Coinbase Customer Care Number (866-5 79-1974⇋☎️USA

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How to Contact Coinbase

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange based in San Francisco, California, that allows users to buy Bit-coin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bit-coin Cash in 32 countries. It has over 13 million users as of April 3, 2018, and like other digital currency exchanges, has grown rapidly with the rise of cryptocurrency as a whole.

While some users complain about lacking customer support, there are a few ways to try and contact Coinbase, which are detailed below.

By Phone

Coinbase offers phone support for users who would like to talk to a customer service agent.

According to Coinbase’s website, users can contact Coinbase via the phone support option if they believe their Coinbase account was accessed in an unauthorized manner or if they have any general questions about Coinbase and/or their account.

However, due to security concerns, customer service agents cannot help users over the phone with inquiries specific to their Coinbase account like account history, order statuses, and specific transactions. These kinds of questions require that the user email Coinbase.

Users can contact Coinbase by telephone 24/7 at the following phone number:

By Email

As mentioned previously, users can also send the Coinbase customer support team an email with any questions or problems they have.

Like other cryptocurrency exchanges, Coinbase is struggling to meet a sudden surge in support requests as their userbase has grown exponentially recently. For the fastest customer service via email, Coinbase recommends that users:

Send their email request with the email address they use to log in to Coinbase.

File their request under the most relevant category, sub-category and platform/browser (Coinbase iOS app, Android app, Chrome, Safari, etc.)

Explain their issue in as much detail as possible.

Only submit one support ticket for their request, as submitting multiple tickets will only cause further delays by increasing the overall support ticket backlog for the support team.

Chat Bot

Another way to contact Coinbase (or at least a support bot) is by chatting with Ada, Coinbase’s support bot. Ada can help with general questions and site navigation.

As soon as one lands on the Coinbase homepage, the chatbot can be contacted by clicking the question mark in the lower right of the Coinbase homepage. The chatbot is also offered as a contact option when one lands on the email support page so that the Coinbase support team can hopefully have some issues resolved by the bot and have their support ticket volume reduced so that they can assist other users needing email support faster.

Ada first presents the users with 4 questions:

“How do I get started?”

“What is Coinbase?”

“What is digital currency?”

“Is this secure?”

These questions lead to pre-programmed answers, but users can also type questions into the chat box and hope that the bot answers them satisfactorily.

Coinbase’s support bot is also available in other languages besides English, including Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog.


While users can’t contact Coinbase via Twitter for account-specific issues (these kinds of inquiries are served by email support), Coinbase does provide status updates on Coinbase products via Twitter. That is to say, if you’re experiencing a Coinbase-related issue, it might be a sitewide-issue such as scheduled maintenance, which is usually mentioned on Coinbase Support’s Twitter account.

Status Page

Similar to the Coinbase Support Twitter, the Coinbase status page lets users know about the status (e.g. planned and unplanned outages) of the different parts of the Coinbase site such as Coinbase’s website, Coinbase API, payment methods, ID verification, Coinbase mobile, the digital currencies Coinbase offers, customer support and two-factor authentication (2FA).

Support Database

The support database also isn’t technically a way to contact Coinbase, but it’s possible that your question or issue has been addressed there since as of April 3, 2018, there are 184 different support articles in the database that address common inquiries.


Founded in June 2012, Coinbase has quickly become one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges and has facilitated over $50 billion in cryptocurrency trades in less than 6 years. The company even has $217 million in investor funding from top investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, ICE, NYSE, BBVA, Y Combinator, Adam Draper and more.

However, this growth has not been without its growing pains as Coinbase support struggles to meet the growing support volume of its vast user base.

As of April 3, 2018, the Coinbase team recommends searching the support database first before submitting a support ticket or contacting them and is prioritizing account lockout, delayed payment and trust and safety-related issues, such as account compromises, account lockouts (forgotten passwords, inability to access 2-factor authentication, inability to access Coinbase email, etc.) and delayed payments or orders.

However, Coinbase has demonstrated its willingness to listen to the needs of its users as their phone support option was added in September 2017 after users complained about lackluster customer support.

Though Coinbase’s user reviews regarding customer service are still critical (Better Business Bureau, Reddit), steps like adding phone support show the company’s efforts to improve and as of now users are able to contact Coinbase by phone, email and chatbot as well as referencing Coinbase’s Twitter, status page and support database in the hopes of resolving their inquiries faster.