When Someone Shares Their Location How Do You See it`

When someone shares their location how do you see it? Open Google Maps on your mobile device, select “Location Sharing” by tapping your profile image or first name in the top right corner. The contacts who are sharing their location(s) with you are listed at the bottom. Touch to read their address, get directions to them, or simply view their location on a map.

How to share location through google map?

Share real time location to others:

You could see a warning when you start Location sharing. Common reasons include

  • You are in a country or region where it is against the law to share your location. On your Google Workspace domain, you cannot share your location. To enable location sharing, talk to your administrator.
  • You’re too young to reveal your location.
  • Your parent or guardian has control over location sharing with the Family Link app.

See Someone’s Location on Google Map:

How could you see if someone send you location through Google Maps?

  • Open your google account.
  • Tap on your profile and then click on location sharing.
  • You can see the profiles of those contact who has shared location with you.
  • Click on the profile whose location you want to see.
  • Click on refresh to update location.

How to send location request?

  • It is very simple. Open your google account.
  • Tap on your profile then click on location share.
  • Click on the contact that shared your location before then click on request.
  • The location request is send.

The other person get the notification of location request through e-mail. He verify it and tap on location share. That’s you can see that person location.


Google Map makes it simple to communicate and receive locations. Open your Google account, go to Sharing Location, and then click on the profile of the person who sent you their location.

Other Location-Sharing Apps:

There are plenty additional apps besides Google that allow you to share your location. Locate my is among them. Observe how it functions.

What is the Android app Locate My Friends?

Despite its misleading moniker, Locate My Friends also lets your friends find you. You must also share your location with your friends in order for them to find you. Tap Add in the Discover Friends application.

How Do I Let Someone Know Where I Am on Locate My?

To give someone the location of my find, follow these instructions.

  1. Click the Persons tab in the My Searches application.
  2. Click Start location sharing or Share my location.
  3. Type the person’s name or phone number whose location you want to share.
  4. Choose Send.
  5. Decide whether to share your location for an hour or for the rest of time.
  6. Press OK.

What Happens if I Stop Allowing Find My To Share My Location?

They won’t receive a notification if you stop sharing your location on Find Me, but they won’t be able to see you in their list of friends. They’ll be informed that you’re sharing your location with them once you switch sharing back on. Using third-party applications, you can also communicate your whereabouts to others.

Use Find My To Follow a Friend’s Location:

Launch the Locate Me app and pick the People tab. Choose the name of your friend whose location you want to know from the People section. To get the maps and directions to get to your friend’s location, select Directions.

How To Share Location With Find My Friends on iPhone?

On your iPhone, launch the Find My Friends app, then press the profile in the lower-left area to access the Me UI. In the settings, you can turn on my location transmission. Make sure the location has been transferred from this iPhone in the “Share my location from:” area.

How Can I Accept or Reject a Request For My Friends’ Location?

Choose Accept or Reject next to the friend’s name who made the request in the Discover Friends app. Choose Accept or Reject next to the friend’s name who made the request in the Discover Friends app. Requests to share your location with others are no longer coming your way.

Is My Location Information Shared Through Find My Friends?

Apple says that Find My Friends location data is only provided from your device when a friend requests it and is “never sent or logged” to dissuade you from believing that your location information can be shared at any time. following time.

How Can I Add Friends in Android’s Discover My Friends?

Make sure your friends have Locate Friends installed on their devices before using it. Only the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch can add Find My Friends to them. Activate Locate My Friends. Choose Add. Click Submit or Done to send your request to a buddy you’ve chosen or whose email address you know.

What Privacy Settings Are Available on the Samsung Find My Friend app?

Both the iPhone and Samsung apps for Locate My Friend provide a number of privacy settings. This implies that if you don’t want your family or friends to know where you are, you may disable it with a few clicks. One of the families worried about the security of their loved ones is Locate Friends.

How Can I Use Find My to Track My Boyfriend’s Phone Location For Free?

All Android phones have a feature called “Find my device” that enables the user to find their phone if it is lost. The user’s Google phone account is connected to it. You may quickly and at no cost use this tool to find out where your friend’s phone is.

How Can I Let Others Know About My Find Notifications?

