Where is area code 866

The 866 territory code isn’t attached to any urban areas, since it’s a complementary region code.
Zone codes
Complementary zone codes are essential for the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) in the U.S., Canada, and most Caribbean countries. There are presently seven complementary territory codes dynamic right now. They are:

  • 800

  • 844

  • 855

  • 866

  • 877

  • 888

  • 833

In the last part of the 60s complementary codes were acquainted with permit clients of public and global companies to call them without paying significant distance charges.


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Be careful with 876!

The complementary code 866 is genuine, yet 876 is the territory code of Jamaica. Telephone tricks are a major issue on this island country and you may end up getting a call from a 1–876 number and barely care about it.

The Jamaican Lottery trick is the most well-known trick that emerges from the island. The tricksters like to target senior residents with it.

Fat Finger Dialing

Try to twofold check complementary numbers while dialing them. It’s not hard or unlawful to buy a complementary number and con artists purchase complementary numbers that are only a digit off from real dependable complementary numbers.

Like a fisher fish the con artists will sit tight for somebody to misdial the complementary number. They’ll then phish for data, similar to Mastercard numbers and addresses.

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