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What is Teslas Car Insurance? Teslas Car Insurance is an insurance of electric vehicles.Tesla Insurance offers a monthly payment without hidden charges. If you are in California, you are in luck where the average cost of Teslas Insurance is just below $999 per year. To give an idea of ​​Tesla fans what to expect, HowToDiscuss checked the full-coverage auto insurance rates on the Tesla lowest price. Here’s what we found.

What does Tesla Car Insurance covers?

Personal auto coverage:

  • Bodily Injury Liability:You will pay for medical expenses other drivers / loss of income in an accident that caused
  • Property Damage Liability: will have to pay for property damage in an accident that caused
  • Personal Injury Protection: Pays for your medical bills / loss of earnings following an accident.
  • Uninsured Motorist: helps you when you are in an accident with a driver who is uninsured
  • Insufficient motorist: it helps you when you are in an accident with a driver who is underinsured
  • Medical payments: helps pay for medical expenses you and your passengers after an accident

Vehicle Coverage:

  • Collision Coverage: Pays for damage to your car in a collision with an object or vehicle.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Pays for damage to your car to situations that are not involved in a collision (theft, vandalism, etc.)

Average cost of the Tesla Model 3 insurance

  • Tesla Model 3 insurance costs an average of $ 2216 a year, shows our analysis. This represents more than 50% higher than the national average cost of car insurance.

  • But rates vary considerably from one insurer to another. Among the five largest auto insurance companies in the United States, price differences for Tesla Model 3 insurance can be over $ 1,001 per year.

  • To find the cheapest car insurance Tesla, be sure to check smaller regional providers. They can beat the biggest players in your neighborhood.

Company Average annual rate
Progressive $1,816
State Farm $1,944
Geico $2,566
Allstate $3,332
USAA $1,146

How much Tesla Model 3 insurance cost in my state?

Tesla Model 3 insurance costs are not fixed through the US, with average annual rates for full coverage ranging dramatically by state.

  • Maine has the lowest average cost to insure a Tesla Model 3, reaching $ 1,245 a year.

  • Louisiana has the highest average cost model to ensure Tesla 3 to $ 3436.

While the price you pay may vary depending on your location, you’re likely to spend more than their neighboring non-owners Tesla for auto insurance. Of the 25 most popular cars in the US, the Tesla Model 3 is the most expensive to insure, on average, in all states except New York, which ranks second to the Toyota Highlander LE.

In each state, however, you can save money shopping around to find the cheapest insurance for Tesla.

USAA not included in our analysis because it is available only to active military veterans and their families, but is also an aspect worth it if you are eligible. In 30 states, USAA showed the best prices in the Tesla Model 3.

State :point_down: Average annual rate of Tesla Car Insurance Cheapest average rate of Tesla Car Insurance Cheapest provider of Tesla Car Insurance :black_flag:
Alabama $2,057 $1,253 Travelers Company :black_flag:
Alaska $1,992 $1,373 Progressive Company :black_flag:
Arizona $1,941 $1,142 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Arkansas $3,112 $1,238 Southern Farm Bureau Casualty :black_flag:
California $2,658 $1,726 Kemper Company :black_flag:
Colorado $2,418 $843 American National Company :black_flag:
Connecticut $2,625 $1,405 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Delaware $2,102 $1,395 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
District of Columbia $2,715 $1,473 Erie Company :black_flag:
Florida $2,939 $2,156 State Farm Company :black_flag:
Georgia $2,344 $1,282 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Hawaii $1,566 $1,249 State Farm Company :black_flag:
Idaho $1,478 $512 American National Company :black_flag:
Illinois $1,791 $769 Pekin Company :black_flag:
Indiana $1,601 $715 Pekin Company :black_flag:
lowa $1,579 $898 Hastings Mutual :black_flag:
Kansas $2,149 $1,213 Farm Bureau Financial Services :black_flag:
Kentucky $3,154 $1,949 Grange :black_flag:
Louisiana $3,437 $2,068 Southern Farm Bureau Casualty :black_flag:
Maine $1,246 $716 Concord Group :black_flag:
Maryland $2,599 $1,269 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Massachu- setts $1,468 $687 State Farm Company :black_flag:
Michigan $3,288 $1,411 Pioneer State Company :black_flag:
Minnesota $2,131 $1,022 Farm Bureau Financial Services :black_flag:
Mississippi $2,108 $1,359 Mississippi Farm Bureau :black_flag:
Missouri $2,887 $1,654 Missouri Farm Bureau :black_flag:
Montana $2,368 $1,475 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Nebraska $1,703 $998 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Nevada $2,209 $1,348 Progressive Company :black_flag:
New Hampshire $1,637 $768 Concord Group :black_flag:
New Jersey $2,633 $1,348 Plymouth Rock :black_flag:
New Mexico $1,825 $1,431 Farm Bureau Financial Services :black_flag:
New York $2,705 $606 Main Street America :black_flag:
North Carolina $1,680 $1,170 State Farm Company :black_flag:
North Dakota $1,653 $1,118 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Ohio $1,258 $739 Hastings Mutual :black_flag:
Oklahoma $2,206 $1,612 Progressive :black_flag:
Oregon $1,735 $981 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Pennsylvania $2,032 $1,041 Penn National :black_flag:
Rhode Island $2,447 $1,129 State Farm Company :black_flag:
South Carolina $2,022 $624 American National :black_flag:
South Dakota $1,857 $1,220 Farmers Mutual of Nebraska :black_flag:
Tennessee $1,792 $1,141 Grange :black_flag:
Texas $3,116 $1,351 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Utah $1,848 $1,038 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Vermont $1,619 $794 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Virginia $1,858 $828 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Washington $1,584 $934 Oregon Mutual :black_flag:
West Virginia $2,285 $1,074 Nationwide Company :black_flag:
Wisconsin $1,577 $896 Hastings Mutual :black_flag:
Wyoming $2,203 $1,814 Farmers Company :black_flag:

