The Intel Dinar Chronicles

The Intel Dinar Chronicles is a website that provides the latest news updates on the rest of the world’s currencies. Every major dinar group and dinar forum has something to say about it. It’s one of the most popula dinar gurus websites out there.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

The Intel Dinar Chronicles

All who have been following Intel know that they are changing their original program and that they are raising their minimums.

Let’s take a look at what is happening here.

  1. The Emergency ECRP redeemed coins implemented to avoid World War III and allow every country to participate in an orderly transition from debt money to wealth money.

  2. I didn’t say world currency because it isn’t yet. There were two components to ECRP.

  3. It is essential to understand that ECRP was designed to help transition from paper to asset-backed money.

  4. We have been conditioned for thousands of years to believe in and work for debt money, which doesn’t exist and is not backed by anything other than people’s faith in it.

What is Dinar?

The Dinar is the primary currency of various countries and was the primary coin of the Islamic Empire in the medieval period. In 696-697 AD, Khalif Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan introduced it.

Many countries bordering the Mediterranean now use it, and Dinar was used far more widely in the past. “Coin of ancient Rome” is a coin made of silver and minted in 211 BC. The Kushan empire reintroduced a gold coin called Dinara later in the first century AD, and the Gupta dynasty and its successor used it until the sixth century.

This coin has been used till then. The modern gold dinar is a gold bullion coin that has yet to be issued as an official currency by any state. Let’s find out which countries use the Dinar as payment.
Currency country’s International Organization for Standardization (ISO) code

Currency Country ISO Code
Iraqi Dinar Iraq IQD
Bahraini Dinar Bahrain BHD
Jordanian Dinar Jordan JOD
Libyan Dinar Libya LYD
Dinar Algeria Algeria DZD
Serbian Dinar Serbia CSD
Macedonian Dinar Macedonia MKD
Tunisian Dinar Tunisia TND
Kuwaiti Dinar Kuwait KWD

22 July 2021 Dinar Chronicles

As you know, over time, I have realized that many of my ideas are wrong. I am even shocked as to how many are wrong.

  • Over time, I will try to go back and re-review what has happened and try to clean up my reports (being sure to state when they were right or wrong). Many of my original predictions proved correct but so far, on a limited basis. Here are my thoughts about where we are now.

  • I have also realized that every country or government wants to monopolize their money and does not want to share it with anyone else. It is true of some individuals as well, but not all.

  • There are many cases where people would rather see others prosper than themselves (we don’t always think about our own welfare).

  • In many instances, I have seen countries work together for mutual benefit rather than compete against each other for total control and power.

19 August 2021 Intel Dinar Chronicles

It covers March 2019 to 20 August 2021. With all the developments in Iraq and across the world, all must prepare promptly.

  • I originally wanted to keep doing these intel updates on my regular channel. However, I quickly realized that doing so would not be beneficial.

  • Everyone will benefit if intel reports are shared on a new channel.

  • I’m happy with how these blogs have gone so far, and I’ve appreciated seeing your warm and supporting responses.

  • You’re probably thinking about what to do with that 25% profit. We can preserve it as a backup supply.

  • However, I also understand that many of you want to take advantage of at least some of these transactions.

  • Everyone’s circumstance is different, but broad recommendations might help you decide what to do with your 25% return.

  • Consider any current financial demands since you prepared for these changes. If one of these necessities has arisen, spend part of your refund.

26 August 2021 Dinar Chronicles

Preliminary Forecast is Confirmed. As predicted, a steeper decline has begun in earnest. There is nothing that can be done to stop it at this point.

  • Expectations are lower than ever, as reflected by the pricing of precious metals and their derivatives on international exchanges.

  • Common sense suggests that they would command prices much higher if they were real currency and not mere paper claims on the actual currency.

  • Precious metals have been devalued on international exchanges, with precious metals and their derivatives selling for prices lower than they cost to mine.

  • While there are other factors involved in these plummeting prices, namely, central bank buying and selling policies and underlying supply-and-demand dynamics, there can be no doubt that a more significant fall is imminent. The only question is how far down it will go.

Summary: I realized that when countries got together, they created a vacuum in many areas of life. It is not always easy to fill such vacuums and make them work correctly. Most are aware of what has happened with most countries recently, as they have fallen apart. You can find a partial list here: The Fall of Nations.

