The Intel Dinar Chronicles are stories

The Intel Dinar Chronicles are accounts of my excursion in the domain of business and exchanging parallel choices with the best dealer ever, General Trade Depot . That far’s been a long time since I’ve joined the market and as of now I can see you that this was one of the most mind-blowing choices of my life. In the event that you’re as yet uncertain whether you ought to go along with me on this excursion, investigate this most recent intel dinar narratives section underneath.

Intel Dinar Chronicles

All who have been following Intel realize that they are changing their unique program and that they are raising their essentials.

We should investigate what’s going on here:

  1. The Emergency Coin Redemption Program (ECRP) was established to keep away from World War III and permit each country to partake in a methodical progress from obligation cash to abundance cash.

  2. Notice I didn’t say world money, since it isn’t — yet. There were two parts to ECRP.

  3. It is vital to comprehend that ECRP was intended to assist us with all progressing from fiat (paper) cash to resource supported money.

  4. We have been molded for millennia to put stock in and work for obligation cash, which doesn’t actually exist and isn’t supported by something besides individuals’ confidence in it.

  5. What we are really going after will eventually be another money comprised of existing monetary standards all over the planet.

  6. Actual money is simply paper and ink. It has no worth itself; its worth is made by a commitment from a bank.

  7. The US dollar note, for instance, is simply green paper with ink on it. We as a whole realize that we can consume that paper, or destroy it, or even draw on top of it despite everything have the option to utilize those bits of paper to purchase things with on the grounds that they merit something.

  8. They are moved by our confidence in them and their set of experiences.

Intel Dinar Chronicles 19 August 2021

  • This is a gathering of intel presents from March 2019 on August 20, 2021. With each of the new changes happening in Iraq and all over the planet, it has become more significant than any other time for everybody to begin getting ready as fast as could be expected.

  • I initially needed to continue to do these intel reports on my ordinary channel, but I immediately understood that it wouldn’t be gainful to do as such.

  • It will be more straightforward for everybody in the event that these updates are posted on another channel devoted explicitly to intel.

  • That being said, I am exceptionally content with how these posts have gone up until this point and I have cherished seeing each of your reactions as you share what you’re doing about getting ready in such a cherishing and steady way.

  • Since you have accepted your 25% return, you are likely considering how to manage it.

  • We definitely realize that one of our most ideal choices is to save it as a reinforcement supply, but I likewise comprehend that a considerable lot of you need to exploit in any event a portion of these assets.

  • While everybody’s circumstance is unique, there are a few overall rules that can assist you with pursuing a superior choice in regards to how to manage your 25% return.

  • One of these rules is to consider any prompt monetary necessities that might have created since you have been getting arranged for these changes. In the event that one of those needs has arisen, it would most likely be ideal to spend part of your return.

Dinar Chronicles July 22, 2021

As you probably are aware, after some time I have come to understand that a large number of my thoughts are off-base.

  1. I’m even stunned regarding the number of are absolutely off-base (and some purposefully off-base).

  2. After some time I will attempt to return and once again survey what has occurred and attempt to tidy up my reports (being certain to state when they were correct or wrong).

  3. A considerable lot of my unique forecasts demonstrated right however such a long ways on a restricted premise. Here are my considerations about where we are currently.

  4. I have likewise come to understand that each nation or government needs to hoard on their cash, and don’t have any desire to impart it to any other person. This is valid for certain people also, yet entirely not all.

  5. There are many situations where individuals would prefer to see others flourish than themselves (we don’t necessarily ponder our own government assistance).

  6. In many examples I have seen nations cooperate for shared benefit as opposed to contend with one another for absolute control and power.

  7. I began to understand that when nations got together, they made a vacuum in numerous everyday issues.

  8. It is generally difficult to fill such vacuums and make them work accurately. Most know about what has occurred with most nations as of late, as they have in a real sense self-destructed. You can track down a halfway rundown here: The Fall of Nations.

Dinar Chronicles July 4 2021

  1. An extra 500 billion Dinars were delivered by Iraq to pay government employees in Baghdad and Kirkuk and the northern districts.

  2. The dinar moved higher with exchanging at IQD1 = $1.22 in Baghdad with vendors purchasing at 1,210 and selling at 1,212 on great interest for exchange exchanges.

