2005 buffalo nickel is a five-cent piece famous for its error. Speared bison error worth more than 1200 dollars was the most popular among them. A line intersects the buffalo from one point to another which makes this coin special. There is another error called detached leg error in which the leg of the buffalo detached from its body. Another thing that makes 2005 Jefferson’s buffalo nickel different from the previous buffalo coins is its reverse bison design (Buffalo in opposite direction).

What is buffalo nickel?

Buffalo nickel is a five-cent copper coin, it was introduced by the United States Mint and struck in 1913 to 1938. The buffalo head nickel is also known as Indian head nickel because when it was newly introduced, one side of the coin was imposed with red-Indian men and the other side is imposed with a full picture of buffalo. Sculptor James Earle Fraser designed it.

Background of buffalo nickel:

In 1883 the coin was launched with its very first design called ‘liberty head nickel’, this was designed by Charles E barber who was the sixth chief engraver of the united states mint. When it was launched, the word cent was not written on the liberty side of the coin afterward due to some criminal activities it was modified with the words cent.

Later on, Fraser who was a well-known sculptor of the united states, redesign it and come up with a red Indian head. The design was praised by the Traft administration of the U.S and approved it but due to some issues with the nickel-operating machine, the design was delayed by the Hobbs manufacturing company. In February 1913, after all the objections the Indian head nickel was issued by franklin McVeigh who was a treasury secretary of the U.S.

Fraser design stayed for 25 years and in 1938 it was redesigned by another designer “Felix Oscar Schlage” who was a sculptor and a designer of this new coin called “Jefferson nickel” which was stayed from 1938 to 2004. Fraser’s design is still admired and included in the buffalo gold series.

In 2005 Jefferson’s nickel was redesigned with reverse bison. This design is very popular with the name of 2005 buffalo nickel. The reason for the popularity is its error. The errored coins were sold for a good amount of money.

Summary: initially buffalo nickel was designed by Charles E barber, 1938 Fraser who was a famous sculptor modify the design and bring it up with a native American face. The design was appreciated and by the American Traft administration but not approved due to some issues. Later on, franklin McVeigh approved it.

2005 buffalo nickel errors

The 2005 buffalo nickel was very popular among people because of its design error. A variety of errors were found in 2005 buffalo nickel, because of which it was sold in good amount.

1. 200 PC 5C bison on an improperly annealed plan mint error MS 65 new England collection

It is a 5-cent buffalo nickel, popular for its reverse buffalo design. The head of the buffalo is in the opposite direction than the previous coin designs. These coins are rare and sold for $125, more than its actual worth.

2. PCGS MS66 speared bison, series 20 125A

Jefferson’s 2005 buffalo nickel with speared bison error coin is the most popular error and also price worthy. If you have a hand full of coins then try to find out a speared bison coin because it gives you more money than your expectations. Its basic cost is 5 cents however this error and rarity makes it expensive.

What is a speared bison error?

A diagonal or straight line intersects the buffalo from one end to another as you can see in this video

This makes it rare and was sold for $1265. It is also called die-cast error

3. 2005-P bison buffalo nickel detached leg

2005 buffalo nickel is famous for another error called detached leg error. The surface of the machine was polished as much as the leg-mounted area was where the attachment of the leg from the body was disappeared that result in a detached leg error in the coin.

People find it rare and start buying the coin, due to an increase in demand and quantity shortage 2005 buffalo nickel value also increased.

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Some of the questions may arise in your mind, in this section we answer some of them regarding the topic.

1. How much is a 2004 buffalo nickel worth?

2004 buffalo nickel worth is around $0.26 to $0.80. this value is estimated in the U.S coin book. It can be worth more in uncirculated (MN+) mint condition.

2. What is the rarest nickel?

The liberty head nickel that was produced in 1913, is one of the rare and worthy coins in the history of the American mint. It is produced in very small quantity and in 2007 one of liberty head nickel were sold in $5 million.

3. Is the nickel with a buffalo rare?

Buffalo nickel is not rare but the error it contains makes it rare. During the making of the buffalo coin, some coins got errors in their mounting due to technical issues. These errored coins get popular with time and become pricy.

4. Why does my buffalo nickel have no date?

If your buffalo nickel has no date it means that it has been worn off because of circulating for a longer period of time.

5. Where is the mint mark on an Indian head nickel or buffalo nickel?

On Indian head nickel or buffalo nickel, the mint mark was located in the reverse of the coin, below five cents. Mint is a mark on the coin that identified the mint at which the particular coin was made.


2005 buffalo nickel was famous for the mount errors in the buffalo side. Buffalo nickel was initially designed by Charles E barber then with time the design modified and in 2005 a buffalo nickel was published with reverse bison design and in front of Jefferson’s close-up side pose. It was popular due to some errors. These errors were formed due to die machines; the mixture of alloy and other mater stick in the narrow area of die results the mixture couldn’t reach on that part that causes error in the coin. Detached leg error an example of it. Speared bison error is a line that intersects the buffalo from one end to another it is the most popular error and the coins were sold in a maximum of $ 1200, a good amount for a 5-cent coin.

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