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Teslas Car Insurance in UK

The cost of insurance will depend on several factors. The first is the model Tesla is assured that the intention mileage cover, your driving history and age to name a few. As Teslas are an electric luxury vehicle, usually they can be more expensive to insure than competitive vehicles. This is due to the cost of technology and parts.

The entry level Model 3, the Standard Range Plus with a 256-mile range, now starts from £396 per month, or £37,342.

This price is inclusive of the Government Plug-In Car Grant of £3,501. Previously, it cost £38,901.

Teslas Car Insurance cost in Canada

The Tesla Model S is a most popular model in Canada, Here is the list of sample quotes

  • $115.09 / month, $1,382 / year
  • $104.17 / month, $1,251 / year
  • $109.59 / month, $1,316 / year
  • $113.34 / month, $1361 / year
  • $106.65 / month, $1281 / year

Tesla Car Insurance for Young/New Drivers

Teen and New drivers pay the most for car insurance.

We recommend USAA or GEICO for low-cost, high quality Tesla Car insurance.

Insurers are less experienced drivers as a larger and typically charge them heavier price risk. On average, auto insurance rates are more than $ 200 to the highest year for a driver of 25 years old, 40 years old, our analysis found.

A driver for 25 years with good credit and a clean driving record, insurance rates average cars are:

  • $ 1,663 for full coverage.
  • $ 682 for the minimum required coverage

Are Teslas Expensive to insure?

Yes, Teslas appear to expensive to insure due to largely to cost of fixing them.

The more cars costs, will cost more to insure. If you are in an accident and need repairs, collision insurance will pay unless it was entirely the fault of someone else. That means that insurers see your luxury car like a bigger risk for them.

Tesla come in above the national average for the cost of the car and more closely align with the luxury cars and other electric vehicles. For example:

  • A range Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus starts at $ 37,991.

  • Long Range Model 3 will cost a little over $ 45,001.

  • The Model S jump up in price rapidly, with editing Long Range reaching right under $ 80,001.

  • Teslas are made of expensive parts, which contributes to its base cost. For starters, a Model 3 battery costs thousands of dollars to replace.

Tesla also repair costs are higher due to the use of aluminum in the body, which is much more expensive than traditional materials. If a plastic part is damaged or steel in its 2012 sedan, a body shop can be arranged for a relatively low cost. The same is not true for aluminum.

All these possible repair costs back to the owners in the form of higher prices Tesla auto insurance. To ease the burden of the owners, Tesla initially attempted partnership with Liberty Mutual in the US under a program called InsureMyTesla in 2017.

While the company never officially announced the end of the association, InsureMyTesla web your site has disappeared in the US and Tesla announced a new plan by the end of 2019.

How good is Tesla Car Insurance?

  • Tesla insurance offers comprehensive coverage.

  • It claims support of management that’s often 21% to 31% lower than other car insurance.

  • The new plan was for Tesla Insurance to come directly from the carmaker. It turns out, Tesla customers aren’t the only ones frustrated with the cost of insurance — Tesla CEO Elon Musk has also been vocal.

  • He, like many car owners, believes Tesla car insurance should be cheaper because the cars are more advanced and safe. The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has awarded Tesla a perfect five-star safety rating multiple times for different models.

  • To address the pricing problem, Tesla has taken matters into its own hands. Tesla is now a licensed broker providing insurance to Tesla drivers in California from State National Insurance.

  • Musk has said Tesla Insurance costs should be about 20% lower than average and that the program will continue to roll out “anywhere insurance prices are high.”