  3. The cash was more grounded in Erbil where it was cited at IQD 1162 for acquisition of unfamiliar money yet lower available to be purchased at 1165.

  4. One more arrival of dinars in Baghdad and Erbil were offered to vendors in enormous amounts at cutthroat rates and various unfamiliar money players came into Erbil including one huge gathering who purchased 10 million euros paying IQD11520.

  5. The cost moved somewhat lower to IQD1,154 for 1 euro purchasing rates with buys at 1150 and selling at 1152. There was little change in Turkish lira with venders citing TL3 = IQD250.

  6. The US dollar expanded somewhat in esteem against significant monetary standards with a swapping scale of 1.20 in Istanbul and $1.22 in Baghdad. Banks said they had an expanded interest for US dollars, euro and British pounds.

  7. Request was additionally detailed for Kuwaiti dinars at paces of IQD27 = KD3, Kuwaiti dinars purchased at IDQ320 while there were further requests for Russian roubles.

Dinar Guru Blogspot Intel

Dinar Guru is a site made by a gathering committed to spreading exact data around one of humankind’s most established and most impressive otherworldly instruments:

  • Gold their central goal is to help humankind comprehend and accomplish flourishing.

  • All individuals have taken part in marking a few hundred million dinar over numerous years and are devoted to helping other people figure out how to do it without anyone’s help so they can accomplish riches, opportunity, and bliss.

Dinar Guru is important for a bigger local area and organization of people and associations. This incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to:

  • International Coalition for Human Rights, Exempt from Disclosure (EFTD), Global Prosperity Group, Government Accountability Office (GAO), Department of Defense (DoD), State Department, IMF, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, U.S. Depository Department and some more.

  • We are in a period of revelation as it connects with Iraq and its funds. We don’t yet have the foggiest idea what amount of time it will require, however we ought to be in every way ready for astonishing occasions very soon, maybe even inside the space of days or weeks.

  • While things have stayed calm for a couple of months at this point, we anticipate that that should change rapidly. We are energized!

  • The work we have been doing is essential for an unpredictable, interlocking procedure on many levels including the absolute greatest individuals in Washington DC and in Europe.

Dinar Chronicles August 26, 2021

Primer Forecast is Confirmed. As anticipated, a more extreme downfall has started vigorously. As of now there is no way to stop it.

Assumptions are lower than at any other time, as reflected by evaluating of valuable metals and their subsidiaries on global trades.

That’s what good judgment recommends in the event that they were genuine cash — and not simple paper claims on genuine money they would order costs a lot higher.

Valuable metals have been debased on worldwide trades, with valuable metals and their subsidiaries selling at costs lower than they cost to mine.

While there are different elements engaged with these diving costs specifically, national bank trading strategies and basic organic market elements there can be no question that a bigger fall is up and coming. The main inquiry is the manner by which far down it will go.

The IMF or International Monetary Fund, is settled in Washington, DC and headed by a leading body of lead representatives that incorporates delegates from pretty much every country. To cite Wikipedia:

  • The IMF is ordered to supervise the worldwide money related framework and screen the monetary and monetary approaches of its part nations.

  • The reasoning for this is that emergencies might be all the more effortlessly settled among more modest economies.

As per John Maynard Keynes, who composed The Economic Consequences of Peace after World War I:

  • The association of a global cash and banking framework should be outlined.

  • When financial typhoons emerge in any region of the planet they will find it simpler to disregard innocuously different parts.

  • It is a fantasy which will work out finally.

Dinar Chronicles August 19, 2021

I’m composing today to let you know a smidgen about my own life. I’ve seen a considerable lot of your sites, and I realize that a large number of you guarantee to be insiders.

It would be unimaginable for me to answer your messages, so I concluded it was all time for me to work an open letter to everybody out there.

We are not all insiders, in spite of what some of you could accept.

There are a many individuals out there that have been professing to be insiders for a really long time, and have even ventured to such an extreme as to compose books about what they guarantee to be aware.

Some of them truly do know things; others don’t. Exactly the same thing goes for me: I can guarantee you that I am an insider, however I likewise can’t demonstrate it.

