Sports Science

Sports science is a subject that deals with the study of application of sciences to sporting activities.

Sports Science Disciplines

There are 4 disciplines which are key to study of Sports Sciences. These are psychology, physiology, motor control learning and biomechanics.

1) Psychology

Study of psychological benefits of exercises and sports and Psychological skills used by athletes.

2) Physiology

Study of physiological response of body to exercise or sports, they may also study how sport and exercises beneficial for health of an athlete.

3) Motor control/learning

Study of the movement methods of a child learning to walk or the movement dynamics of a full in double back somersault in gymnastics.

4) Biomechanics

Study of how physical activity can help the prevention and treatment of major chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases obesity, diabetes, cancer and osteoporosis.

Sports Science degree

Sport science degrees usually last for 4-5 years. 3-4 years at bachelor’s level and 1-2 years at master’s level. Teaching will be conducted through lectures and seminars, but when studying exercise physiology and biomechanics laboratory sessions will be conducted, practical sessions in gyms, sports halls, fitness rooms, swimming pools, courts and on sport fields and independent research and study.

Development of theoretical knowledge alongside applied practical skills is important. Assessment is based on coursework which will be written, oral or practical exams and laboratory reports. At the end of the course, piece of independent research is also the requirement of degree.

Sports Science courses

  1. Biomechanics
  2. Applied Anatomy
  3. The coaching process
  4. Research methods
  5. Life span, motor development and impairment
  6. Sports nutrition
  7. Applied teaching and coaching
  8. Sport, exercise and health

Sport science degree entry requirements

A levels or equivalent with subjects, Biology or another science subject like chemistry, psychology, Mathematics, physical education and physics are required to get enroll for sports science degree.

Sports Science degree colleges

1) University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky)

University of Louisville features a top Bachelor’s in health and human performance with exercise science, Understanding of the role exercise and activity play in overall health and fitness. Program highlights an internship that allows students to apply what they have learned in the classroom and lab to a real world setting.

2) Lasell University (Newton, Massachusetts)

This university helps students to become a valuable part of the health care community. Students starts exercise science concepts and application with their first semester. Sport science areas like kinesiology, sport medicine, strength training, and advanced sports performance covered in coursework.

3) The University of Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

Features a top Bachelor’s in Kinesiology that prepares students for personal and professional success, engaged via lab work in areas like the biomechanics lab or use of the high altitude chamber and metabolic carts. In applied kinesiology program tracks are available, pre-professional studies, pre-health studies, and a three year track that utilizes summers and intersession offerings. Nutrition and strength and conditioning rehabilitation are in coursework. Internships are available working with the Lackawanna College football team or hospitals and clinics in Pennsylvania and New York.

4) Central Connecticut State University (New Britain, Connecticut)

Students get success by completing coursework that prepares them for exercise physiology certification and the certified strength and conditioning specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Sports Science bachelor’s degree provide a great foundation for students planning to pursue graduate or professional health care degree programs.

5) Kent State University (Kent, Ohio)

This university features an exercise science bachelor’s degree program with focuses in exercise physiology, exercise specialist, and pre-physical, occupational therapy, pediatric medicine. Focused areas in exercise specialization are exercise testing, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, and exercise leadership. Internship in physical fitness and cardiac rehabilitation and an internship seminar in exercise studies required for students.

Sports Science books

1. Intangibles

(Unlocking The Science And Soul Of Team Chemistry)

In this book Joan Ryan discover team chemistry, or the combination of biological and social forces that improves selfless effort among more players over more days of a season, encouraging the players to be the best. These things push players to exceed their own potential when they work well together. Alone team chemistry and alone talent won’t win a world Series. Ryan proves that the social and emotional state of a team does affect performance by interviewing 100 players, managers, staticians and coaches.

2. Endure

(Mind, Body And Curiously Elastic Limits Of Human Performance)

Alex Hutchinson is the writer of this book, he describes that mind is the new frontier of endurance and that the horizons of performance are much more elastic than we thought. He draws lessons by shadowing elite athletes and from traveling to high technology laboratories around the world are surprisingly universal. In this book Hutchinson writes the struggle to continue against a mounting desire to stop.

3. The Sports Gene

(Inside The Science Of Extraordinary Athletic Performance)

David Epstein is the writer of this book. He describes how the relationship between biological endowments and a competitor’s training environment affects athleticism. David Epstein solve the great nature versus nurture debate and find how far science has come in solving this problem.
He also writes about some skills like the fast reactions of a baseball or cricket batter, are not and why other characteristics like an athlete’s will to train, might in fact have important genetic components.

