Where is area code 855?

Where is area code 855?

My best answer is that it depends on what you consider “tracing” to be.

My tactic is to answer the call politely but turn the call around and become the inquisitor. I ask them for their company information, return phone numbers, federal employer ID# and specific physical location, saying that if they are a legitimate business they’ll have no problem with providing me with accurate information.
This causes the scammers to hang up and remove me from their list, and has actually helped me to find out about a couple of opportunities that I probably wouldn’t have ever looked into from the legit players, plus I’ve learned a lot about how they got my information to begin with and how many online traps exist to gather your information and sell it to others,often from the biggest “legitimate” businesses out there.

I’m not going to speak about those companies here as it would be a huge article on it’s own, but I will caution you to avoid filling out surveys, coupon and rebate cards unless you read the fine print on how your information will be used and shared.
If no such disclosure is provided you may be better off simply ignoring those things you really don’t need, or if you’re stuck with no other options you can always create an alternate identity complete with an app based free phone number and email address that you use to screen those questionable forms.
One final tactic for getting rid of the hard core callers is to say that the person they are trying to reach has passed away and you have no other information about them, only that their number is now yours and that you do not accept solicitation, being polite but firmly requesting that they remove your number from all future calls

The real question is - does calling it back deliver the people you want to track?

If not, then it’s just a scam and while you could trace that call, it’d take a lot of effort, many subpoenas, and most law enforcement offices won’t entertain the amount of effort it will take when you start subpoenaing tandem operators, long distance companies, and other things.

If so, that’s an entirely different question. The route when you call a toll free number can be subpoenaed from Somos, and then you can subpoena the carriers whose CICs are listed in the CAD/CPR (or TAD/PAD) record as well as the RespOrg who controls the number for subscriber information.

Ultimately every call originates from somewhere. Whether it’s worth the effort is the hard part, and convincing someone with subpoena authority of that is harder yet.

Where is area code 855? What is this sketchy number, is it a toll free number?

Area code are code for city, to locate the US city. These are actually the code that associated with any particular city, state, province and country. Area code also identify the specific city location or GPS.

“855” is not an area code, it’s a toll free appeared on late night infomercials. It used by federal communications Commission in US. It is a 3-digit code dialed from landlines without any charge. They are mostly used to call for a business or any individual out of area with a long distance.

If toll free numbers are text enable, they also used for send text both C2B and B2C.

Benefits of Toll free numbers:

1. Professional Appeal:
Toll-free numbers are assigned to big forms or organization that deals with large volume of calls. Organization with toll free numbers supposed them more professional and appear larger.
2. Marketing:
Organization use the toll free in marketing campaigns, easy to remember.
3. Geographical Freedom:
Organization with toll free numbers are not area bounded.

Vanity numbers:

They are the toll free telephone numbers with an acronym, specified by user or company. It is actually an Alphanumeric code e.g. 1-800-FLOWERS or 1-888-NEW-CARS.

Other toll free numbers — 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833 :

Using numbers from 800 and 833 are the toll free numbers, actually above all are. These are dedicated to some companies. Inbound call are charged to owner of company, with different rates apply. But toll-free numbers (1-800) are for US or Canada only.

These numbers used VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) and cloud computing to in-touch with caller. VOIP permits organization to get call free approaches to telephones.

With toll-free numbers the charges are paid for the party whom you called instead of the caller. Perhaps, area-code 855 is not assigned to a geographical area or any time zone. You are restricted to call to any toll-free numbers as a customer. Free-area code can be 800, 833… 888.

Introduction of toll-free services:

AT&T introduces the automated toll-free services since 1960, mostly used by national corporations and government offices.

How toll-free numbers or area code 855 are assigned?

The FFC has to assign the toll-free number with the algorithm, first come first server. Toll-frees subscribers choose some responsible organizations that assigns and reserves that specific number on their behalf. They also manage and organize the information and records of this entity.

Only these responsible organizations have access to these toll-free numbers database.

Now, The FFC made an 833 toll-free available for auction, used to bidding in the assigning of the toll-free numbers.

For the toll-free numbers: visit here for guidance.

Area codes are signed as a function to a network of the telephone. Law enforcement are not select area codes of certain area. The series of these area codes are non-geographical area codes that are only reserved for the toll-free numbers (800-899). The subscribers of these numbers paid for these toll-free numbers. They are mostly expensive and mostly used by large companies or businesses and government but anyone can get them.

