Rebecca Curci (aka Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom) is an American ex-wrestler and trained dancer who worked as a Nitro Girl, by the name “Whisper” in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). Despite her fame working in TV shows like WCW Monday Nitro (1995) and The Shawn Michaels Story: Heartbreak and Triumph (2007); she gained the highest of her fame by becoming marrying an all-known wrestler Shawn Michaels (aka Michael Shawn Hickenbottom).


Biography of Rebecca Curci

Full Name Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom
Known Name Rebecca Curci
Age (2022) 46 years
Ring name Nitro Girl – Whisper
Height 5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Weight 110 lb (50 kg)
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Born June 16, 1975
Zodiac sign Gemini
Birth Place Tampa, Florida, USA
Profession Actress, Model, Ballet Dancer
Nationality American
Resides San Antonio, Texas, USA
Ethnicity Mixed
Religion Christianity
Trainer Diamond Doll
Dance Debut July 17, 1998
Retired 1999
Married 31 March 1999- present
Husband Shawn Michaels (1999-present)
Children Cameron Kade Hickenbottom,Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom
Net Worth Over 2.3 Million

Early childhood and Education

She grew up as a devout Southern ■■■■■■■ and graduated from South San Antonio High School.

  • Rebecca Curci-Michaels was born on 16 June 1973 in Tampa, Florida, USA. Curci was raised as a Southern ■■■■■■■. She holds an American nationality. She belongs to the white ethnicity.
  • As per Rebecca’s education, she is a graduate of the South San Antonio High School. Her college and university information is not known.

Relationships Of Rebecca

Shawn and Rebecca’s relationship saw a short dating period as they married shortly after being public about their relationship. It first started with a glance on national television, where Rebecca’s show “Nitro Girls” was aired regularly.

Rumours are that Shawn Michaels first saw her “the one” dancing on TV and instantly fell in love with her. In his book “Heartbreak & Triumph” Michaels describes Rebecca as the most beautiful and flattering woman he had ever seen. Since then, Shawn became a regular viewer of the show and would always tune in to watch Rebecca. Shawn discussed his love at first sight feelings with his best friend Rich Minzer who, soon after, introduced him to Curci.

The couple announced formally dating right after their first meeting and weeks later they got married in an intimate Christian ceremony. The couple tied the knot on March 31, 1999, in Les Vegas’s Graceland Wedding Chapel.

Professional Career

Like her husband, Curci has s a close bond with the wrestling world as well. She has been working as a professional dancer for the Nitro Girls, under the stage name of “Whisper” where she performed live for crowds during television breaks. Debuting in 1998 July, Rebecca did not carry her dance career for long and left Nitro Girls in 1999 after marrying ex-wrestler, Shawn Michaels.

Although Rebecca left her dance group within a year, she did continue to make television appearances as an actor and has been seen in annual events of World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

Rebecca Curci’s movies include:

  1. The Shawn Michaels Story: Heartbreak and Triumph (Released – 2007);

  2. Wrestle Mania 22 (Released – 2006);

  3. WWE No Way Out (Released – 2009).

Rebecca Curci’s Net worth

The net worth of Rebecca Curci has been a hot topic for ages within wrestling fans. Despite her currently being a housewife and owning to no enterprise herself, Rebecca is said to have a fortune from her ex-dancer career and shares money of her famous husband’s $17 Million net worth.

Shawn is known to have a $200,000 salary yearly and earns through brand endorsements and public television, and guest appearances. Currently, Rebeca’s net worth is known to be more than $1.7 Million.

Rebecca Curci’s Husband

Rebecca Curci came into fame mainly after getting married to American ex-wrestler Shawn Michaels, commonly known as “Mr. Wrestle Mania” in WWE world.

Rebecca is Michaels’s second wife. He was previously married to Theresa Lynn Wood. The marriage lasted for 6 years(1988-1994) and ended for undefined reasons.

Rebecca becoming WWE headlines for getting punched by Chris Jericho

  • Wrestler wives either stay out of the ring matter or are too aggressively involved with the husband’s bickering. Rebecca Curci made the headlines for different reasons, when Chris Jericho unintentionally punched her, she acted as the conflict-resolver rather than flaring it up.

  • 2008 brought a major feud of the wrestling world when Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels had a disagreement over Michaels’s feigning a knee injury, caused during his match with Batista.

  • The conflict rose to a level where Jericho and Michaels came face to face in the ring as Rebecca was accompanying her husband. A heated dialogue was exchanged between the two rivals at the end of which Shawn stated:

“I want you to do me a favour…I want you to go home sit your wife down, your kids down..look them in the eye and tell them that daddy will never, ever be Shawn Michaels

  • As Shawn turned to leave, Chris came forward to punch him, to which Shawn ducked, unwillingly bringing Rebecca into the frame. Rebecca was hurt pretty bad and got a bruised lip.

