What We Have Here Is Failure To Communicate

What We Have Here Is Failure To Communicate

What we lack here is communication. which film? ۔

Which movie is this quote from? The film is set in the early 90's.

# 1967 The term was first used in the movie Cole Hand Luke, co-produced by actor Sterther Martin.

# 1984 - In the television series The Duke of Hard (Cole Hands, Bow and Luke Episode), Colonel Sewes Claiborne (M. Woodward) talks to Bo and Luke Duke after a failed leak attempt.

# 1988 In the movie Ernest Sevens Christmas, Ernest P. Verrell is a taxi driver picking up Santa Claus at the airport. Santa Claus mistakenly paid for his ticket from the game board, and Ernest said: What we have here is a flop.

# 1991 Hard rock band Ann Rose shows the next line and sh, from the movie to the introduction to their Civil War song, from Jeffen to Your Illusion II.

# Jim Carey plays a prison guard in a sketch about the comedy In Living Color (1990-1994). When the uprising broke out, Kerry sentenced the prisoners to immediate action.

# 1993 Rugrats Cool Hand Angelica used once in the episode.

Kramer voiced in the # 1993 Seanfield episode of The Puffy Shirt.

# 1995 Damon Vance uses the phrase after the title of one of the ROTC soldiers in the movie Major Payne, Colland Handleuk.

# 1997 Fraser Episode Three Days of the Condo used speech as an archive for one of his scenes.

# 2000 Terry Prachet uses this phrase in his novel The Truth (sung by Mr. Pinn)

# 2002 This line was referenced by Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft 3 band unit.

# 2003 On an episode of Hardtime CSI Miami, a parole officer uses the channel. Proportionate Ken smiled and both said they liked the movie.

# 2004 Rob Coulter uses signals in his television series, ah, after an argument in which a woman threw a glass of water at his face.

# 2005 MF PELIGRO al uses the line in the song El Chupa Nibre.

# 2005 Rady Piper uses the line during the Pitt Piper section at WrestleMania 21.

# 2005 Agent Tony Denzo quotes this phrase in the third season of NCIS Episode Frame Up, when he leaves the Guard Cell.

# 2006 Communication Failure is an episode archive of a television series that reflects the word patience.

Luke's cool hands with Paul Newman.

The reference is to Captain 36 Jail Street, built by Stuart Martin.

Here is the quote:

What we have here is unable to communicate. You just don't get some people, so you get what we had last week and that's what he wants. Ok you got it And I don't like it more than you do.

The captain was not the only one to say these words. Later in the film, the protagonist, Luke (Paul Newman), who is still with the prison guards, mocks the captain with a famous phrase.


Luke Jackson is a strong and brave prisoner of the Southern China Gang who runs away and is recaptured while trying to save himself. The prisoners looked at Luke because, as Drag Line explained, you are an oral expert - this is you! However, the camp was actively working to destroy Luke until it finally broke up.

The sentence we have here is that (a) Unable to communicate is a famous phrase from the 1967 film Cole Hand Luke.

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What we lack here is communication. which film?

Which movie is this quote from? The film is set in the early 90's.

Cold hands, Luke. It wasn't difficult in the 90's, but in the early 60's.

What We Have Here Is Failure To Communicate