Area Code 866 Location

Area Code 866 Location means that 866 is a toll-free area code in North America that can use to call anywhere in the US, Canada, and other parts of the North American Numbering Plan. There is no one city or area where the 866 area code is located.

Area Code 866 Location

What Is an 866 Area Code Number?

The Federal Communications Commission designated area code 866 as a toll-free caller-only number (FCC). Calls made with a toll-free number are charged to the party being called, not the caller.

List Details
1 There is no regional or time zone restriction for toll-free numbers like the 866 area code.
2 Due to this, it is simpler to do business internationally and for clients to call toll-free in the US and Canada.
3 The North American Numbering Plan (NANP) includes other nations and areas.
4 That implies that 866 area codes benefit customer service, sales, and technical assistance from a company standpoint.
5 However, they are also used outside of such situations.

Where Can I Find a Toll-Free Number?

The array of area codes never seems—to end: 800, 888, 877, 866! These prefixes are all toll-free area codes, so that you may be familiar with any or all of them.

Local Telephones

While many small companies use local numbers to give customers a sense of where they are, it is not always the wisest course of action.

  • Local phone numbers might seem less professional and provide practical difficulties for conversations with multinational businesses.

External Number

Customers can sometimes even think you’re a con artist if they get a call from an out-of-area number. You could want a toll-free business number with the area code 866 instead.

Advantages of 866 Toll-Free Number

What benefits may your company use a toll-free number with the 866 area code bring? The following list of advantages may surprise you.

Become More Expert-Like

Customers wanting to avoid fraud often have a positive image of companies having an 866 toll-free number. Customers perceive toll-free businesses as being more extensive and established, which can increase sales or increase the credibility of your brand.

Entice Consumers Globally

Since toll-free numbers aren’t bound to a specific region, neither is your company’s location. An 866 area code shows that your business wants to service North America and beyond, broadening the pool of prospective customers.

  • You are also more likely to get calls from far, further away than you could otherwise due to the trustworthiness of an 866 number.

  • Furthermore, consumers who live in another part of the nation won’t mistake your calls for spam.

It’s Simple to Use

A toll-free phone number functions like a local number, making it simple. Additionally, you may exchange and receive calls, texts, pictures, videos, GIFs, and more using a service like OpenPhone.

Clients Won’t Be Billed

Anyone calling you from one of the 20 nations and territories included in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) may do so for free with a toll-free number, even if they are calling from outside. Jamaica, the Caribbean, and other places are included.

With OpenPhone as your VoIP business phone supplier, you may call anybody in the US and Canada for free and without limits.

Customize your Phone Number

If the benefits above aren’t enough to convince you, think about utilizing your new toll-free business phone number as a marketing tool.

Name Explanation
Vanity figures You may change your phone number to spell a word or an abbreviation with vanity numbers. 866 or a nearby area code.
Fields for Zipcar SBC Communications may be reached at 1-866-SBC-DIAL, while Zipcar can be reached at 1-866-4ZIPCAR.
Remarkable for Clients Customers have repeatedly shown that vanity numbers are more memorable than randomly generated phone numbers.


FCC designates 866 as a toll-free number (FCC). Toll-free calls are free for the caller. Local numbers give clients a concept of a tiny firm’s location, but that’s not always the most brilliant business decision. Businesses with an 866 toll-free number win over clients who fear scams.

Difference b/w 866 & Other Toll-Free Numbers

Except that your clients must dial the correct area code for your toll-free number, there is no practical difference between 866 area code numbers and other toll-free area codes, such as the 800 or 855 area codes.

800-Area Code

You may be surprised to learn why there are so many distinct toll-free area codes. There was just one toll-free area code, 800, up until 1996.

All of that changed when the FCC ran out of 800 numbers, the regulating agency in charge of allocating toll-free numbers. They established the 888 area code to manage overflow demands, and as the need for toll-free numbers grew, other area codes were added. By doing this, the FCC made sure it could offer unique numbers to companies that asked for them. Your company may be the next!

866 Numbers Are Free in the Us and Canada

Customers in the US and Canada may make toll-free calls to an 866 phone number since these countries are participants in the North American Numbering Plan. It offers simplicity and cost to your clients (and prospective customers).

Your 866 toll-free number has advantages for others outside your consumers, too. You may save money by using OpenPhone to make unlimited outgoing calls to anybody in the United States and Canada.

Additionally, you may send and receive text messages (SMS and MMS), GIFs, emoticons, and more using your 866 toll-free number. Never before has doing commerce on your phone been so simple

Is the 866 Area Code a Scam?

In the table below, scam-related information is provided.

Number Data
1 Confidence scams are prevalent in this day and age of increasing mobile phone use and internet services.
2 By posing as bank or company customers to probe and fish for personal information, con artists gain the confidence or trust of their prospective victims.
3 Avoid being a target of fraud.
4 Ask for the company’s name if someone calls you claiming to be from it, then look it up immediately.
5 Block the number immediately if there are any inconsistencies, and you think they may be suspicious.