Blogspot Intel Dinar Guru

Dinar Expert is a website that provides accurate information about one of humanity’s oldest and most potent spiritual tools: gold. They aim to help humanity achieve wealth.

All individuals have staked hundreds of millions of Dinar over many years and are committed to teaching others about it so they can achieve riches, liberty, and joy.

Dinar Guru is part of a wider group and network. Included are:

  1. Global Alliance for Civil Liberties, Exemption from Publication, Global Wellbeing Organization, GAO, DoD, State Department, IMF, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, U.S. Treasury Department, and more.

  2. We’re disclosing Iraq’s revenues. We don’t know when, but we should all be ready for unexpected events within days or even weeks.

  3. After a few weeks of quiet, we expect the situation to shift swiftly. Excitement! Our work is part of a complex, multi-level operation involving prominent people in Washington DC and Europe.

Summary: Dinar Guru is part of a larger community and network of individuals and organizations. We are in a phase of disclosure related to Iraq and its finances. Some of the most prominent people in Washington DC and Europe will soon be making public what they have been concealing.

Dinar Detective

First things first, let’s get a definition of a dinar. Dinars are ancient coins that were used as a kind of payment by Civilizations for thousands of years.

  • They were made of silver, embossed with gods or rulers, and valuable by weight. Weight determined coin value. Dollars and Dinars are currencies today.

  • Let’s analyze why people want dinars now that we know what they are. Nobody wants to get rich quickly. Dinars are easy to sell if you can get a fair price.

  • Govs issue them. Iraq adopted new money in 2011 for several reasons.

  • Millions of old dinars, out of circulation for years, suddenly had value. Anyone with enough funds to buy an Iraqi dollar bill may have sold it elsewhere.

  • Iraqi riyals are worthless. In 2011, they may be sold for double face value.

  • Someone may have swapped a $100 Iraqi currency from 2003 for $200. Nobody knew how long that pricing would stay, so everyone decided to take advantage.

Recap Dinar

Merging nations left many gaps. It can’t fix vacuums. Many know countries are collapsing. Fall of States offers a taste.

  1. As dinar prices went up, so did awareness and news about Iraq’s soon-to-be new currency. From early June to late July, Intel had significant recaps, including several that described Iraq’s economic situation.

  2. In early June, Hussein stated that $4.25 per Dinar would be a fair exchange rate for its new currency, which would make each U.S. dollar worth slightly more than 3,500 Iraqi dinars.

  3. The official exchange rate was much higher, about 250 dinars to every U.S. dollar in June 2014. Still, before 1 May, most citizens could only access that unofficial exchange rate through private brokers who charged a fee and delayed delivery of currency by at least several days or weeks.

  4. Mostafa Al-Hamad, a member of Iraq’s Committee for Monetary Policy, told Mawazine News that Iraq would be accepting bids on its Dinar from anyone who offered to buy it.

  5. He said he had been in contact with many interested parties and that those groups would begin purchasing Iraqi currency after it officially became legal tender on 1 October.

Summary: It isn’t easy to keep up with the new intel because there is so much of it. This page will serve as a location to keep track of everything being discussed on the announcement of new intelligence. When I started working on it, I thought doing so would be more beneficial than reviewing each of them in turn. Perhaps it will be of assistance to others as well.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQs

Here, I describe some important questions as follows:

1. What exactly is an “Intel Dinar”?

Dr. Safwat al-Zayat uncovered a mathematical [equation] ( that determines the value of an intel dinar. This equation gives the intel dinar a value distinct from that of other currencies, such as the euro or the dollar. To put it another way, one hundred dollars in the United States currency in the year 2020 will be about equivalent to one hundred dollars in the same currency in the year 2011.

2. Intel Dinar is a Ponzi scheme, I’ve read.

Never. The equation used to determine its value is authentic and unchangeable. No hidden costs exist.

3. Can I still participate?

As long as you’re not participating in illegal activities, you can join Intel Dinars because there are no membership fees or commitments. Because they’re based on sound concepts that have been used for millennia, you’ll benefit if you apply them to help your business, family, and community.

4. What do I need to know about taxes?

Legal details regarding Intel Dinars and does not constitute tax advice. You are strongly encouraged to consult with your tax adviser as you make decisions about your individual circumstances.

