Hinder, Hamper, Obstruct, Inactivate, Challenge, Lame, Subversion, Hamstring, Put, Wing, Prostration, Upset, Incapacitation, Disrupt, Thwart, Convulsion, Wrecking, Subvert, Cross, Baffle, Infringement, Scathe, Bugger, Kibosh, Dilapidation, Subversiveness, Weaken, Disconcert, Destroy, Ruinousness, Loss, Hors de combat, Deliberate damage, Breakdown, Obstruct, Defeat, Perplex, Counter, Collapse, Obstruction, Sap, Balk, Elude, Wreck, Deliberately damage, Discountenance, Cripple, Blast, Incapacitation, Inroad, Mine, Bankruptcy, Impairment, Undermine, Weakening, Sickening, Injury, Undermining, Debilitate, Cripple, Treachery, Maiming, Mayhem, Vandalism, Disenable, Bouleversement, Circumvent, Spoiling, Honeycomb, Ruination, De-energize, Incapacitate, Disrupt, Disrepair, Damage, Impair, Drain, Maim, Disablement, Hurting, Wreck, Disruption, Brave, Destruction, Nonplus, Hurt, Disable, Destroy, Overturn, Enfeeble, Break up, Wreckage, Scotch, Frustrate, Crack-up, Defy, Stonewall, Counterwork, Ruin, Mischief, Mutilation

How to use Sabotage in a sentence?

  1. Coordinated sabotage campaign.
  2. South Africa's transmission lines have been damaged by insurgents.

Meaning of Sabotage & Sabotage Definition


Sabotage Meanings:

  • Sabotage means: Deliberately damaged or damaged property, tools or machines to affect production. Block something so it doesn't fail.

Meanings of Sabotage

  1. Deliberately destroying, harming or obstructing (something) especially for political or military gain

Sentences of Sabotage

  1. South Africa's transmission lines were destroyed by insurgents

  2. Integrated sabotage campaign