• Benefits for customers:

  1. Call menus are user friendly. And of course, must for the business. It helps to route the incoming call to the exact person or department in organization. It also direct the pre-recorded information to the client like auto-reply or has the option to send the voice-mail but all depends upon users’ settings.
  2. The voice prompt and voicemail and customer greetings can be easily customized. They are all important for the company’s image.
  3. Auto-attendant is also a great feature of it, if a person handless the query call it consumes a lot of time. But with this client can easily get the general information about your system.
  4. Web widgets can give you the click-to-call and call-back-buttons that are actually for customer retention and provide site visitors a great help.

• Benefits for business owners and their team:

  1. With the VoIP services, the business team can access multiple devices at a time and toll-free numbers cannot cause you hanging on the line.
  2. Toll-free provides you few free extensions, unlike landline providers.
  3. With toll-free, you choose when and how to call routes based on your organization, their working hours, and schedules.
  4. You can access your call history on your dashboard.

A telephone number with an area code of 855 is actually the area code of the North America number plan (NANP) and have ranges cover the US, Canada, and other territories. But the main question is, is it a toll-free number or not? Yes, it is!

It includes other numbers, you are familiar with these other series of prefixes like 800, 833, 844, etc.

Toll-free are the numbers that do not charge the callers that dialled the number but the subscriber. The subscriber paid the bill, but toll-free numbers provide both caller and subscriber great benefits.

There is some relative question asking about toll-free number 855 or area code 855.

855 country code of which country?

It belongs to the country of Cambodia if the number starts from the country code 855 than it is from Cambodia. So you must know that if the number is toll-free it is 10 digit number. Like 855-000-0000.

Who is calling with area code of 855?

You may receive a call from Cambodia but if it is a toll-free number used by organization or individuals than it is not an area code. But you can also receive the call from scammers who wants to steal your financial information from you.

What is VOIP technology used for toll-free numbers?

VoIP is voice over IP that revise cost-free numbers for independent ventures via caller. You can’t be processed with the landline expenses or wires so VOIP permits your business to approach a user with cost-free approaches like a phone call and IP work telephone.

Do 855 numbers cost you?

Nope! The toll-free numbers like 855 don’t coast money. You will not charge to make call to these toll-free numbers.

In US what is the area code 855??

Area code in us cannot be assigned to any location but these series (800-899) are toll-free series numbers.

Area code 855 is usually used by telemarketers but you might feel suspicious as the person who just told you that auto insurance rates have gone down didn’t sound like someone from around the block. These days most of the customer service work is outsourced by companies to save costs.

How is the cost saved?

well, America being the richest country in the world is also very expensive. The minimum wage in America as of 2019 is $ 7.25 per hour. If a company wants native customer service catering to the American people then a call center floor of 30 working at minimum wage for 10 hours per day would cost about $2175 for just a single day of operation.

Now thanks to the British colonization of the entire world there are people everywhere who can speak English. So now the same company decides to outsource that work to Pakistan for example. Pakistan is a country where it’s brimming with people who speak in English or want to speak in English. There are legitimate companies there who will take the work of customer service from you. Now a question arises that how is it cheaper? Well, countries like Pakistan and India are third world countries where the cost of living is very cheap. Someone who makes $12000 a year can be called “well-of” while the same amount would have you living hand to mouth in the slums of Detroit. So what these companies do is hire people at $200 per month where they charge $500 or a little more for one person. So in this way where a company in America spent $2175 per month, they now just pay about $500 which is why it’s so appealing for companies to outsource their customer care or telemarketing.

Side Note: There are a lot of Scammers in this as well. Scammers usually operate in dingy small facilities which are usually residential areas. They are not registered as businesses as they are committing crimes and scamming people out if their lively hoods. Legitimate telemarketers based in India and Pakistan will read a disclaimer before they move forward to connect your calls to their clients based in the USA and you will hear a native talking to you when you are connected. That declaimer is the requirement of the American Federal Trade Commission. So do lookout for that.

Another Side Note:


Well in this beautiful age of technology one shouldn’t be surprised by that. Companies use software like Vici-Dialer to route the calls and make it look like and sound like you got a call from downtown.

The answer to this very typical question ‘Where is area code 855?’ is quite simpler that some numbers are generally not designated to any particular area and 855 is that kind of number. It comes under the type of toll free area code. But this number is assigned to a country and hence it is a country code.

What is Area code?

These codes assist in making long distance calls covering a larger geographic region including various large cities and towns. These codes are assigned to the districts lower than the country i.e. cities and towns.

There are basically two types of area code:

  • Local: The local area codes are used to make local phone calls. The code dedicated to London is 020 whereas for Manchester it is 0161, although both are the cities of England.
  • Toll free number: These are the codes used for making cost free calls. In UK toll free numbers are dialed with the prefixes of 0800 or 0808.

What is Country code? Which country’s code is 855?