4. Peak

(The New Science Of Athletic Performance That Is Revolutionizing Sports)

The writer of this book is Dr. Marc Bubbs who explore the fundamentals of high performance, the importance of consistency and the value of patience. He makes deep science easy to understand with information from leading experts who are influencing the top performers in sports on how to get success, he talks about athleticism and strategies that are rooted in this personalized approach.

5. Open Side

Sam Warburton is writer of this book. This is the autobiography of the writer who explore the nature of leadership, the value of self-control, the precision of mindset and future of the game. This book is deeply personal meditation of Sam Warburton on the sacrifice of body, the torment of injury and the pain of retirement.

Sports Science Careers

Sports science has wide variety of careers in professional sports, education and research and health.
• Sports coach
• Sports development officer
• Manager
Sports therapist
• Clinical scientist
• Sport and exercise psychologist
• Health promotion specialist
• Event manager
• Outdoor activities manager
• In sports clubs
• Health and fitness clubs
• Health organizations
• Research institutes
• Nutritional companies
• Sport performance laboratories

Sports Science degree Online

These are some affordable sports science online degree colleges in USA

1. American Public University Charles Town, West Virginia

Sports science courses in this university cover areas like nutrition, sports psychology, exercise physiology, and exercise programming and testing. Program takes about four years to complete, but students can save time and money by transferring in up to 90 credit hours from previous approved undergraduate studies. Graduates of this affordable online degree program are prepared for entry level positions in areas like fitness, corporate wellness and strength and conditioning.

2. University of Louisiana Lafayette, Louisiana

Offers one of the best values in sport science education with their online bachelor’s in kinesiology focused on health promotion and wellness. Students can complete the online degree program following a traditional semester schedule. Coursework is delivered through a 100% online format that does not require students to come on campus.

3. The United States Sports Academy Daphne, Alabama

This university prepares students for an exciting career in sports that offers online sport science degree programs in Sports Management, Sports Coaching, Sports Studies, and Sports Strength and Conditioning which is affordable. Graduates get success in sports administration, healthcare, research, education, and coaching.

4. University If North Carolina Wilmington, North Carolina

This university offers exercise science in an accelerated online format. Students can starts the program when it is most convenient at any of the six start dates each year. It covers an areas like exercise physiology, exercise prescription, biomechanics, and sport nutrition. One or two courses per session are allowed to students with two sessions available in each semester.

5. California University Of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

This program is focused on exercise science while giving students a strong foundation in business and management. Certifications offered by NASM and NASE which can give graduates an benefit over the competition when looking for employment. Concentration areas like professional golf management or sports management which is of the student’s choice adding additional value to their degree.

Sports Science Degree Salary

In United States sports science related persons salaries are

1. Salary of Sports psychologists

Their hourly wage is $35.34 and annual salary is $73,512.

2. Salary of Sports staticians

Their hourly wage is $34.44 and annual salary is $71,642.

3. Salary of Exercise Health Science

Their hourly wage is $32.77 and annual salary is $68,162.

4. Salary of Sports Scientists

Their hourly wage is $31.99 and annual salary is $66,538.

Sports Science jobs

1. Sport and exercise jobs

Sport and exercise jobs are working in gyms, outdoor activities and helping in sports club.

2. Sports management jobs

In this job Sports Manager uses the business and management skills learned on the course and get positions within sports clubs and organizations.

3. Sports psychologist’s jobs

Sports psychologists are helpful for improving the motivation and inspiration of athletes through their training sessions.

4. Sports teacher jobs

They work as a teacher for children in a school and as an instructor for athletes as their personal trainer.

5. Sports Nutritionist jobs

Their role is to keep athletes in their peak form as they are specialized in their field.


Sports science is a subject that deals with the application of science to sporting activities.
There are four disciplines of sports science, psychology, physiology, motor control/learning and biomechanics.

Sport science degrees usually last for 4-5 years. 3-4 years at bachelor’s level and 1-2 years at master’s level. Teaching will be conducted through lectures and seminars.

A levels or equivalent with subjects, Biology or another science subject like chemistry, psychology, Mathematics, physical education and physics are required to get enroll for sports science degree.

Sports science has wide variety of careers in professional sports, education and research and health.