VZWPIX Email Verizon Wireless customers can use the Verizon Pix Place service previously called VZW Pix service, to transfer photos from their cell phones to the Internet through a visual message. The service also allows users to send emails via their phones, so it includes the sender’s number. It is also called Verizon picture and video messaging which is a feature that allows you to take pictures or record 30-second videos on your device and send it to other email addresses or compatible devices.

Once a photo has been uploaded to the website named Pix Place, they can easily view it and download it to their computer or another device. The Pix Place service is free for Verizon users, but uploading images might result in charges depending on your text messaging plan.

Send picture/video message via email:

:small_blue_diamond: From the To…… Field, enter the 10-digit cell number@ vzwpix.com.
:small_blue_diamond: Enter a subject and text if needed.
:small_blue_diamond: Attach the picture to the email by using the process within the email app.
:small_blue_diamond: Click the option Send.

Remove VZWPIX email virus:

Vzwpix email virus represents many different types of malware and can attack, once a malicious attachment in the phishing/hacker email is opened. End the infection and then fix virus damage with a repair tool. Vzwpix email virus is a strategy used by malicious actors to make user install malware on their device.

In most of the cases, users receive a message from an email address, which consists of a spoofed ten-digit mobile number followed up by @vztext.com. At first, users might believe that the email consists of a picture attachment due to its name (for example, 8400587425Img_Picture), although in reality, it is a Zip file with an obfuscated executable (exe) format.

Once clicked, the Vzwpix email virus can infect the machine instantly, as executables run a set of commands on the computer instantly. There are myriad of various malware that could be extracted depending on what the attackers compiled in the background. For this reason, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with Vzwpix email scam not to infect your machine with malicious programs.

Since users assume that the attachment is a picture, they double-click the file, which results in malicious code ■■■■■■■■■ – it contacts a remote server to download the final payload, and it can be almost anything.

As a result, users may suffer from the below mentioned following damaging activities:

:heavy_check_mark: Financial losses due to banking malware/fraud.

:heavy_check_mark: Permanent loss of pictures, documents, videos and other data on the machine due to ransomware infection

:heavy_check_mark: Personal details compromise (social security number, credit card information, etc.)

:heavy_check_mark: Incorporation into a botnet (the infected machine begins to send spam automatically)

:heavy_check_mark: Infiltration of other malware bug, virus, etc.

Thus, to verify whether the Vzwpix email is not a scam, you should check the provided phone number – it should be from somebody who is familiar to you, and the body of the email should make sense. If you have any suspicion, you should never open the attachments pinned to the email – or at least scan them with respected anti-malware software/online service like Virus Total.

If you were unlucky and got yourself infected with malware, Vzwpix email virus removal should be carried out without any delays, as the previously-mentioned consequences of malware infection could be destructive to any computer user.

To remove Vzwpix email virus safely, download and install well-built anti-malware software and perform a full system scan. For it, you might also need to access Safe Mode with Networking. Finally, if you experience any side-effects after the virus removal, we suggest fixing the machine with the help of repair tools like “reimage”.

Learn to recognize phishing/fraud emails to avoid malware infections:

Spam email attachments are one of the main causes for consumer and corporate infections of malware. The method is comparatively old and yet remains one of the main attack vectors for cybercriminals. According to calculations, almost 90% of all malware is delivered accurately via spam emails whether it would be malicious attachments or hyperlinks. The payload may be various, although most commonly, banking bugs like Zues, Trickbot, and Emotet are delivered to unsuspecting victims.

Therefore, it is necessary to be focused when dealing with emails on a daily basis, especially if you are a corporate employee. Opening an attachment will not be viewable for the victim, although malware can get into the host machine and then could be transferred into other computers connected to the same networks, gathering valuable credentials and breaking in the company’s systems.

Note that email spoofing is a very common trick used in these phishing emails. In most cases, users will see an original email address, regardless of it being fake, and they might also see a frequently used company name or the name of the CEO/company managers.

Thus, even if the email looks legal but includes an attachment, it is best to check it with anti-malware software or online tools such as Virus Total. Furthermore, before clicking on links, hover your mouse over it to see the actual target URL in the bottom-left corner of the window (or on top of it, depending upon the app).

What is VZWPIX ?

VZWIPX is an Verizon email services which allow Verizon users to directly send emails from their cellphone message application. Usually we may say to our friends after clicking pictures “Hey, send me your pics /pix”. Pix word originated from the picture. Each picture comprise of thousands of pixel.

How to use VZWPIX:

:heavy_check_mark: Step 1

Open the photo on your Verizon Wireless mobile phone that you want to upload to VZW Pix.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 2

Choose the option “Send to Online Album” option and then wait for the image to be uploaded to the VZW Pix site.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 3

Open any standard Website browser on your PC or Mac computer.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 4

Navigate to the Verizon Multimedia Messaging Web page.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 5

Click on the “Sign In” button in the top-right corner of the window and log on to the site using your cell number or username. If you do not already have an account on VZW, you can create one by clicking on the “Register Online” link.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 6

Click on the “My Media” tab at the top right of the window to view your uploaded photos.