Country codes are the numbers that represent a specific country and the areas dependent on it. These are usually prefix of two digit number. Country codes are the first thing you dial whenever calling from abroad.
The number 855 is the country code assigned to the ‘Cambodia’. Calls from this country begins with 855 and then the phone number is written.

What is area code 855?

Code 855 is a toll free number and since the area is not designated for this code the calls to this number may be restricted by the customers. The call to toll free 855 number is in the form of ten digit numbers i.e. 855-xxx-xxxx. Do not misunderstand it as the call from Cambodia.

Summary: Area code comes under the telephone numbering plan. These types of codes are assigned to the particular areas, countries and cities to help others identifying the location of the unknown calls.

What are toll free numbers?

Toll free numbers are the three digit telephone number with specific area codes. These numbers can be dialed from anywhere but only from landlines.

The major plus point is that charges are not applied to the person calling instead they are applied to the call receiving person as these are long distance calls whereas a negative point is that you can never tell who the caller is. They are also called as ‘Freephone Numbers’. Some other examples of toll free numbers are:

  • 850
  • 488
  • 800
  • 833
  • 844

How are toll free numbers assigned?

These numbers are assigned by the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) on the basis of first come, first served. The patron of the number calls themselves as 'responsible organizations or in-short ‘RespOrg’. These organizations can have the access to all the toll free subscribers and some may also provide the services for these numbers too. But most likely they are scam.

What is the purpose/benefits of toll free numbers?

Due to no charges on the person who’s calling to these numbers, it is helpful for the individual to reach out any business or personnel via long distance call. And if someone has his/her own business than toll free numbers are must for them due to following reasons:

  1. The most important reason is that these numbers are now status symbol. Since it was difficult to afford one when they were introduced.
  2. Presence of a toll free number recommends a trust worthy business.
  3. More importantly for any business customer support and appeal is all that matters and for this purpose these numbers already allow them to make phone calls without being charged which guarantees customer compliance.

Drawbacks of toll free numbers

There are not many disadvantages as compared to their benefits but few are:

  • This number cannot be assigned or used for a sole medium.
  • A major drawback is that there are loads of unnecessary meaning less calls due to free calling option.
  • The hardware required for toll free number is also very expensive.

Summary: The solemn purpose of toll free numbers is for the benefit of customers who sought to reach out different businesses and personnel living out of the area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be suspicious of a call or text from 855 area code?

There is nothing suspicious about this specific toll free number. Some ground rules apply for all such numbers if you get a call or text from, which are:

  • Do not reply to any question with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ because some people record these calls. Always hang up such calls after forbidding them to call on your number.
  • Do not give your personal details to any such calls which are are not familiar.
  • Sometimes they ask for money, hang up straight on them.
  • Do not allow them to access your computer in any condition.
  • Avoid purchasing anything from these agencies because they may trap you into buying something unwillingly.

Is number 855 safe?

Yes it is since it is a toll free number and also due to the fact that this number has been in service since July 2000. Aside from these two reason it is the country code of Cambodia which is another reason of this number’s safety.

How do I stop 855 calls?

The frequent calls from toll free numbers can easily be blocked via following two options:

  • There is an option in the settings, entitled as 'Call blocking and Identification’. Allow this option to tack the caller ID’s and to block the calls by turning on or off. Block the number 855 to never get a call from it again.
  • Another option include registering your phone number on which you are receiving the calls, to a national DO NOT CALL list with no charge by dialing 1-888-382-1222. This national list protect you from landline phone numbers specifically.

Man frustrated because of phone calls

Should I call back on 855 number or would I be a victim of their fraud?

If it is necessary to call back or you want to know about the agency they claimed themselves as, then don’t call on the number from which you receive always search for the accurate help line of that particular agency.
But before going for this option avoid calling at all.

Is spam call dangerous?

Of course, it is dangerous, since they do not have any intention of following the laws or rules and are always in search of something to steal from you. They trap customers in a way that none can understand and end up being the victim of their illegal act.


Area code 855 is among the toll free numbers, which are not designated or assigned to any particular area but are used to make free calls to these numbers. Therefore this question is not reliable to ask that where is area code 855. It is no where.

Where is area code 855 found?

Any number which begins with the area code 855 extends over the countries such as United States, Canada or some other places like these but is not associated to any particular geographical area. It was generated by the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) and is a toll free code like other codes such as 800, 833, 844, 855 etc. The basic rule of these toll free numbers is that the person who is dialing them does not get charged or doesn’t have to pay the calling bill rather the person who is receiving the call has to pay it.