How Tesla Insurance works

  • Tesla says it understands how drivers use its cars and takes all of the cars’ safety features and crash avoidance systems into account when pricing insurance. The company says it does not use personalized driving data collected by the vehicles in its pricing.

  • In addition to liability, collision and comprehensive insurance, Tesla also offers additional coverages for wall chargers, electronic key replacement and identity fraud.

  • In its initial filings, Tesla Insurance also included collision and liability car insurance discounts for the use of autonomous driving features, ranging from 6% to 31% depending on the level of autonomy in use. Families with multiple Teslas would also be eligible for discounts.

:file_folder:Summary: Tesla is planning to use its knowledge of its cars’ safety features and partially automated driving technology to cut insurance costs for drivers, especially those who take advantage of the company’s Autopilot system.

Insurance cost comparison of electric cars

  • HowToDiscuss calculates the average rates for California drivers to ensure four models with gas and electric versions: the Chevrolet Spark, the Volkswagen Golf, Smart Fortwo and Fiat 500. We do not include popular electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S because of without siblings gas engine.

  • Auto insurance quotes for electric cars were 22% higher, on average, than the prices of gas cars. The differences ranged from 17% (for the Volkswagen Golf) to 27% (for the 500).

2015 vehicles Gas Electric Difference
Chevrolet Spark $1,668 $1,981 20%
Fiat 500 $1,598 $2,017 27%
Smart Fortwo $1,475 $1,808 24%
Volkswagen Golf $1,742 $2,015 17%
Average $1,621 $1,956 22%

Find the cheapest insurance for electric cars

  • No matter what car you drive, comparison shopping is the best way to realize a good deal on car insurance. For vehicles and driver profiles investigated, Mercury Insurance offered the cheapest annual premium.

  • USAA offered a lower quote for the Smart Fortwo Electric and the second lowest budget of the other three cars, but the insurer is open only to military personnel and their families, so we did not include it

Cheapest Second Third
Chevrolet Spark Mercury, $1,295 Allstate, $1,688 Auto Club, $1,755
Fiat 500 Mercury, $1,295 Farmers, $1,671 Auto Club, $1,905
Smart Fortwo Mercury, $1,295 21st Century, $1,633 Auto Club, $1,755
Volkswagen Golf Mercury, $1,257 Farmers, $1,692 Allstate, $1,779

Frequently asked questions

Here is the list of questions may arise after reading a scenario of Teslas car insurance:

How I can speak to a licensed agent about insurance?

Consumers can call 1-844-34-TESLA policy to manage or discuss your insurance needs.

It is available to all owners of Tesla Tesla insurance?

Tesla Insurance is currently available for all S, X Model, Model 3, Model Y and Roadster owners in California models. Insurance extended to other US states in the future.

Tesla How do I buy insurance?

current Tesla owners in California can be purchased through an insurance policy Tesla. Orders for new vehicles, customers can request a quote before delivery once an assigned VIN is available in your account Tesla.

How is the Tesla insurance coverage less expensive than other mainstream insurance?

Tesla understood only their vehicles, technology, safety and repair costs, and eliminates the fees taken by traditional insurance companies. Prices Tesla Insurance is a reflection of the active safety of Tesla and advanced features to assist the driver, which comes standard on all new vehicles Tesla.

How much will my insurance policy Tesla?

The cost of each insurance policy Tesla varies by individual, including your driving record and other factors that normally affect insurance rates a person. Homeowners looking to secure multiple vehicles may also be eligible for additional discounts.

Which are available insurance coverage?

Tesla Insurance provides coverage for physical damage and bodily injury as a result of accidents and responsibility could also arise from incidents in a vehicle. We also provide additional protection against financial theft of the car, and damage to the car for events other than traffic accidents.

To see all the additional coverage offered, please select Get a Quote. To add additional coverage as Auto Loan / Lease Gap, collision deductible buyback, and the total loss of the deductible, please call 1-844-34-the Tesla.


For specific details of level of coverage that are available, please select Get a Quote.

Does Tesla safe use data driver insurance prices?

We use anonymous aggregate data to inform our insurance rates, the inclusion of the benefits of active safety and advanced features to assist the driver Tesla. Tesla Insurance does not currently use data from individual vehicles, such as GPS or camera images of the vehicle. We intend to expand the supply of products incorporating more


Tesla electric vehicles are designed to be some of the safest cars on the road. Even when Autopilot, the automaker is the partially automated drive system is disabled, Tesla number of quarterly reports accidents to a third the rate of other cars. From all of above scenario of Teslas Car Insurance we concluded

  • Insurance Tesla would only for Tesla owners
  • It will be available only in California
  • It would be 21 to 31 percent cheaper than getting insurance through other insurance companies

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