5. Are Intel Dinars safe?

Yes, they are backed by securities already held in accounts at central banks and can be freely exchanged by anyone who holds them. However, while they are safer than many world currencies and products, there is no secure investment.

6. How can I tell whether my Intel Dinars are real?

The Bank of Ghana is collaborating with foreign governments to authenticate the worth of all Digital Dinars. Tangible assets will back Intel Dinar payments, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re widely recognized worldwide.

7. Is there any reason I should not participate?

As with any business venture, you should carefully weigh your decision before proceeding, but many people are already delighted customers of Intel Dinars because they have seen significant benefits from participating in them.

8. How much money do I need to get started?

Intel Dinars have no minimum or maximum investment amount. However, you should avoid overspending or entering into debt. Many people start with small investments and increase them as their income and other earnings develop.

9. Is getting my money back easy?

Yes, you can liquidate your investment anytime by exchanging your Intel Dinars for silver or gold coins. Your actual income may decline due to lost compounding gains if you do so.

10. Is there any more information I should know about Intel Dinars?

It is essential to keep a few things in mind when you engage in Intel Dinars since you may find that other people ask you many questions for them as you progress through the game.

11. How do Intel Dinar Chronicles work?

The most up-to-date information on the global currency reset may be found at Intel Dinar Chronicles. This site covers all important dinar organizations and dinar forums. On the internet, it’s one of the most visited sites about the guru dinar.

12. How do I learn further about Intel Dinar Chronicles?

As a result, we found ourselves on this website by accident. The “Intel Dinar Chronicles” Google search engine sent up this idea as we were searching for the latest Intel driver upgrades. We had never come across this term before in our research on Intel.

13. What information about just the Iraqi Dinar must investors know?

Investing in Iraqi Dinars requires an understanding of the currency’s fundamentals. Is the Iraqi Dinar likely to reach the 1980s rate of growth? We can only guess the reason for the shift in focus. People also feel the Dinar will be valued for a variety of reasons.

14. Why are dinar chronicles famous?

It is well-known since it provides currency conversion rates that are constantly updated. In addition, it offers a wealth of information about a wide range of currencies. Because so many people rely on it daily, this website has become extremely well-known.

15. How to post on Dinar chronicles BlogSpot?

People can share information about Dinarland, as well as their ideas and feelings. It’s essential, though, that the text be expressed succinctly. The author’s name, signature, or username should be included at the end of the article.


The Dinar was the primary coin of the Islamic Empire in the medieval period. In 696-697 AD, Khalif Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan introduced it. Dinar Guru is a website created by a group dedicated to spreading accurate information about gold. Some of the most prominent people in Washington DC and Europe will soon be making public what they have been concealing. Mostafa Al-Hamad, an Iraq’s Committee for Monetary Policy member, said he had contacted many interested parties.

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The Intel Dinar Chronicles is a site that gives the most recent news reports on the other world’s monetary standards. Each significant dinar gathering and dinar discussion has a comment about it. It’s one of the most popular dinar masters sites out there

Dinar Chronicles

  1. Intel Dinar Narratives fills in as a site to find the most recent worldwide money reset news.

  2. Intel Dinar Annals cover official Dinar stories and tattle, including significant Dinar gatherings and discussions.

  3. Among the most well-known dinar master sites on the web, Intel Dinar Accounts is one of them.

  4. Intel Dinar Narratives Update has two variations, one of which is a subdomain and dinarchronicles fills in as the authority site.

  5. All securities exchange clients expect certified securities exchange updates and tips. In this sense, Dinar Narratives fills in as the site that makes these significant updates/news connected with the market access.

  6. Dinar Narratives end up being the best wellspring of genuine securities exchange news.

  7. Additionally, you can acquire information about forex dealers, cryptographic forms of money, unfamiliar monetary standards, degenerate individuals, counterfeit news, virtual monetary forms, legitimate elements, and significantly more.

  8. The Intel Dinar Annals site can post data, irregular news, and contemplations, including news about Dinarland, RV, GCR, and GCR.

What Is Intel Dinar Chronicles Blogger?

  1. Intel Dinar Narratives is a site where you can find the most recent news on the worldwide cash reset.

  2. It Covers official dinar stories and tales from all significant dinar gatherings and dinar discussions. It is one of the most well-known master dinar locales on the web.