Toll Free Numbers: Benefits:

These numbers are beneficial for some reasons such as:

  • Calling through any device: These toll free numbers enable you to make the calls from any modern electronic device and you don’t need to wait for long hours on the line as they have an automatic system of attending the calls. Through these automatic calls, they tell you all the details about the business related to their location and everything, so it can save your time too.
  • More efficient marketing: Toll free numbers can help in the efficient marketing strategies. Firstly, it is very easy to remember these numbers as they are short and easy to dial, so a person will not have any difficulty. Secondly, these toll numbers are used by organizations established on the large scales, so these numbers can help them grow even larger as they provide a professional look.
  • The geographical independence: As these numbers are not associated with any specific area, so they offer equal opportunities for everyone. A person who have a plan to start a local or a small scale business will most probably adopt an area free number, as through this their marketing strategies will be more efficient. They will be able to make multiple calls to multiple areas for the promotion and this will help in their business to render.

Where is area code 855 from?

These area codes were generated from the year 1990’s by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The first code they introduced was 800 but as it became so popular and was started using by many people, they created some more number such as 877 or 888. Most recently, the codes 855 and 866 have been made a part of the toll free numbers. They generate these numbers in a way that whoever comes first get it and is given the title of “Responsible Organizations”. Thus, they manage all the records of the subscribers.

As compared to other numbers 855 is the most popular and is being used a lot as it is a recent one. The older ones such as 800 have been used so frequently that it has lost its importance and credibility. That is why 855 are used and it provides multiple opportunities for the business to grow and flourish.

Is area code 855 free?

All the toll free numbers have been in practice since a long time, back in 1990’s. Some of them have been popular and have been used frequently by the users and specifically 855 area code is a good example for the business owners. Moreover, they have been assigned by one of the biggest organizations i.e. FCC so we can trust them as long as the safety is concerned and can say that they are safe to be used.

How to know which toll free numbers are dangerous?

The FCC has given cautions about some of the numbers that can be a threat to you. In this regard, they have included these numbers into the spam list:

  • 268
  • 284
  • 664
  • 649
  • 829
  • 876

If the customers receive messages from the numbers considered as spam, then the messages cannot cause any harm but if the calls are frequently received, then you should avoid attending them. You should not call them back again, as they are the very expensive calls.

So if you get an unregistered call from an unknown code then:

  • Do not attend it immediately and do a little research on the code through Google. If it’s an important call, they will get back to you.
  • Check your phone bills to make sure these calls do not charge you with expensive bills.
  • In case you want to file a complaint regarding any of these spam calls, you can contact FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

Where is area code 855?

Area code 855 is used for toll-free calls. Area code is not assigned to any geographical area or time zone. The customer may restrict a call to a toll-free number. Other toll-free area codes are 800, 833, 844, 866,877, and 888.

Who is calling from area code 855?

No city uses area code 855 because it is a toll-free area code that is used in the United States and Canada. The calls are free to the caller because the receiver is paying long-distance charge to the calls. You can not tell that who is calling from the area code 855 because it is highly likely a scam. The call may be from any region because this code is not restricted to any region in the United States.

What state is area code 855?

Area code 855 is a non-geographic area code that means it is not associated with any region, city, state, or country. Area code 855 is a toll-free number that recently joined in the list of toll-free numbers.

Are 855 numbers safe?

You don’t need to worry about this because area 855 is for toll-free area code. It was added to the list in 2000. There are other numbers as well. Have a look at the list given below.

No Toll-free Number
1 800
2 833
3 844
4 855
5 866
6 877
7 888

How do I get an 855 Numbers?

In order to get the 855 numbers, you need to visit the site www.somos.com/find-a-toll-free-number and search for the number. You can see various numbers in the database. You can get the number of your own choice. You can see the different combinations . You can choose the manageable number that anyone can remember easily. So, there is an opportunity for you to select the number of your own choice. Getting an 855 number gives you a chance to communicate with your customers. It creates an image for your client, and they think that you are a legal company. So, there are many benefits of getting 855 numbers for your business. You can get a toll-free number from the list given below.

No Name Website Links
1 Avoxi https://www.avoxi.com/
2 CallFire, Inc https://www.callfire.com/
3 Grasshopper https://grasshopper.com/
4 NetCarrier Telecom https://www.netcarrier.com/
5 FracTel, LLC https://fractel.com/

How do I know a call is a spam?

If you see a suspected call from an unknown, you can figure it out. You can attend the call or reject the unknown call. You just need to follow the steps given below.

  1. Open your device phone’s app.

  2. Click on the Setting> Caller ID & spam.

  3. Turn Caller ID & spam on and off.

  4. You need to click on turn off the.

  5. You can turn on the filter suspected spam calls.

In short, you can use the latest technology to stop such spam calls. You can also block them. So, no need to worry about such spam calls.