How to Transfer a Text Message Photo from a Phone to a Computer

The demand and ease of camera phone technology has made sharing snapshots of everyday life and capturing once-in-a-lifetime events as simple as sending a text message. Picture messages can be conserved by transferring them to a computer. They won’t be lost in case of theft or phone damage, moving them frees up valuable phone storage and they will be less susceptible to accidental deletion. Moreover, they will be more easily recovered in case of such an occurrence.


:heavy_check_mark: Step 1

Open the photo message you would like to transfer and select the option “Forward” from the option menu. Some phones may also include a “Forward to Email” option if so, select this.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 2

Enter your current email address in the recipient field and send the message.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 3

Log into your email account and then locate the forwarded photo message. It may take several minutes, or sometimes longer, for the email to arrive or appear in your inbox.

:heavy_check_mark: Step 4

Click on the download link to save the photo to your pc. If there is no download link, right click on the image and select the option “Save Image As” to rename the file and save it to your desktop or a designated folder.

Summary: If I conclude this Article in some lines, it would be that VZWPIX is an authorized Multimedia messaging service that was introduced by Verizon which is U.S based. The service allows users to send emails through their phones, so it includes the sender’s number. Although some people also think that is a scam.

Absolutely, it’s not a scam but some people who are using it are scammers. And they are ruining the reputation by making it a scam website which is not good at all for the service including the Verizon Company. These scammers do fraud by asking for people’s Bank account information to steal their money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions related to VZWPIX email services

Is VZWPIX a virus?

Vzwpix email virus is malware/spyware that can infect the host after clicking on a fake Verizon message.

Is VZWPIX a safe site?

Vzwpix is a well-known multimedia company developed by Verizon. It is a safe site, but it may also include many scammers in it.

What is the difference between vText and Vzwpix?

A message from vtext is seen as a regular or typical text message. A message from vzwpix is seen as a multimedia message (MMS). As the message is being sent by your iPhone it is being recognized as a MMS which is the reason why message is being sent as vzwpix.

How do I access old VZWPIX?

Please visit Pix Place account at www.vzwpix.com within the next 6 days your albums and messages will be deleted. Your Pix Place account has been unused for 180 days. All messages and albums in your account have been deleted.


VZWPIX email allow you to directly send email to anyone from Verizon mobile text message. This is really a great application as it saves lot of your time and its easy to use as well.

In some cases people get unknown messages from someone this is due to the reason that there mobile number is safe with someone else under the wrong contact name. So whenever someone send email form their text it goes to a wrong person.

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Verizon email attachments

Send image/video messages using email

:white_check_mark: In the To field, enter your 10-digit mobile number @ vzwpix.com.

:white_check_mark: Enter the subject and text as required.

:white_check_mark: Use the process in the email app to attach a photo to an email.

:white_check_mark: Click Submit.

Verizon wireless malware

Digital Secure scans your Android device and minimizes your risk of downloading malicious and infected apps. Digital Secure helps protect your device against Viruses.

Verizon text format

Here’s another way to send a text message from your computer to another Verizon Wireless customer: Compose a new email, use the recipient’s mobile number as the email address, and add “@ vtext”. Finally “com”. For example, if your phone number is 555-123-4567, enter 5551234567@vtext.com.

Free vzw msg text

Sign in to My Verizon from your web browser.

:point_right: From the My Verizon home screen, go to Welcome> Text Online.
Online text

If so, review the terms of use and click I Agree to continue.

:point_right: Tap the Compose new message icon.

:point_right: In the Enter Contact or Phone Number field, enter up to 10 mobile phone numbers and/or contacts.

You can enter a number or contact to view matching contacts and select them at any time.

If you want to send the message to multiple people, select the Reply-To option.
Group: Allows phone recipients who support group messaging to reply to anyone who receives the same message.

MMS: Allows recipients to reply to people who receive the same message.

Just Me: Prohibits recipients from replying to people who receive the same message.

Enter your message in the Enter Message or Delete Attachment field.
If necessary, do one of the following:

Add photos/music

Click the paper clip icon.

Navigate to and select the desired file on your computer and click Open.

Add position

Click the Location icon.

Note When prompted, tap Allow to allow web.vma.vzw.com access to your location.

After entering the location (address, company name, etc.)

Click the displayed option.

Click Insert (bottom right).

Add emoji

Click the emoji icon.

Click on the desired emoji.

Click Submit (bottom right).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: Is Vzwpix com a virus?

The Vzwpix email virus is a versatile Trojan horse tool used by scammers to trick unprotected users into installing malware on their devices. Users typically receive emails or messages from unknown email addresses that contain a spoofed 10-digit phone number and end with @ vztext.com.


VZWPIX email allow you to directly send email to anyone from Verizon mobile text message. This is really a great application as it saves lot of your time and it’s easy to use as well.

In some cases people get unknown messages from someone this is due to the reason that their mobile number is safe with someone else under the wrong contact name. So whenever someone sends an