  3. Each financial exchange client needs to get genuine securities exchange updates and guides.

  4. Dinar Annals Intel Blog is the website that gives these significant market refreshes/news.

  5. Dinar Accounts is by a wide margin the best wellspring of genuine news from the financial exchange, forex dealers, digital forms of money, monetary standards, virtual monetary forms, lawful elements, degenerate substances, and counterfeit news, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  6. In Intel Dinar Annals, They acknowledge visitor presents concurring on the accompanying rules

Intel Facts Investors Should Learn About The Iraqi Dinar

  • Understanding the idea driving putting resources into the Iraqi Dinar currency is important. The inquiry emerges whether the Iraqi dinar will arrive at the pace of the 1980s.

  • We can hypothesize about the shift in course. There are likewise valid justifications why individuals accept the dinar will be valued.

  • The Bank of Iraq is working with DinarChronicles to rebuild Iraqi obligations and reestablish global trust in Iraqi money. Furthermore, he likewise looks for an improvement in the market economy.

  • The recently chosen Iraqi top state leader and the Iraqi president desire to end debasement in Iraq.

  • Moreover, he does not just need to get rid of defilement inside the Iraqi government, yet in addition global organizations that stupidly exploit the Iraqi oil industry.

  • The new government has thought of the best intentions to remake the oil business.

  • Presently, the overall conviction is that these actions will assist with helping oil deals and reestablish the country’s monetary resources quicker than other Iraqi enterprises.

Dinar Charts And News

  1. Known as the Arabic word for coins, dinars have a long and confounded history in the cutting-edge Center East.

  2. The first money of the district was the dinar, made of silver and utilized as

  3. a standard unit of trade in exchange, business, and strict services.

  4. For quite a long time, this money was acknowledged as lawful and delicate all through the Center East.

  5. The diner has been a broadly acknowledged method for installment for a wide range of exchanges and has continuously been supplanted by the various monetary standards of various countries, which have as of late acquired fame.

  6. Pretty much every country on the planet no longer perceives the dinar as legitimate delicate or the cash it used to be

Use Of Dinar Chronicles Website

Countless individuals visit the Dinar Narratives Update site day to day.

  1. There is no question that market financial backers need to stay up with the latest and Dinar Annals Intel

  2. The blog is by a long shot one of the most trusted and well-known locales to distribute dinar stories and bits of hearsay.

  3. This preview from revolvermaps (live details) makes sense of it well indeed.

  4. The Intel Dinar Narratives is a site that gives the most recent news reports on the other world’s monetary forms.

  5. Each significant dinar gathering and dinar discussion has a remark about it. It’s one of the most popular dinar masters sites out there.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

  1. The Intel Dinar Accounts All who have been following Intel realize that they are changing their unique program and that they are raising their essentials.

  2. The Crisis ECRP reclaimed coins executeds to keep away from Universal Conflict III and permit each country to partake in methodical progress from obligation cash to abundance cash.

  3. I didn’t say world cash since it isn’t yet. There were two parts to ECRP.

  4. It is fundamental to comprehend that ECRP was intended to help progress from paper to resource-supported cash.

  5. We have been adapted for millennia to put stock in and work for obligation cash, which doesn’t exist and isn’t upheld by something besides individuals’ confidence in it.

What is Dinar?

  1. broadly before. “Coin of old Rome” is a coin made of silver and stamped in 211 BC.

  2. The Kushan realm once again introduced a gold coin called Dinara later in the principal century Promotion, and the Gupta tradition and its replacement utilized it until the 6th hundred years.

  3. This coin has been utilized till then. The cutting-edge gold dinar is a gold bullion coin that still can’t seem to be given as authority cash by any state.

  4. We should figure out which nations utilize the Dinar as an installment.Cash country’s Global Association for Standardized.

22 July 2021 Dinar Chronicles

  • As you most likely are aware, over the long haul, I have understood that a considerable lot of my thoughts are off-base. I’m even stunned by the number of are off-base.

  • Over the long run, I will attempt to return and once again audit what has occurred and attempt to tidy up my reports (being certain to state when they were correct or wrong).

  • A considerable lot of my unique forecasts demonstrated right however up to this point, on a restricted premise. Here are my contemplations about where we are present.

  • I have likewise understood that each nation or government needs to consume its cash and doesn’t have any desire to impart it to any other person. It is valid for certain people too, yet entirely not all.