Choose the People tab after launching the Locate Me app. Choose the person with whom you want to share notifications. Click Add in the Notifications area by scrolling down. To be informed when a friend changes their location, select Inform me. To let a friend know when your location changes, tap Alert Friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The frequently asked questions regarding the topic When someone shares their location how do you see it? Is given below.

1. How can I locate my boyfriend?

Enter your Apple-ID password in the Locate My iPhone app after opening it. If they share their location with you through Family Sharing or iMessage, click the message under Messages, then click Details in the top right corner. This ought should display a little map of your location. You can tap here to display a bigger map.

2. How can I let my family know where I am on iOS?

Decide when to divulge. You can choose whether or not to share your location with your family through family sharing. Do the following to check if you’re sharing anything: Click Settings. On an iOS 11 device, select Settings > > iCloud. To share your location, click.

3. How can I cease letting people know where I am?

Turn off Share my location to cease sharing your location. Your location will be concealed from all permitted friends and family members by doing this. You can always reactivate it if you want to reveal your location again.

4. How do you avoid sharing your location with others?

  • Launch the Settings programme.
    The Location Services box can be accessed by clicking Privacy. Toggle the Location Services slider to white (OFF) by touching it.

5. How do I use Locate My iPhone to locate my friends?

To find out where your friends are, use the Locate My app. Remark. Make sure to enable the Locate Me app’s precise location if you want to know how far away your pals are. See Control the location information you send to your iPhone. The name of the person you want to look for should first appear under People.

6. How can I follow a Facebook user’s location?

You can track someone’s whereabouts if they give it to you voluntarily or if you ask them for it and they agree to disclose it. You must first disclose your location with the person you want to follow. then choose the People tab in the Locate Me app.

7. On Android, how do I share my location with a friend?

You must download the application and click Allow when utilizing it to activate the location service. The next step is to choose Share your location. In that case, you can utilize the Google Map message symbol to share your location with an Android user. You are already familiar with how to add pals on an iPhone or Android.

8. What privacy settings are available in the Samsung Locate My Friend app?

Both the iPhone and Samsung apps for Locate My Friend provide a number of privacy settings. This implies that if you don’t want your family or friends to know where you are, you may disable it with a few clicks.

9. How can I trace my boyfriend’s whereabouts round-the-clock?

You can always see where your friend is thanks to the location module. Together with the timestamp of each place, you can also locate their most recent whereabouts here. If you are a guardian friend, geo-fencing is a fantastic feature. With geo-fencing, you can limit where your friend can go.

10. What occurs when you Facebook share your location with someone?

At the bottom of the Share Location screen, the recipient will now be shown. The notification indicating you can now access your location will appear. Go to the Location Sharing page, tap the person’s name, and then tap the Stop button to stop sharing your location with them.

11. What occurs when a loved one and you cease communicating your location?

To stop showing my location, click. In your iCloud settings, where you may also modify your sharing options, you’ll see this status if you choose not to share your location with friends. Your list of pals will appear when you open the Settings app on your device, hit the Apple ID banner at the top, and then tap Locate Me.

12. When you disable location settings, what happens to your location history?

Even if you disable your location settings, your location history may still be accessible, according to research. He may use Google Maps to locate a person’s home location as a researcher.

13. On the Messages app, how can I share my current location?

using the Messaging app to share your whereabouts

  1. Launch the Messages app on the iPhone, then pick a message.

  2. Choose the person’s name before the chat starts.

  3. Click on the info icon.

  4. Click the Send my current location option. Your location will be shown to the receiver on a map. Choose Share my location instead.

14. How do I view a person’s location on a map?

Click the Details link in the top right corner of a recent iMessage that was sent to you by a family member. They can view their location on a map if geographic data sharing is enabled for them.

15. How can you prevent someone from disclosing your iPhone location?

To stop showing my location, click. This person will no longer be informed of your whereabouts. Go to the settings on your iPhone. This programme typically shows on one of your home screens and has grey gears as its icon. Interview with a professional in computer and phone repair.


To precise the above article “When someone shares their location how do you see it” we can say that, you can see someone’s sent location through different apps. If someone sends you a location using Google Map, log in, touch on your profile, choose “Share location,” and then select the sender’s profile.
In addition to Google, Whatsapp, Facebook, Find My, and many other apps, location can be sent and received.

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