Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working?

Sometimes while refreshing the email lists, you may receive a “Cannot get mail, the mail server is not responding error” message.

Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working?

AOL Mail may not respond to the servers due to the following reasons,

Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working?

  • Wrong email ID or password.

  • Internet connectivity or settings issues may cause this error.

  • Technical issues in the servers.

  • Overloading of the web browser.

You must follow the steps mentioned above to resolve this technical glitch while working on AOL through your iPhone or other devices.

Firstly, make sure you enter the correct password and email ID.

AOL may not respond to the servers due to the heavy load of incoming and outgoing emails. You need to restore your AOL account settings to eliminate this issue. You can uninstall and install your account for settings to recover as default.

Follow these steps to redo the settings and resolve this issue.

  1. Go to the Settings menu on your mobile phone device.

  2. Now click the Accounts and Password option from the settings menu.

  3. From the list of email accounts, click on the one that does not respond to the email ID.

  4. Now click on the email ID and delete it using the red button.

  5. Next, return to the main menu after deleting the account.

  6. Wait for a while and let the new setting synchronize.

  7. Now go to the settings option again and open the Action and Password section.

  8. Next, click on the Add Account option from the Action and Password section.

  9. Select the AOL account option from the list of email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

  10. Select the AOL account, log in with your email ID and password.

  11. Enter the required details and complete this procedure.

AOL Login Help

Despite following all troubleshooting guidelines for AOL accounts, there are chances that lots of users face issues, e.g. recover AOL password or others will resolve through any possible solutions mentioned in this guide.

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If this problem or any other issues related to login, password recovery, and email receiving persist then, you always possess the choice to contact AOL customer services for assistance from the site help.aol. com.
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