Scenario Analysis

Scenario Analysis,

How Do You Define Scenario Analysis?

Scenario analysis estimates the expected value of a portfolio from time to time, assuming some changes in the price of portfolio securities or a change in key factors such as interest rates. Scenario analysis is widely used to estimate the change in portfolio value in response to negative events and can be used to examine scenarios of the worst case scenario.

Literal Meanings of Scenario Analysis


Meanings of Scenario:
  1. A written sketch of a movie, novel, or game with details of plot and individual scenes

Sentences of Scenario
  1. Imagine a four-story scenario

Synonyms of Scenario

layout, outline, plot, plan, storyline, structure, framework, scheme


Meanings of Analysis:
  1. An in-depth study of the element or structure of an object.

  2. This means psychological analysis

Sentences of Analysis
  1. Statistical analysis

Synonyms of Analysis

survey, examination, scanning, inspection, scrutiny, perusal, investigation, study