Definition of Administration:

  1. Management: The interpretation and implementation of the policy set by an organizations board of directors.

  2. The process or activity of running a business, organization, etc.

  3. Law: A collection of assets that make up the estate of a deceased person by a court-appointed administrator to pay off the deceaseds debts, and to distribute the remaining assets to the estates beneficiaries.

  4. The management of public affairs; government.

  5. The action of dispensing, giving, or applying something.

Synonyms of Administration

Management, Managing, Direction, Directing, Command, Commanding, Control, Controlling, Charge, Conduct, Conducting, Operation, Regulation, Regulating, Handling, Running, Leadership, Government, Governing, Superintendence, Supervision, Supervising, Overseeing, Oversight, Orchestration, Orchestrating, Guidance, Care, Government, Cabinet, Ministry, Regime, Executive, Authority, Directorate, Council, Leadership, Management, Dispensation, Dispensing, Delivering, Issuing, Giving, Provision, Providing, Application, Applying, Discharge, Allotment, Distribution, Apportionment, Apportioning, Dealing out, Handing out, Meting out, Measuring out, Doling out, Disbursement, Disbursing, Bestowal, Academic dean, Accomplishment, Achievement, Administering, Administrator, Application, Applying, Archon, Auspices, Authority, Bestowal, Board, Board of directors, Board of regents, Board of trustees, Bureaucracy, Cabinet, Cadre, Care, Chancellor, Charge, Chief executive, Chief executive officer, Civil government, Claws, Clutches, Command, Command function, Commission, Completion, Conduct, Control, Council, Cure, Custodianship, Custody, Dean, Dean of men, Dean of women, Decision-making, Delivery, Direction, Directorate, Directory, Disbursal, Disbursement, Discharge, Discipline, Dispatch, Dispensation, Dispersion, Disposal, Disposition, Distribution, Dole, Doling, Doling out, Dominion, Dosage, Dosing, Effectuation, Empery, Empire, Enactment, Enforcing, Execution, Executive, Executive arm, Executive committee, Executive director, Executive function, Executive hierarchy, Executive officer, Executive secretary, Forcing, Forcing on, Form of government, Furnishing, Giving, Giving out, Governance, Governing board, Governing body, Government, Grip, Guardianship, Guidance, Hand, Handling, Hands, Headmaster, Headmistress, Hierarchy, Higher echelons, Higher-ups, Implementation, Infrastructure, Interlocking directorate, Iron hand, Issuance, Jurisdiction, Keeping, Magistrate, Management, Managing director, Master, Meting out, Ministry, Officer, Official, Officialdom, Officiation, Oversight, Passing around, Pastorage, Pastorate, Pastorship, Patronage, Paying out, Performance, Perpetration, Political organization, Polity, Power, Prefect, Prelacy, Prescribing, President, Prexy, Principal, Protectorship, Provision, Provost, Raj, Rector, Regime, Regimen, Regnancy, Regulation, Reign, Rule, Ruling class, Ruling classes, Safe hands, Secretary, Sovereignty, Steering committee, Stewardship, Superintendence, Supervision, Supplying, Sway, System of government, Talons, The Establishment, The administration, The authorities, The brass, The executive, The ingroup, The interests, The people upstairs, The power elite, The power structure, The top, Them, They, Top brass, Transaction, Treasurer, Tutelage, Vice-chancellor, Vice-president, Ward, Warden, Wardenship, Wardship, Watch and ward, Wing

How to use Administration in a sentence?

  1. The oral administration of the antibiotic.
  2. There are many similarities between the Bush and Obama administration which make one wonder whether the two parties are really any different.
  3. The inhabitants of the island voted to remain under French administration.
  4. I had to check with the food and drug administration before I could sell my product to the common public.
  5. We are in here for clerical duties. Our work is for the administration board, they will pass our files to the main office.
  6. The day-to-day administration of the company.

Meaning of Administration & Administration Definition

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How Do You Define Administration?

Administration refers to The word business has two meanings.

Meanings of Administration

  1. Management process or activity of a company, organization, etc.

  2. Government Affairs Administration.

  3. Distribute, give or use something.

Sentences of Administration

  1. Daily business management

  2. The islanders chose to remain under French rule

  3. Oral antibiotic administration


Administration Definition:

  • The word has two meanings in business.

Meanings of Administration

  1. The process or activity of managing a business, organization, etc.

  2. Management of government public affairs

Sentences of Administration

  1. Ongoing Business Administration

  2. Oral antibiotics

Synonyms of Administration

enforcement, congress, exacting, senate, imposing, parliament, inflicting, incumbency, infliction, exercise, regiment, term of office, imposition


What is The Definition of Administration?

There are two meanings associated with this word in business.

Meanings of Administration

  1. The process or activity of organizing a business, organization, etc.

Sentences of Administration

  1. Ongoing business management