  • Later, the two men had another heated conversation backstage that could have gone bad quickly, however, Rebecca handled the situation efficiently and resolved the matter between the two by adding humour to the punch.

  • It is reported that Chris publically apologized for the punch and called Shawn several times in the later weeks to resolve the matter. He also sent flowers to Rebecca in the certainty that it all happened in the heat of the moment and was never meant to heart her. To this, the wrestler-Mania master shook hands with Chris Jericho clearing the air between them.


In 2008, Rebecca Curci made it to the WWE news for getting punched in the face by ex-wrestler Chris Jericho. When accidentally hit in the ring by Chris, Rebecca handled the situation well. She acted like a sensible wife and cut-off heat from Chris Jericho and Sahwn’s dispute.

Where are they now?

After the 2000s, both Rebecca and Shawn took their retirement and lived a peaceful life with their two kids (Son – Cameron Kade Hickenbottom and Daughter – Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom).

The couple now owns a house in San Antonio and is living a luxurious life on their savings and career earnings. After retirement, Shawn bought a Ranch, which is not known to be commercialized.

Two decades later, their marriage is still going strong and we wish them the very best for their future endeavours!

Fun Facts About Rebecca Curci

  1. Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom is enlisted as the highest-paid and most popular dancer of America.
  2. As of 2022, Rebecca Curci’s net worth is more than $1.7 Million.
  3. Rebecca Curci has a High school educationan did not pursue college.
  4. Rebecca Curci is born and raised in San Antonio and currently resides
  5. She has two children. A son name Cameron Cade Hickenbottom was born on January 5, 2000; and a daughter named Cheyenne Michelle Hickenbottom was born on August 19th, 2004.
  6. Rebecca Curci is married to WWF wrestler Michael Hickenbottom who is best known as Shawn Michaels.
  7. Rebecca Curci’s full name is Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom


Rebecca Curci started her career in the wrestling world as a Notro girl and got known as Whisper. She was the only one to dance for live audiences and got on television. This was only lucky moment for her, little did she knew, this television shoot will bring her to her dream man - Shawn Michaels- The Wrestle Mania. As soon as he saw her dancing on tv, he lost his heart to her. Fame got to Rebecca when she got married to Shawn and people started talking more about her. Rebecca got in news again because of a fight with Chris Jericho, who accidently punched her. The matter got resolved later and Rebecca prove to be a sensible wrestler wife. Currently living with her two kids, in a Ranch , the couple are still going strong after two decades and we wish them long healthy life ahead.


1. Who is Shawn Michaels’s wife?
Ex-wrestler mania Shawn Michaels (aka - Shawn HIckerbottom) has been married twice. His first wife was Theresa Lynn Wood. Shawn and Theresa stayed in the relationship for 6 years (1994-1998). Sawn is currently married to ex-Nitro girl Rebecca Curci.

2. How old is Rebecca?
Rebecca Curci Hickenbottom is currently 48 years old (updated in 2022). She was born on 16 June 1975 in Tampa, Florida, in a practicing Christian family.

3. Does Shawn Michaels have a son?
Yes, Shawm Michaels has a son who is elder to a daughter. Cameron Kade Hickenbottom was born on January 15, 2000 (age 22 years).

4. Did Chris Jericho hit Shawn Michaels’s wife?
Chris Jericho had a long-term conflict with Rebecca Curci’s husband and wrestle mania Shawn Michaels, where he insisted Shawn shall not retire. He wanted Shawn to admit falsely that he is retiring in fear of Chris. To this heated conversation, Chris reached over to punch Shawn, to which Shawn ducked and Chris accidentally hit Rebecca.

5. Is Shawn Michaels still married to his first wife?
Shawn married Rebecca in 1999 and their marriage is still going strong after 20 years. They have two children (one son and a daughter) from the marriage.

6. Where did Shawn Michaels meet his wife?
Shawn fell in love with Rebecca the moment he saw her first dancing on TV. Later he got introduced to her through his best friend Rich Minzer, who went to the same gym as Rebecca.
Later, Rebecca and Shawn got married in Las Vegas.

7. When did Shawn Michaela and Rebecca Curci marry?
Shawn Michaels and Rebecca Curci got married weeks after dating on 31st March 1999 in Las Vegas. They married in Graceland Wedding Chapel.

8. Is Rebbeca Christian?
Rebecca Curci practices religion and was married in a Chapel as well. She was born to an ethnically mixed-race family and was baptized.

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