Alfacash Exchange

If you have been searching for the Alfacashier but instead get reviews on the Alfacash exchange, then there is nothing to be worried about. There is a small up-gradation in the name. Otherwise, the services you are expecting are the same, with rich quality. Unlike other established exchanges, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, Gemini, Coinbase, and others, this cryptocurrency exchange is the new one to explore.

How To Use Crypto Trading Platform For Beginners?

Well, those who seem to be beginners to crypto trading will find this exchange much more beneficial for them. But to convince you to bet on it, I should brief you about this cryptocurrency exchange utility as well as its pros and cons. After that, you will be able to decide whether this exchange suits you best or not. So let us begin our exploration of the Alfacash exchange.

There is much to the fact that the crypto industry has experienced a bull phase in the current scenario, with top-notch digital currencies reaching their best highs. But it seems some new players are entering the scene. The rise in the number of Alfacash reviews by users online is an example to mention.

New financial innovation technology

Even though cryptocurrency has emerged as a new financial innovation technology in the economic world, still, it is not far away from the number of incidents of hacking and other fraudulent activities. This indeed makes people think about whether the new exchange, Alfacash, is safe to bet upon. Or, in other words, is it legal?

About Alfacash Exchange

It has been around nine years since the Alfacash exchange came into existence. It claims to be a legit exchange proceeding with million of orders and a rising number of users. Decentralization is one such common concept in the crypto world that is being discussed almost.

This means the complete absence of the terms and rules of any central authority. There have been custodial exchanges. But Alfacash exchange does not fall into this category. It is a non-custodial exchange. So is it indicating the fact that we have to take the onus of security by ourselves?

So what does it indicate, actually? As you can see, custodial exchanges perform the role of escrows between two trading groups. If you are searching for the top security while referring to the Alfacash exchange for trading purposes, then you are supposed to have your digital wallet.

This seems better. Ask any crypto expert, and he will guide you to choose the wallets that guarantee safety. By doing that, you will experience hassle-free and joyful trading.

Crypto Availability

Now it is obvious that when you refer to a cryptocurrency exchange, you will naturally be eager to know about how many cryptocurrencies it deals with. Well, in the case of the Alfacash exchange, it does not comprise a very long list of different varieties of digital currencies. Still, it does have a figure of twenty-eight, including the major ones like BTC, ETH, LTC, and others, which is not so bad.

Accepts Plastic Money

Another user-friendly feature of this exchange that would benefit most beginners is the acceptance of plastic money. If you want to purchase any crypto coin, then you have the payment option of credit cards or debit cards or can even transfer to your bank account. Such kind of feature on any crypto exchange will indeed drag the user traffic in purchasing and trading digital currencies. Alfacash does fall into this category.

Automated Exchange

This is something that you will find very rarely in the user review of the Alfacash exchange. This is something that will make you convinced to try this crypto trading platform, and it is all because of its completely automated technique feature that makes your trading experience stress-free. You won’t find any manual functioning in its process.

Like other features, speed is also one of the important features to point out. Any exchange that gives instant results will win the heart of a novice trader and experienced course. You can save time, as there is no human intervention to accept the request or even reject it.

Not Available For U.S Citizens

One of the major downsides of this exchange is it is not accessible to the citizens who are living in the United States. The other big disadvantage is higher fees.


So this was the review of the Alfacash exchange. In this article, I have let you know about this cryptocurrency exchange starting with the introduction. But the more I felt to convince you about this exchange is its features, especially the automated one. This means it will give you instant results and won’t take up much of your valuable time.

Another major benefit of this exchange is its acceptance of plastic money (credit cards and debit cards).