Definition of Money:

  1. Each item of value (1) serves as a generally accepted source of finance, (2) a legal means of payment for debt repayment, (3) a standard of value, and (4) a measure of accounting. One unit and (5) one source of accounting to save or save energy. See also Money.

  2. The current means of exchange simultaneously takes the form of coins and banknotes, coins and banknotes.

Synonyms of Money

Affluent, Chink, Stumpy, Paper money, Riches, Gain, Shekels, Mazuma, Legal tender, Command of money, Jack, Chips, Boodle, Specie, Sugar, Hard cash, Reserves, Pool, Dinero, Affluence, Bundle, Stuff, Handsome fortune, Prosperity, Bottom dollar, Needful, Moneyed, Wealth, Bread, Assets, Medium of exchange, Mammon, Wampum, Independence, On Easy Street, Banknotes, Stiff, Wealthiness, Capital, Coinage, Rich, Simoleons, Wealthy, Mopus, Funds, Purse, Bank account, Prosperousness, Moolah, Budget, Ready money, Change, In the money, Coin, Pelf, Spinach, Bulging purse, Property, Six-figure income, Moneybags, Unregistered bank account, Rake-off, Filthy lucre, Gold, Cash reserves, Loot, Swiss bank account, Life savings, Savings account, Moneys, Balance, Liquid assets, Substance, Resources, Opulency, Possessions, High tax bracket, Brass, Kitty, Upper bracket, Gelt, Ooftish, Bankroll, Exchequer, Opulence, Bottomless purse, Prosperous, Well-heeled, Bills, Loaded, Means, Take, Cash, Embarras de richesses, Cash, Wherewithal, Percentage, Currency, Pecuniary resources, Small change, Flush, Luxuriousness, Pocket, Hay, Swag, Coins, Do-re-mi, Monied, The ready, Checking account, Net, Greenbacks, Scratch, Fat, Savings, Smash, Dough, Richness, Money to burn, Lucre, Bucks, Hard cash, Treasure, Fund, Well-to-do, Profit, Notes, Kale, Lettuce, High income, Ready money, Blunt, In clover, Lolly, Fortune, Rocks, Folding money, Rhino, Finances, Easy circumstances, Material wealth, Nest egg, Cabbage

How to use Money in a sentence?

  1. Richard wanted to buy all sorts of expensive things, such as jet skis, villas and motorboats, but he didn't have that much money.
  2. Governments are generally reluctant to print new money during a recession because a neighbor of spending money can trigger inflation.
  3. Before the rise of the Mayan civilization, cocoa beans were used as a means of payment to do business with Aztec neighbors, who also saw cocoa beans as a desirable bargaining chip.
  4. I counted the money before putting it in my wallet.

Meaning of Money & Money Definition

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How Do You Define Money?

Money is an economic entity that acts as a generally accepted medium for the purpose of transactions in the economy. Money offers to reduce transaction costs, ie adjusts needs. Money is a commodity that has physical characteristics that market participants should adopt as a means of exchange. This money can be in the form of: trusts or government funds that are formally issued through the market, substitutes for money and media and electronic cryptocurrencies.

  • Money is a generally accepted, recognized and decentralized medium of exchange to facilitate trade in goods and services.
  • The use of money eliminates the problem of double confrontation which may arise in exchange.
  • Economically, each government has its own financial system, which is determined and controlled by the central authority.
  • Cryptocurrency represents a new form of currency with international business opportunities.

Money means, In the insurance sector, money refers to local or foreign currency, coins, notes and gold bars. It also applies to registered checks, bank checks, money orders and unpublished passenger checks.

Meanings of Money

  1. The current means of exchange is simultaneously in the form of coins and banknotes, coins and banknotes.



  • Money is an economic unit that is generally accepted as a means of exchange for the purpose of transactions in the economy. Money provides a service to reduce transaction costs, ie dual desire. Money comes in the form of items that have physical properties that the market can use through exchanges. Money can be in the form of: fiat money or marketed fiat money, formally issued, fiat information and media, and electronic cryptocurrency.

    • Money is a generally accepted, recognized and economical exchange that is used to facilitate trade in goods and services.
    • The use of money eliminates the dual effects that can occur in exchange.
    • Economically, each government has its own financial system, which is determined and controlled by a central authority.
    • Cryptocurrency represents a new form of money with international business opportunities.

  • Meaning of Money: Money in the insurance industry refers to domestic or foreign currency, coins, notes and gold bars. This can include insured registered checks, bank checks, money orders, and traveler's checks.

Meanings of Money

  1. A common means of exchange in the form of coins and paper money, with coins and paper money.

Synonyms of Money

splosh, (filthy) lucre, wonga, dibs, dosh, Oscar, copper, ackers, shinplasters, the necessary, readies, spondulicks, wad, l.s.d., ducats, tin, the means, gravy, the wherewithal, silver, sterling


What is The Definition of Money?

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  • Money is a generally accepted, recognized and central means of exchange in an economy that is used to facilitate the transaction of goods and services.
  • The use of money eliminates the double blind problem that can arise in return.
  • Economically, each government has its own financial system, which is determined and controlled by a central authority.
  • Cryptocurrency represents a new form of money with international business opportunities.

Money refers to Money in the insurance industry refers to domestic or foreign currency, coins, notes and gold bars. This can include unregistered registered checks, bank checks, money orders, and passenger checks.