9 SMM Strategy Mistakes Companies are Still Making

About 53% of Russians can’t imagine life without social networks. They spend several hours a day there, scrolling through photos and updating their feed every minute. Why don’t companies manage to attract the attention of this target group and visit us at Nomads Tech Digital marketing services in Lahore?

SMM Strategy Mistakes

Advertising on social networks or SMM is a way to sell goods and services where people spend their time: Vkontakte, Instagram, Twitter, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, etc. Thanks to these channels, a brand can quickly disseminate information about itself and its products, communicate with consumers, etc.

Promoting business on social media helps to increase sales and make you popular. But only if you must not make the 9 MMS strategy mistakes we have described in this article and come to Digital marketing services in Lahore.

1. Decoupling SMM strategy from the company’s overall marketing strategy

Many companies run a complex promotion of their business on social networks without setting a clear and understandable marketing goal. They see a platform where they can communicate with their target audience, and they focus all their attention on this channel. Such MMS is based on the traffic statistics of their group, the number of similar actions, and articles. But do “likes” and “rests” really increase sales and contribute to the growth of your business?

The company’s MDM strategy must first be linked to the company’s main goals. Otherwise, you won’t be able to calculate the return on investment of social media activities. If your brand shows up on social media just because it’s “easy,” you won’t benefit. The MMS strategy must be integrated into the brand’s overall marketing strategy and align with the brand’s overall advertising campaign goals and come to Digital marketing services in Lahore.

For more information on how to set goals for different advertising channels, see our article “5 Steps to Creating an Effective Integrated Internet Marketing Strategy.”

In general, companies need SMM strategies to :

  1. Brand awareness

  2. Traffic to the site

  3. New prospects

  4. Sales or subscriptions

  5. Customer engagement

  6. A community of loyal customers around the brand

  7. Brand mentions in the media

  8. Customer feedback.

Each social network must be developed according to a specific strategy and with the calculation of performance indicators linked to the main objectives of the company.

2. The implementation of the SMM strategy is carried out by a non-professional person

You should not entrust someone to manage your brand accounts and communities because they know something about social networks or have read something about MSG. Not only should you have a presence on social networks, but you should also present yourself properly.

Some companies rely on a freelancer for complex social media promotion. It’s a lottery: there are honest and good specialists, and there are those who, having taken a lot of money, do a bad job. Or don’t do it at all, blacklist the client and stop responding to messages. If you work with a digital agency, this behavior is impossible, and visits our Digital marketing services in Lahore.

Social media management requires a complete marketing understanding of your services and products, your business, your editorial strategy. Only an SMM manager will create a competent content plan with promotional and engaging content, set up a posting schedule, find access to the audience, create activity and communication with subscribers on social networks, etc.

The ideal option is that you, as the owner and leading expert in your company, constantly discuss publication topics, product benefits, and promotion strategies with the SMM manager, and the SMM manager implements a strategy on social networks based on your information.

3. Limit your SMM strategy to one social network

Successfully integrated the promotion of business on social media is multi-channel. If you are present only on VKontakte, you will lose an audience that prefers Instagram, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, and Twitter. Some brands even create video content for YouTube and broadcast it live on Periscope and come to Digital marketing services in Lahore.

Don’t forget the promising direction of channels in Telegram - in 2017, the active Messenger audience reached 6 million people. The more you reach on social media, the more people will become aware of your brand.

4. Post the same thing on all social networks

Another common mistake is to publish the same thing on all social networks. First of all, each page is adapted to its audience and its format. Instagram displays beautiful photos with short and detailed captions. Twitter is a laconic information format, Facebook on the other hand likes posts with analysis where there is something to read. VKontakte is universal and visit us at Nomad’s Tech for Digital marketing services in Lahore.

Secondly, the complete duplication of content is felt like an imposition, and it is off-putting. Even if you want to convey the same message to your audience on all channels, do it in different ways. Read how Philips congratulated women on three social media platforms on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

5. Use social media for marketing purposes only

Social media is a powerful tool that companies need to do more than just sell. For example, social media can help your recruiters find employees by posting a job offer.

Analysts and marketers can use the social network as a platform for search and audience segmentation. Already have subscribers? Great, study their profiles: what groups and audiences they follow, what interests them, what other products they buy. This is valuable information that can help you offer your audience content and products that meet their needs. If you have an active audience, create a survey based on their recommendations and preferences.

6. Boring content

Social media promotion is the constant creation of interesting content. Jobs must be attractive, i.e. they must motivate users to communicate with the brand and with each other. Liking, replaying, and commenting is not an end in themselves, but without them, the company’s social networks seem orphaned and join Nomad’s Tech for Digital marketing services in Lahore.

To encourage subscribers to share your content and new users to join groups, look for interesting topics for your posts. When creating a content plan, include the following.

● A short text on a topic you are an expert on.

● Discussion of current topics and issues facing consumers

● Photo and video content

● Product knowledge quiz and other games that give subscribers participation bonuses

● Videos and photos from events, conferences, and meetings

● News about awards or congratulations from customers

● Historical facts related to your field of activity, etc.

It is also necessary to vary the formats of the content. Only articles or images are monotonous. To break it down, combine photos, videos, texts, gifs, online shows, etc.

7. Too much advertising

If your social media is full of ads for a company or product, no one will follow you. Would you be interested in communicating with someone who only talks about himself? That’s why the style of presentation of documents on social networks shifts the emphasis from “us” to “you”, the consumer.

The learning content is the material that teaches you how to use your product correctly. The brand is the content that builds customer loyalty. Surveys, motivation to leave criticism, and comments are elements that generate interest. And advertising is about encouraging consumers to buy.

The content that the company publishes on social networks should not be spam but should be relevant and interesting to users. Only then will they read it and give a positive opinion about the brand.

8. Do not communicate with subscribers

Questions that subscribers leave in comments and discussions should not go unanswered. They should also be answered as quickly as possible. Social networks are so-called because they are primarily created for communication and join Digital marketing services in Lahore.

By communicating with people who have taken an interest in the brand, you can obtain information about their attitude towards the company and the product, their dissatisfaction, positive criticism, and problems. Only by communicating directly with your consumers will you understand how to improve your product or service. If users are not already active on social media, you need to create a group. Regularly post to the group.