Location-based Services

Location-based Services

Any information, entertainment or social services made available on a mobile device using geographic location, such as information provided through applications or integrated into the mobile device's hardware and software.

A set of services provided to mobile subscribers based on the geographic location of their phones within your mobile network. Phones do not need to be equipped with location tracking technology, such as GPS, to enable geo-launching of the services offered, as the mobile location can be used as a proxy. Auxiliary GPS combines cellular position information with satellite positioning for more accurate measurements. LBS contains directions, information about specific nearby destinations or resources, such as restaurants, ATMs, shops, cinemas, etc. LBS can also be used to track people's movements and locations, much like parent-child monitoring. services and mobile devices for the family market.

A service, usually in a mobile web application or mobile device, that uses your location to perform a task, such as B. find nearby restaurants, get directions, or find friends. Foursquare and Gowalla are location-based services.

This is service information about the physical location of the user or device. For example, the location of the nearest restaurant or hotel, vehicle tracking, etc.

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Meanings of Location:
  1. A specific point or location in physical space.

  2. Location act.

  3. An apartheid urban area inhabited by non-whites.

  4. Contract for the use of a good or service by a person on a rental basis.

  5. Delineation or identification of the location or location of the property, as described in a label, plan, floor plan, etc.


Meanings of Based:
  1. Give as a basis or starting point to lay the foundation of this.

  2. Search (in a specific place).

  3. (acrobatics, cheerleading) Serves as a basis for supporting flyers.

  4. Assuming a base that is widely used to combine shapes.

  5. (of a person) Regardless of what others think of your personality, style, or behavior, the emphasis is on preserving individuality.

  6. (4chan, Reddit, Instagram) Praise and admiration, he often exudes independence and confidence.

Sentences of Based
  1. It was a well-founded argument.

  2. Red base and pilling.


Meanings of Services:
  1. To serve.

Location-based Services