There are three reasons that I am deciding to compose today.

  1. The first is that you few have requested that I demonstrate my accreditation, and in spite of the fact that I won’t ever uncover my name or some other individual data, I calculated that it was no time like the present for me to address every one of you without a moment’s delay.

  2. You’ve shown interest in my work, so I trust that by tending to you collectively, a portion of your inquiries can be responded to.

  3. I have been an individual from The Family for a long time, and in spite of the fact that I can’t see you what my obligations are or the amount I know, I can say that I am in a sufficiently high place that my story conveys some weight.

  4. Regardless of whether you decide not to accept me about whatever else, if it’s not too much trouble, basically consider that all that composed here is valid on the grounds that approaching from a genuine insider knows things about what truly happens in secret.

Dinar Detective

To start with, we should lay out what a dinar is. Dinars are antiquated coins utilized by Sumerians as money millennia prior.

  1. They were struck from silver, normally stepped with a picture of their divine beings or rulers, and esteemed in light of weight.

  2. The heavier the coin, the more it was worth. Today, a dolar or dinar is basically a money.

  3. Since it has become so undeniably obvious what a dinar is, we should examine the reason why certain individuals need them.

  4. Everybody wants to find out whether there’s a method for getting rich short-term.

  5. Fortunately it doesn’t take long to bring in cash with dinars in the event that you can find somebody who will follow through on a nice cost for them.

  6. They’re printed by a wide range of legislatures. Back in 2011, Iraq quit involving its old money for various reasons and started utilizing another one all things considered.

  7. This implied that large number of old dinars which had been unavailable for general use for a long time were out of nowhere worth something once more. Anybody with enough reserve funds to purchase an Iraqi dolar banknote might have turned an easy gain by selling it somewhere else.


Today, Iraqi dinars are useless. However, back in 2011, it was feasible to sell them for almost twofold their presumptive worth. A one hundred dollar Iraqi dolar banknote which had been sitting in somebody’s cabinet since before 2003 might have been traded for $200 USD. There was no telling the way in which long that cost would endure, however everybody in question needed to exploit it while they could.

Dinar Recap

Silver costs in Iraq have arrived at a record high, outperforming $47/oz. The justification behind such an extreme increment is connected to exchange relations among Iraq and Iran.

Right now, global approvals have been put on Iran; nonetheless, with exchange relations developing between these two nations, it appears like that particular situation won’t keep going long.

Also, that is incredible information for Iraqis who presently have more buying power than any other time!

By and large, multiple times more costly than it was in 2003. The monetary development experienced from that point forward is straightforwardly connected with a prospering exchange relationship with Iran and a convergence of capital that is because of a global oil blast.

This consistent stream of pay is helping expansion rates in Iraq which will without a doubt prompt further development and, surprisingly, greater costs for a wide range of items.

It’s nothing unexpected that numerous Iraqis have removed their cash from Iraq and put it into either a financial balance in Switzerland or in real money put away at home.

With actual money turning out to be progressively challenging to stow away, inhabitants are going to gold and silver as a substitute.

This pattern is rising rapidly to such an extent that it appears to be like gold bullion might be sold by weight in business sectors close by different products soon!

With costs of silver arriving at a record-breaking high, it’s no big surprise numerous Iraqis are hoping to purchase gold and silver coins and gems for the purpose of burying their riches.

As a matter of fact, some Iraqi trading companies are in any event, offering gold records in which their clients can save to $25 million worth of bullion!

This pattern has pushed interest for actual gold and silver a lot higher than expected, causing for a huge expansion in cost.

Dinar Recaps from Dinar Guru and Intel

As dinar costs went up, awareness did as well and news about Iraq’s destined to-be new cash. From early June to late July, there were significant recaps from Intel, including a few that portrayed Iraq’s monetary circumstance.

  1. During early June, Hussein expressed that $4.25 per dinar would be a fair conversion scale for its new money, which would make each U.S. dollar worth somewhat in excess of 3,500 Iraqi dinars.

  2. The authority conversion scale was a lot higher around 250 dinars to each U.S. dollar in June 2014 however before May 1 most residents could get to that informal conversion scale through confidential specialists who charged an expense and postponed conveyance of money by essentially a few days or weeks.