Openphone Makes 866 Area Codes Worthwhile

A toll-free business phone number is a great approach to promote to potential consumers and strengthen ties with current ones. Toll-free numbers provide small companies and their customers with a secure, reasonably priced calling option due to their non-geographic nature.

The good part is that setting up a toll-free number for your company doesn’t need to be stressful; you can do it quickly and easily from your mobile phone.

Large Desk Phones and a Difficult Setup

No matter where you are, registration for a toll-free number with OpenPhone is simple, fast, and can be finished in minutes. Thanks to our VoIP approach to corporate phone systems, you won’t ever have to be concerned about big desk phones and arduous equipment setup.


The US and Canada can call 866 numbers toll-free since they are members of the North American Numbering Plan. Clients may do this with convenience and cost. Why are there so many area codes without tolls? There was just one toll-free 800-number available before 1996.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here are some critical questions about this subject.

1 - Where Can I Find the 866 Area Code?

For calls inside the US, Canada, and other countries in the North American Numbering Plan, the area code 866 is used. There is no particular city or region where the 866 area code is found.

2 - What Distinguishes 866 Numbers from 855 Numbers?

A functional distinction between 866 and 855 numbers does not exist. Toll-free calling allows users of VoIP services like OpenPhone to make unlimited outgoing calls to any US and Canadian phone number.

3 - Are 866 Numbers Long-Distance or Local?

An 866 number is a toll-free number not connected with a particular state or locality making any call made from inside the calling area of Where can I find 866 numbers?

4 - What Kinds of Companies Use 866 Business Phone Numbers?

A firm may gain from having an 866 number almost in any industry. Booking services, real estate, vehicle repair, financial services, healthcare, artists, and more are a few examples.

5 - Is Area Code 866 Toll-Free?

Sure, it is. A client may call a toll-free 866 area code number in a nation covered by the North American Numbering Plan. The US, Canada, and 22 other countries are included in this.

6 - Are 866 Phone Numbers Secure?

All 866 phone numbers function similarly to regular 800 numbers, which are often marketed to companies. The portability of toll-free phone numbers with the prefix 866 is the same as that of all other toll-free numbers. The same portability safeguards apply to them as to conventional 800 numbers.

7 - How Do I Block an Entire Area Code?

Steps are given below.

  1. Tap the screen that says “Block/Allow.”

  2. To add a new number or range to block, tap the “+” button.

  3. Tap the “Tap Here” button at the bottom of the screen to block a range of numbers instead of just one.

8 - Who Is Calling from the Number 866?

Calls paid for by the receiver rather than the caller have the prefix 866. Many other choices work similarly to toll-free calling, but most people think of 800 numbers when they think of toll-free calling.

9 - Is the 866 Number a Government Line?

The answer is true, yes! All 866 telephone numbers are 866 toll-free numbers. The call is free toll-free when users dial an 866 toll-free number. Every single 866 number functions just like an 800 toll-free number.

10 - How Can I Stop Receiving 866 Calls?

To register a phone or dial 1-888-382-1222 (TTY: 1-866-290-4236) from that phone. It’s unpaid.

11 - in Which City Is the 866 Area Code Used?

Region or city 866 Standard code Typical code is from Vijayawada. The location for standard code 866 is Vijayawada, which is in the Andhra Pradesh state city of Vijayawada. From Vijayawada, how do I dial Vijayawada?

12 - What Is the Toll-Free Number?

Phone numbers used by businesses that begin with 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833 are known as toll-free numbers. Since no one pays to phone these lines, they are considered “free.”

13 – Where Is Area Code 864 Located in North America?

South Carolina is represented by area code 864. One of the 269 three-digit telephone prefixes in the US is the area code 864. In Greenville, Spartanburg, and Greer, there are 344,054 individuals and about 6,555,000 unique phone numbers.

14 - What Nation Is Area Code 888?

In Canada, area code 888 does not exist. It serves as the toll-free prefix. People or companies may sign up for toll-free numbers anywhere in the world. It implies that the phone number’s owner may be in any time zone.

15 - Why Is a Toll-Free Number Phoning Me?

Callers who use toll-free numbers are not charged when they make a call. Instead, the call recipient is responsible for paying the charge. A toll-free call is what? Expressed, it indicates that long-distance calling rates are paid by the call receiver rather than the caller.


The FCC strictly regulates the use of toll numbers, which are a simple method for commercial advertising. However, many individuals continue to question whether they should believe these figures.

And their worries are valid. It is preferable to be on the lookout for any potential scams in this day and age of technology since cybercrime has found a way to wreck people’s life. The family of area codes also includes area code 833.

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