  • There are many situations where individuals would prefer to see others flourish than themselves (we don’t necessarily in all cases contemplate our own government assistance).

  • In many examples, I have seen nations cooperate for a common advantage as opposed to going up against one another for all out of control and power.

  • It covers Walk 2019 to 20 August 2021. With every one of the improvements in Iraq and across the world, all should plan immediately.

  • I initially needed to continue to do these intel reports on my customary channel. Nonetheless, I immediately understood that doing so wouldn’t be valuable.

Blogspot Intel Dinar Guru

  1. Dinar Master is a site that gives precise data about one of mankind’s most seasoned and most intense otherworldly devices: gold. They expect to assist mankind with accomplishing abundance.

  2. All people have marked countless Dinar over numerous years and are focused on showing others it so they can accomplish wealth, freedom, and bliss.

  3. Dinar Master is important for a more extensive gathering and organization. Included are:

  4. Worldwide Union for Common Freedoms, Exception from Distribution, Worldwide Prosperity Association, GAO, DoD, State Division, IMF, Central Bank of New York, and U.S. Depository Office, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  5. We’re revealing Iraq’s income. We don’t have the foggiest idea when, yet we ought to be in every way prepared for startling occasions within the space of days or even weeks.

  6. Following half a month of calm, we anticipate what is going on should move quickly. Energy! Our work is important for a complex, staggered activity affecting unmistakable individuals in Washington DC, and Europe.


It isn’t difficult to stay aware of the new intel on the grounds that there is such a great deal of it. This page will act as an area to monitor everything being examined on the declaration of new insight. At the point when I began chipping away at it, I figured doing so would be more gainful than surveying every one of them thusly. Maybe it will help out to others also.

Frequency Ask Questions

Here,I describe some important questions are as Follow:

1 .What precisely is an “Intel Dinar”?

Dr. Safwat al-Zayat uncovered a numerical [equation] (Houston narrative telephone number) that decides the worth of an intel dinar. This condition gives the intel dinar a worth particular from that of different monetary forms, like the euro or the dollar.

2 .Intel Dinar is a Ponzi conspire, I’ve perused.

Never. The condition used to decide its worth is bona fide and unchangeable. No secret costs exist.

3 .Could I at any point actually take part?

However long you’re not partaking in criminal operations, you can join Intel Dinars since there are no enrollment expenses or responsibilities. Since they’re founded on sound ideas that have been utilized for centuries, you’ll benefit from assuming you apply them to help your business, family, and the local area.

4 .What is it that I really want to be aware of charges?

Legitimate insights about Intel Dinars and doesn’t comprise charge guidance. You are firmly urged to talk with your expense guide as you arrive at conclusions about your singular conditions.

5 .Are Intel Dinars safe?

Indeed, they are upheld by protections previously held in accounts at national banks and can be unreservedly traded by anybody who holds them. In any case, while they are more secure than numerous world monetary standards and items, there is no safe venture.

6 .How might I tell whether my Intel Dinars are genuine?

The Bank of Ghana is teaming up with unfamiliar legislatures to confirm the value of every Advanced Dinar. Substantial resources will back Intel Dinar installments, so it’s inevitable before they’re broadly perceived around the world.

7 .Is there any explanation I shouldn’t take part?

Similarly, as with any undertaking, you ought to painstakingly gauge your choice prior to continuing, however many individuals are now more than happy clients of Intel Dinars since they have seen critical advantages from partaking in them.

8 .How much cash do I have to begin?

Intel Dinars have no base or greatest venture sum. Nonetheless, you ought to try not to overspend or go into obligation. Many individuals start with little speculations and increment them as their pay and other profit create.

9 .Is getting my cash back simple?

Indeed, you can sell your speculation whenever by trading your Intel Dinars for silver or gold coins. Your genuine pay might decline because of lost intensifying increases assuming you do as such.

10 .Is there any more data I ought to be familiar with Intel Dinars?

It is fundamental to remember a couple of things when you participate in Intel Dinars since you might find that others pose you numerous inquiries for them as you progress through the game.


The Dinar was the essential coin of the Islamic Realm in the middle age period. In 696-697 Promotion, Khalif Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan presented it. Dinar Master is a site made by a gathering committed to spreading precise data about gold. The absolute most unmistakable individuals in Washington DC and Europe will before long be unveiling what they have been covering.

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