  3. Mostafa Al-Hamad, an individual from Iraq’s Committee for Monetary Policy, told Mawazine News that Iraq would be tolerating offers on dinar from anybody proposed to get it.

  4. He said he had been in touch with many closely involved individuals and that those gatherings would start buying Iraqi cash after it authoritatively becomes lawful delicate on October 1.


There are so many intel refreshes that it’s difficult to keep up. This page will act as a spot to follow everything being said concerning intel declarations. It’s more valuable than evaluating every one of them exclusively, essentially that was my reasoning when I began it. Perhaps others will find it valuable as well. Nothing has occurred at this point, yet we are still in play for a declaration soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Intel Dinar?

An intel dinar is a cash of trade, like Euros or Dollars, yet it has a unique worth in view of a numerical condition found by Dr. Safwat al-Zayat. It’s worth will stay stable in global business sectors even as monetary standards vacillate, and ultimately its worth will rise essentially to commonly the present qualities. At the end of the day, $100 US Dollars in 2020 will rise to about $100 US Dollars in 2011.

I’ve heard that Intel Dinar is a Ponzi Scheme, right?

Not by any stretch of the imagination. The numerical condition for deciding its worth is certified and not open to altering by any party. There are no secret expenses or charges included.

I’m a Muslim. Might I at any point actually take part?

Indeed, for however long you are not as of now engaged with unlawful exercises, you can unreservedly take part in Intel Dinars since they don’t include interest charges or agreements of any sort. Since they depend on sound rules that have been utilized for a really long time, your prize will be perfect on the off chance that you use them to help support and develop your business, family and local area.

What is it that I want to be aware of expenses?

The accompanying data is given according to a lawful viewpoint on Intel Dinars and doesn’t comprise charge counsel. You are unequivocally urged to talk with your duty consultant as you settle on conclusions about your own singular conditions. Like different speculations, profit from Intel Dinars are available at both government and state levels.

Are Intel Dinars safe?

Indeed, they are supported by protections that are as of now held in accounts at significant banks, and can be uninhibitedly traded between anybody who holds them. In any case, while they are more secure than numerous different monetary forms and wares that are exchanged on global business sectors, a protected venture can’t possibly exist. For instance, your home could burn to the ground or somebody could break into it and take everything inside on the off chance that you don’t avoid potential risk to appropriately get it.

How might I be aware on the off chance that my Intel Dinars are real?

The Bank of Ghana has proactively started working with numerous unfamiliar states to have all Intel Dinars traded and represented in every nation, so their worth can be checked. All Intel Dinar exchanges will be supported by genuine resources, so it is inevitable before they become generally acknowledged as a type of installment in many spots all over the planet.

Is there any explanation I shouldn’t partake?

Similarly as with any undertaking, you ought to painstakingly gauge your choice prior to continuing, yet many individuals are as of now exceptionally fulfilled clients of Intel Dinars since they have seen huge advantages from taking part in them. Your own monetary conditions will be exceptional, so it depends on you to choose whether or not Intel Dinars fit into your arrangements for expanding your privately invested money and pay after some time.

How much cash do I have to get everything rolling?

There is no base or most extreme measure of cash you should put resources into Intel Dinars, yet you ought to painstakingly gauge your choice to try not to overspend or venturing into the red. Many individuals decide to put away modest quantities of cash from the start and afterward increment their venture as their pay and profit from different sources develops over the long haul.

Will it be not difficult to get my cash back?

Indeed, you can sell your speculation whenever by deciding to trade your Intel Dinars for actual gold or silver coins that you can then sell at market costs. Be that as it may, your profit might diminish in genuine terms assuming you decide to do as such, in light of the fact that there will be a deficiency of possible additions from build interest over the long run.

Is there any more data I ought to be aware of Intel Dinars?

As you partake in Intel Dinars, you might find that others pose you a ton of inquiries about them, and remembering a couple of things is significant.


The Intel Dinar Chronicles are accounts of my excursion in the domain of business and exchanging parallel choices with the best dealer ever, General Trade Depot. That far’s been a long time since I’ve joined the market and as of now I can see you that this was one of the most mind-blowing choices of my life. If you want to know about some more useful information then you must read this article with carefully.

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